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Idle Property Manager Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Get Rich and Grow Your City Fast

Hothead Games is a Canadian mobile game development and publishing firm that has been active in the industry since 2012. With 21 games under its current app portfolio and well over 200 million aggregate downloads for its games from the Google Play Store alone, Hothead Games prides itself with several of its titles making it to top spots of games in the market. Offering a wide variety of games that categorically fall within various genre; Forged Fantasy, Hero Hunters and Kill Shot Bravo are just some of its top hits. The company has numerous titles breaking the 10 million downloads mark and several others that have amassed more than 5 million downloads. Another notable achievement is that some of its games have been around for more than 7 years and continue to grow strong.

Idle Property Manager Tycoon is latest mobile title from Hothead Games, that’s out now on iOS and Android platforms. Within just 2 weeks after its launch, the game has already been downloaded more than 100 thousand times from the Google Play Store alone and has maintained largely positive reviews from its users. Considering the plethora of casual games in the mobile gaming market, as well as the existence of several idle clicker games that came before the game, it is a surprise for any new entrant such as Idle Property Manager Tycoon to be able to take a bite out of the idle clicker niche.

Idle Property Manager Tycoon offers a good mix of established features common to idle clicker games that fans of the genre love and enjoy as well as new mechanics that add zest for more active players. As a startup property manager, your constant objective is to grow your property management business through reinvestment of income back into the business. Although success can be recognized after growing the business up to some extent, the task of continuously growing your property management empire never ends.

Like most idle clicker games, Idle Property Manager Tycoon keeps you earning cash regardless of what you do. While you need to click occasionally here and there, for starters, a lot of the basics can get automated soon enough. While the game is as simple as it comes, and given that there are no right or wrong ways to go about it, there certainly are faster ways to become a top tycoon. If you feel that you are not progressing fast enough to become a top-tier tycoon, then check out our Idle Property Manager Tycoon beginner’s guide. Our collection of tips, cheats and strategies will help you become a successful real estate tycoon as fast as possible!

1. Activate The 2x Multiplier Before Playing

The tutorial in the game practically ends after you have purchased the first property and proceed to upgrade it as instructed. While you will still occasionally be presented with a helping hand from time to time, you are very much free to do whatever you want after the first building has been set up. Before proceeding through the game any further, though, you should activate the 2x Ad Booster first through the icon on the right side of the screen.

idle property manager tycoon ad booster

Raking in profits as fast as you can is key to making good progress in the game. Although it is true that you will continue to earn profits regardless of what you do in the game, going for a double income for the entire duration of your time spent on the game ultimately cuts your efforts in half. Each 15 to 30-second video ad you play through the ad booster gives you double income for four hours. You can watch up to 4 video ads one after another to activate the booster for 16 straight hours. Keep in mind that this boost remains active even if you are offline and away from the game. As such, you should always keep a full tank of 2x multiplier as much as you can before logging out of the game.

2. Prioritize Upgrades For The Multiplier Effects

Just to summarize the basic and most important game mechanics, the core concept revolves around purchasing buildings, collecting income from tenants, and making upgrades to boost income. As you grow your capital from your profit stream, the initial investment option for you to work on is upgrading each building for it to boost its revenue. Each upgrade you purchase affects profits so, in essence, there is no such thing as a wrong investment. If you take note of the upgrade level bar for each property, though, you will notice that every time it goes to full, a huge multiplier takes effect.

idle property manager tycoon upgrades

These certain milestones relative to upgrades take place on levels 10, 25, 50, 100 and so on and the idea we want to impart points to upgrading properties up to those levels before moving on to other investment options. As you continue to make progress and be presented with other investment opportunities, it will be more efficient to continue upgrading properties and stop only when you hit a multiplier.

3. Go For Bigger Investments When You Can

The cost of purchasing a new building is always exponentially higher than the previous one. As such, you can expect upgrades to be a costlier endeavor as well. Like many business management simulation games, higher investments in the game always yield higher profits and for the most part, the exponential cost of setting one up yields income at an exponential rate as well.

idle property manager tycoon investments

Given the usual scenario, you continue to earn profits and invest in upgrades up to level 25 or so and earn the multiplier boost and then proceed to earn more until you are able to purchase another property. At some points in the game where you come across a huge sum of cash instantly through bonuses or logging back in after being away for some time, the most appropriate cost of action is to spend primarily on the most expensive investment, whether it is a new purchase, an upgrade, or a series of level ups on the most expensive property to reach a multiplier milestone.

4. Automate As Much As You Can Before Leaving

If you were expecting to smash tap on a lot of things considering that Idle Property Manager Tycoon is and idle clicker game, then you be a bit disappointed since you won’t be doing a lot of that in the game. For starters, you will have to click on the cash atop each building to collect leases from tenants but as soon as you are able to afford a manager, efficiency dictates hiring them for automation.

idle property manager tycoon tricks

Managers in the game do cost more than the building itself but the service they provide, which is collecting income for you automatically and at a much quicker pace, is a perk in itself that is hard to ignore. This is most especially helpful if you are going offline and will have to leave your business. Without a manager for a particular property, no income will flow into your capital as you will not be able to collect it. With a manager on the job, you will continue to earn profits regardless of how long you are offline and as such, having one available for each property purchased is a must, especially before you leave the game.

5. Play The Mini-Games For Extra Profits

It cannot be helped that there will be times in Idle Property Manager Tycoon when you would want to play actively but will have to wait for a few more earnings to go for the next big purchase. In such cases, there will be plenty of stuff for you to do that contribute to earning more profits at a faster rate. These come in the form of mini-games that abound in the game.

Whenever you see a drone floating about across the screen, be sure to tap and destroy it. This not only gives you instant cash but also offers an ad boost option that can multiply the amount by at least 4 times. Each drone you destroy fills up a meter that permanently increase the rewards that the ad boost gives, so if you are up to playing ads on a regular basis, be sure to take advantage of this especially if you want to boost your earnings tremendously.

how to get extra profits in idle property manager tycoon

There is also a find and tap an emoji that works the same way. You will occasionally see a random emoji pop up at the upper right side of your screen and you have to search across the properties for that emoji and tap on it. Every success fills up a meter just like in the drone mini-game so, again, take advantage and keep leveling up the reward boosts.

There are also house parties and even block parties indicated by a musical note icon above some properties. Tapping on a house party icon instantly gives you extra cash while for block parties, you will have to tap rapidly to fill up a meter and move to the next house and do the same. Depending on the number of properties you manage to smash tap the music on, you will receive a multiplier effect on the bonus that can even grow higher after playing an ad. While all these mini-games are easy to pay attention to on their own, actively managing the properties especially if you just restarted will be a bit of a multi-tasking challenge you should be ready for as you make progress.

6. Spend Your Gold Bricks Wisely

Gold bricks are the premium currency in Idle Property Manager Tycoon and are expectedly a lot more difficult to earn. You can get up to 10 per day through house parties and a few can also be earned through events and login rewards. You can spend gold bricks for boosters and instant cash at the shop, but we highly recommend saving them to hire star tenants that give you a permanent boost.

how to spend gold bricks in idle property manager tycoon

You can access the star tenants through the bottom right icon of the screen and you will see from there the permanent boost that each one provides. On top of hiring these star tenant, you can also level them up and increase the boost they provide using gold bricks. Considering everything, the best course of strategy is to save gold bricks to unlock more star tenants and not spending any of the ones you have earned even for upgrading the tenants you have hired. It may take several days and a lot of patience to actually earn gold bricks enough to hire even the cheapest star tenants, but in the end, it will result in the best pay off.

7. Convert For Permanent Boosts And Keys

Every bit of cash you earn in the game contributes to your overall progress. These cannot be determined exclusively with the number of properties you own or how many upgrades have been invested further into them. If you have noticed, there is a yellow bar that fills up underneath the cash amount at the top of the screen and each time it completely fills up, you earn trophies. Each trophy you earn gives you a permanent 2% increase in cash output and collecting a number of trophies will earn you keys needed to unlock new locations.

At some point in your game, progress may lag a bit as the next level of upgrade or purchase costs will take a lot more time and money to earn. In such cases, feel free to tap on the trophy icon on the left side of the screen and consider the perks you can get out of converting.

idle property manager tycoon trophies

Converting resets your cash and investments back to 0 save for the permanent boosts you get out of the trophies you have earned as well as bonuses from star tenants. Although it almost looks like starting from scratch again, you will receive a permanent cash boost which will make it a lot easier for you to make it back to the previous state of your game and go beyond it at a much faster rate. On top of that, converting always leaves a possibility of earning free keys, making it a little easier for you to open business in other locations.

The catch in all of this is that you will have to spend a little more active time again, to make purchases and set up each property before leaving the game. As such, be sure to only consider resetting when you are ready and able to invest a little more time to stay with the game.

Considering everything, you can actually decide on whether to play the game casually and avoid all instances of ads popping up. There are no such random ads in the game and each one can only be played following an affirmative choice made by you. While some of these video ads can take as long as 30 seconds, each one you play guarantees to actually save more time than that regardless of your progress level. The higher your income is and the farther you are as much as property upgrades are concerned, the higher the rewards you earn from watching ads as well.

There you have it! This wraps up our beginner’s guide for Idle Property Manager Tycoon. Hopefully, you learned much from the tips and strategies we shared in the article. While the game is an idle clicker one, more active playing naturally boosts your business’ growth. If there are additional tips or tricks you know on top of the ones that we shared with you, feel free to let us know in the comment area!