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Braindom 2 Answers for All Levels

Braindom 2 is an addictive new puzzle title from Matchingham Games, that comes with a bunch of exhilarating riddles and funny tests. This is a fantastic brain game that asks you to answer various types of questions and challenges you to think outside the box. Think of an answer that’s sometimes more complicated and sometimes more simple than what you might have expected.

Available on iOS and Android platforms, Braindom 2 comes with riddles that will twist your mind and puzzle you hard: who is who, who is the father, who did it? Quiz games to test your IQ, can you solve it? Crack trivia games to continue to the next level!

braindom 2 solutions all levels

Braindom 2 game may break common sense and test your brain with outside the box solutions. You can enjoy yourself alone or with your friends with this addictive and funny free IQ game. Think out of the box, crack the puzzles and get ready to take the quiz!

You have to do all kinds of random stuff in order to solve the puzzle, find hidden objects, or solve Math problems, or even keep notes. The questions get tougher and tougher but you feel so self-satisfied every time you find the answer that it really pays the effort.

And if you get stuck in Braindom 2, don’t worry. We have already found the answers for you. Below you can check out our compilation of Braindom 2 answers, cheats and solutions for all levels!

Braindom 2 Level 1-10 Answers
Braindom 2 Level 11-20 Answers
Braindom 2 Level 21-30 Answers
Braindom 2 Level 31-40 Answers
Braindom 2 Level 41-50 Answers
Braindom 2 Level 51-60 Answers
Braindom 2 Level 61-70 Answers
Braindom 2 Level 71-80 Answers
Braindom 2 Level 81-90 Answers
Braindom 2 Level 91-100 Answers

Braindom 2 Answers & Solutions

Braindom 2 Level 1-10 Answers

braindom 2 level 1 answerLevel 1: Tap on the tree trunk to see who his girlfriend is.

braindom 2 level 2 answerLevel 2: Tap on the picture on the wall to see who the father is.

braindom 2 level 3 answerLevel 3: Tap on their tickets to see who’s got a family discount.

braindom 2 level 4 answerLevel 4: Tap on the electronic screen to see who won the race.

braindom 2 level 5 answerLevel 5: Just rate the game.

braindom 2 level 6 answerLevel 6: Tap on her ring to see how old she is.

braindom 2 level 7 answerLevel 7: Tap on their mobile phones to help her choose.

braindom 2 level 8 answerLevel 8: Tap on the boys’ hands to see whose is dirty from the stone.

braindom 2 level 9 answerLevel 9: Grab the magnifying glass from the tree root and check the fruits on the tree.

braindom 2 level 10 answerLevel 10: Check their mobile phones to see who has a darling.