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Braindom 2 Answers for All Levels

Braindom 2 Level 11-20 Answers

braindom 2 level 11 answer

Level 11: Tap on the graded tests in his bag to find his best subject.

braindom 2 level 12 answer

Level 12: Use her watch-phone to call her dad.

braindom 2 level 13 answer

Level 13: Check their pockets to see who has got a voucher.

braindom 2 level 14 answer

Level 14: Tap on their jackets to find who doesn’t hide anything.

braindom 2 level 15 answer

Level 15: Tap her hair and the baby’s hair that is the same.

braindom 2 level 16 answer

Level 16: Find the plastic bag to see who’s the time traveler.

braindom 2 level 17 answer

Level 17: Tap on the computer screen to find who’s cheating.

braindom 2 level 18 answer

Level 18: Grab the spider and check each of these men.

braindom 2 level 19 answer

Level 19: Drag a banknote to their faces to see who wants it.

braindom 2 level 20 answer

Level 20: Blue eyes can only be born from parents who have blue eyes!