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Idle Landmark Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn Cash Fast and Unlock All Landmarks

Homa Games is back with another awesome game in the form of Idle Landmark Tycoon, that’s trending now on iOS and Android platforms. With a current offering of 13 games under Homa Game’s app portfolio, Sky Roller, Idle World!, and Tiny Cars: Fast Game are just some of its most popular games. The company capitalizes on the perpetual demand for hyper-casual games and despite the overabundance of these types of games, the company has proven its capacity to provide unique mechanics through the success of its releases.

Idle Landmark Tycoon is among Homa Games’ most successful titles and has made it to the #1 spot in top ten lists of games in several countries. With well over a million downloads from the Google Play Store alone, and a near-perfect average user review rating from all platforms, Idle Landmark Tycoon is definitely something every casual game lover should try. Like the rest of Homa Games’ titles, this is yet another game where you can make progress regardless of how you play and how much time you actually spend on it.

The game offers a good mix of addictive gameplay with quick progress as well as the occasional sense of accomplishment that comes after completely rebuilding a popular landmark. In terms of gameplay, it’s a combination of human resource and operations management as you hire and invest on the efficiency of your workers as well as invest on boosting income with every brick laid to reconstruct the landmark.

Idle Landmark Tycoon is actually as simple as it comes and the 1-minute tutorial you go through at the start of the game makes it even easier for everyone to know what to do and how to it almost instantly. If you have played one, a few, or several idle clicker games before, then you should know that there are no wrong ways of going about it. If you want to progress much faster, though, and be able to visit and unlock all locations on the game, then read on, as our Idle Landmark Tycoon beginner’s guide contains everything you need to know to progress rapidly through the game!

1. General Investment Strategy

As you start to rebuild a landmark in the game, upgrades will be constantly affordable and at this point in time, you are free to invest on whichever you want. Just to summarize, the first investment option, profit, increases your continuous earnings in that level. Speed, increases the movement speed of your workkers. Last, and the most expensive one, worker, adds an additional worker on the job. Given these 3 basic investment options, you should have an idea which one is the best based on its relative cost.

idle landmark tycoon best investment strategy

While each of the upgrade options are all important, choosing which one to prioritize is a recurring decision point you will face as you play the game. For starters, if you are short on cash and are awaiting to earn more to afford an upgrade, then be sure to invest in the cheapest one. That way, you will have more of your time playing with an upgrade in hand and no idle cash. In essence, having a lot of cash and available upgrade options you can buy is never a good sign of management.

There will definitely be times where you will obtain a huge amount of cash that may even be more than enough to purchase any of the upgrades multiple times. These instances usually takes place when you level up or log back in on the game after being offline for a while. In such cases, be sure to consider the most expensive upgrades available, which is most likely the worker upgrade. There maybe times when purchasing the most expensive upgrade may leave you with almost enough for another purchase. In such cases, exercise discretion and patience to determine if you should wait to earn a few more coins to purchase it.

2. Remember To Tap On Workers For The Speed Boost

Despite being able to make fair progress leaving your screen as it is, playing Idle Landmark Tycoon actively all throughout exponentially boosts you progress in the game. I you are at the point where you purchase upgrades almost continuously one after another, it wouldn’t hurt to tap on the screen to speed up your workers in-between each purchase. On a more effortless approach, you can also tap the screen from time to time while waiting more income to flow to afford the next purchase.

idle landmark tycoon speed boost

Keep in mind that you do not need to continuously tap the screen to boost the speed of your workers. You only need to do it at least once every two seconds and still enjoy the same effect. If you are otherwise idle in the game and would want to do this just the same, you might want to consider so while watching TV or doing something else at the same time. In any case, the added boost dramatically boosts work output and income, especially with more workers on the screen.

3. Rebuild As Soon As You Complete A Landmark

There will naturally be a sudden burst of excitement once you have finally completed rebuilding a landmark and all those minutes or hours you have spent on the game feels like it has finally paid off. While it can be nice to just stare at your device’s screen and admire the landmark you have just finished recreating, it pays a lot more to proceed with immediately rebuilding it.

how to rebuild in idle landmark tycoon

After activating the rebuild option, only the actual landmark resets. All the cash you earned, your diamonds, as well as the uprade levels you worked hard to level up all stay the same. With these perks, you are guaranteed to be able to fully create the monuments again at a much faster rate and at the end of it, you will also be that much more efficient.

Beyond all the upgrade levels and money you retain from rebuilding, each landmark you complete gives you access to a new one. With the game currently having a total of 6 landmarks, there will be a lot to look forward to as you make progress on a regular basis. Expectedly, the succeeding landmarks will be a little more challenging than the ones you have just completed so be sure to exercise even more patience to see it develop until fully completed.

4. Learn To Multitask As You Unlock More Locations

Completing your first landmark gives you the access to the next landmark as well as rebuild the current one and work at it again. With this, both locations will now be operating and will continue to earn profits regardless of how you manage time between them. You can switch from one location to another via the map icon at the right side of your screen. Simply tap on it and click the “visit now” button under the monument you want to work on.

idle landmark tycoon tricks

As a general strategy, the first monument that you have just completed leaves you with a relatively higher amount of cash as well as upgrade levels. As such, you should be able to quickly deplete as much of the cash your earn from that location by buying more upgrades. Once you do and will subsequently have to wait for more profit to purchase the next upgrade; that will be your cue to jump over to the next location.

Given that there will eventually be six available locations you will be switching around from, it is a good idea to get used to managing more than one location early on. While this will be more of a challenge in relation to first times on each location, it does become a lot more manageable as you begin to establish a method for cycling around monuments. Be sure to remember jumping to each location first after logging back in on the game as offline rewards apply separately to each location.

5. Level Up As Soon As You Can

Every bit of progress you make as well as every level of upgrade you purchase contributes to your experience, which can be seen at the upper right corner of the screen. Once the bar completely fills up, be sure to tap on the level up button as soon as you can to earn instant cash. While the bar will continue to grow for the next levels if you forget to click on it, it is important to obtain the instant cash as soon as you can as this will typically enable you to immediately purchase some upgrades.

how to level up fast in idle landmark tycoon

You might have the impression that the higher your level the more experience and time it takes for you to level up. While the same may be true in Idle Landmark Tycoon, constantly purchasing upgrades as each one becomes affordable makes it so that you will more likely earn experience points at a similar rate.

6. Watch Ads For Tremendous Boosts

The existence of ads, especially in the form of videos, have long since become an integral part of free-to-play mobile games. Statistically, these ads are more dominantly present in casual games especially those games that cannot exclusively rely on in-game purchases for profit. While at present some people still feel frown upon the presence of these ads, it is important to constantly remind everyone that these games cannot be around for as long as they are without these ads to support them. While there are games that flash video ads randomly between stages and can disrupt playing, most of the ads you will see on Idle Landmark Tycoon will only play if you allow it to.

how to get more boosts in idle landmark tycoon

All video ads in Idle Landmark Tycoon will only play following a willful activation by the player and while you think you may be better off playing without seeing these ads, you might want to think again. These ads offer a wide variety of perks that can more than double your productivity and in each case, the time spent playing any video ad saves you more time and effort as its buff takes effect.

One of the most beneficial boosts you should go for comes from the 2x profit multiplier that can be activated after watching a 15 to 30-second ad. You can see this button at the upper left corner of the screen and once you watch an ad for the boost that lasts for 5 minutes, you can play another one for an extra 15 minutes. Another great offer comes with the golden hammer that bounces across your screen. Clicking on it and choosing to watch an ad will earn you 10x profit instantly.

You can also get a 3x bonus cash from levelling up if you play an ad. As far as lump sum amounts of cash are involved, though, nothing beats the 3x multiplier you can get if you watch a video ad before claiming your offline rewards, most especially if you have been offline and away from the game for quite some time.

7. Spend Your Diamonds Wisely

Diamonds stand as the premium currency in Idle Landmark Tycoon and as such, should be spent with a lot of discretion. At the shop, which you can visit by tapping on the diamond crate at the left side of your screen, you can obtain 5 free diamonds every 12 hours and claim 5 more if you are willing to watch a video ad.

how to spend diamonds in idle landmark tycoon

Diamonds can be used to purchase a wide variety of boosts such as multiplying profit or worker speed for a certain period of time, stone drops to hasten production, and time travel to fast forward your game’s progress to at least a thousand seconds in the future. While each one has its own merits, determining the best use of each boost actually depends on the situation.

Although multipliers all work the same even if you are offline, actively playing the game will earn you a lot more from them. If you are about to leave the game and would want to boost progress instantly, then time travel is the way to go. Just be sure to expend all earnings on upgrades before you go offline.

8. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

While there are hardly any random ads in Idle Landmark Tycoon, it can happen that a video ad will play when you tap on the level up button even if you choose not to grab the 3x multiplier reward. As this scenario may currently be unavoidable, it may annoy or disorient you at some point especially if you are in the mood to just continuously play without any interruptions of any sort.

If you want to be certain that no video ads will play in the game. Simply disconnect from your Wi-Fi or mobile data. You can play the game completely offline and still get to keep all your progress. Keep in mind, though, that choosing to do so will disallow you from taking advantage of any perks you can only obtain thru watching some video ads. With this in mind, you may want to set some runs exclusively from each type of gameplay. Understand, though, that playing as efficiently as you can without subscribing to ads will be a lot less efficient.

Considering every tip and strategy we mentioned in our guide, it can make the very simple mechanics of Idle Landmark Tycoon very challenging especially if you are going for maximum efficiency. To ensure that you have grasped the ideal cycle of going about being fully efficient; we will sum it up for you.

To start off, always activate the 2x multiplier at the top left of the screen. Purchase upgrades while tapping on the screen in-between to speed up workers continuously while at the same time boosting production capacity and profits. Use your peripherals to glance at the level up button and tap on it quickly if you see it light up. Continue with this cycle up until all upgrade purchase icons are greyed out, meaning you can no longer afford the next upgrade, and it will be a while before you level up.

If you have unlocked another location, hop to it and repeat the cycle, else just continue on your current landmark and keep an eye out for the golden hammer or similar boost opportunities that flash on your screen. It may seem to be a little tiring at first but once you reach higher levels as well as high upgrades, the costs will definitely slow progress down enough for you to be able to cycle through all locations without missing much from any of them.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies we have for Idle Landmark Tycoon. We certainly hope you picked up a lot of learning from our guide and will now be able to go about playing the game with a more efficient approach. If there are some tips or tricks you have discovered in addition to the ones we have mentioned, we would like to hear from you about them, so be sure to drop us a line!

Mark L Wiest

Sunday 8th of August 2021

Since I purchased the no ads option I had to switch phones. Since that the no ads say it is already purchased but it does not work. Please give me what I need to do to get this feature back working