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Kill Shot Bravo Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Complete More Missions

We have already tackled Hothead Games’ new game Kill Shot Bravo in depth, but why not roll out another set of tips and tricks for all you mobile gamers out there? We’ll get to that soon enough, but before anything else, here’s a quick run through of this game. Kill Shot Bravo, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, is the premier first person shooter experience for mobile gadgets, and in this FPS, you’ll get to arm yourself with different kinds of weapons and wear all the latest military gear as you penetrate enemy lines and take part in combat missions. There are over 200 missions covering all sorts of terrain and all types of enemies, and you can also control vehicles that could change things drastically and spell the difference between victory and defeat.

We’ve probably given you enough of a primer to the game, so let’s not waste any more of your time. If you enjoyed our first set of Kill Shot Bravo tips and tricks, you’ll like this one even more, as we’ve got twice the advice, not only for newbies, but also for experienced players.

1. How To Win At PvP Sniper Missions

Kill Shot Bravo comes with player-vs-player mode, and many argue that this is the real fun of the game. You are, after all, facing up against other human players. Basically, PvP sniper missions entail finding and killing another human player’s character before they get to you first. You’ll also be racing against the clock here, which makes accuracy and speed equally important.

So how do you succeed in sniper duels with other human players? First thing you’ll want to do is to check your scope meter. You’ll see it filling up as you get closer to your target, and when it’s fully filled up, the scope symbol will turn blue, which means you’re in good position to fire away. Now if your opponent is using their sniper scope to home in on you, you will see a tiny flash of light. That’s your cue to make yourself elusive so you don’t get taken out easily. Also use both thumbs when sniping; your left to adjust the scope, and the right for the fire button.

2. Upgrade Your Sniper Rifle

Always make sure you’ve upgraded the zoom level and accuracy of your sniper rifle, as that’s going to make it easier to take out rival players. Upgrading its barrel and ammo is also useful, as that would allow you to improve your sniper rifle’s range and damage respectively.

3. How To Succeed In Breach Missions

Breach missions are one of the better ways for you to earn extra money easily. You will need a shotgun in these close-combat missions, which are generally easier than assault missions to accomplish. The thing here, though, is that you need to make sure your weapon is properly upgraded.

After you blow up the door, the game will crawl at a slow-motion pace for a couple seconds, and you’ll want to take advantage of that by using that time to aim, and maybe even go for the kill. The Hand to Hand perk increases the slow-mo time in these missions, so you can consider that for your next purchase if you haven’t yet.

4. Watch Out For The Knives In Breach Missions Too

It’s not just guns you have to be alert about in breach missions. You’ll also encounter enemies who are armed with knives and could quickly and repeatedly stab you. Again, time does slow down when you bump into one of these men, and you should make good use of those few seconds to kill the knife men before they can even stab at you.

5. Winning Assault Missions

As for the assault missions, you can win them by aiming for the explosive barrels, as we said in our first set of tips and tricks; if you’re able to hit one successfully and accurately, you can cause a great fire that could wipe out a wave of enemies in one go. You can also take out the enemy snipers, as they often serve as your greatest threat; head shots, long distance kills, multiple kills, and VIP kills can all get you some extra points.

6. How To Earn Medals

Kill Shot Bravo has a definitely social element to it, and that comes into play when you’re trying to earn medals, which are like the game’s premium currency. That’s right – you won’t earn too many medals by doing things on your own, but may earn more by doing things with friends. That said, you can complete individual achievements or win daily missions to this end, but even then, you’ll still want to team up with other people if you’re looking to win more medals.

Use a Facebook friend or alliance member for a mission and win that mission, and you’ll earn yourself some medals. Make sure you’re enlisting higher-level Facebook friends in your primary and assault missions and you’ll have a better chance of receiving more medals. Also play an active role in your alliance – bring them along in assault missions, and help them in bounty events or any other type of mission they’re involved in.

7. What Are Perks And What Do They Do?

Above, we briefly touched on the Hand to Hand perk, but you may be wondering what perks are, how you can get them, and what they can do for you. Perks can be purchased with your medals, and they can upgrade your attack and defense alike, depending on the perk that you buy. Armor, to cite another example, reduces enemy damage by 15 percent, while Close Call makes it likelier for enemy snipers to miss you, hence the name. Always equip your perks after you buy them; tap on the one you wish to use and choose a slot so you can equip it. More slots for perks get unlocked as you increase your gear rating. Gear rating can be upgraded by buying new gear with your medals.

8. Use A Spotter Or Alliance Number To Find A Hidden Sniper

Lastly, you also may want to know what would be the best way to take out those pesky enemy snipers. The best (non-social) way would be to use an auto-spotter, which automatically tags a sniper. But since we already did stress that it’s important to have friends playing this game, you can ask a Facebook friend or alliance member to act as your human spotter instead.