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Braindom 2 Answers for All Levels

Braindom 2 Level 91-100 Answers

braindom 2 level 91 answer

Level 91: Put the green bowl on the white plate and then the antenna from the TV on top of them to make the spacecraft she’s thinking of.

braindom 2 level 92 answer

Level 92: Move the bag and give him the milk to drink and become taller.

braindom 2 level 93 answer

Level 93: Tap on the cabinets’ doors to see his shoes.

braindom 2 level 94 answer

Level 94: First water all the plants and then tap on the clock for the time to pass and see which one isn’t growing.

braindom 2 level 95 answer

Level 95: Tap on the kids’ hands to see who’s holding a stone.

braindom 2 level 96 answer

Level 96: Move the different kinds of food on his tray and see what makes him smile.

braindom 2 level 97 answer

Level 97: Tap on his flip flops to see his size and then tap on the shoes to find which are his size.

braindom 2 level 98 answer

Level 98: Open the second drawer on the left to see the gold jewelry.

braindom 2 level 99 answer

Level 99: Grab the spirit detector from the policeman and see who’s drunk.

braindom 2 level 100 answer

Level 100: Tap on his fingers; only one instrument needs nails to be played.