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Braindom 2 Answers for All Levels

Braindom 2 Level 61-70 Answers

braindom 2 level 61 answer

Level 61: Rub them intensely until one of them gets really angry.

braindom 2 level 62 answer

Level 62: Use the knife to cut them and see which one is cake.

braindom 2 level 63 answer

Level 63: Move each frog to the princess to get her kiss.

braindom 2 level 64 answer

Level 64: Move her bag to find a bone in her pocket.

braindom 2 level 65 answer

Level 65: Use the knife to cut the apple and give half of it to each of them.

braindom 2 level 66 answer

Level 66: Turn on the air conditioner and click on the lady who’s not happy.

braindom 2 level 67 answer

Level 67: Drag the garlic to their faces and see whose eyes become red.

braindom 2 level 68 answer

Level 68: Find clues first; the cigarette, the pillow and the shoes.

braindom 2 level 69 answer

Level 69: Tap on their boots to match with the prints on the snow.

braindom 2 level 70 answer

Level 70: Tap on the table and get the gun to find her soulmate.