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Kill Shot Bravo Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Take Down Your Enemies

Hothead Games claims iOS and Android title Kill Shot Bravo is the premier first person shooter experience for smartphones and tablets, and while this could be very debatable and an obvious case of hyperbole, it is indeed quite a good FPS title. As a Special Forces soldier, you’ll get the chance to arm yourself with different types of weapons – assault rifles, sniper rifles, and machine guns. You can also deck yourself out in protective military gear as you go on covert combat missions deep inside enemy territory. There are more than 200 missions, and other features such as vehicles, which the game claims could potentially “turn the tide of battle.”

We could go on and on about the game, but since you came here for some Kill Shot Bravo tips and tricks, we’re going to leave it at that and offer you some simple tips if this is the first time you’re playing the game.

1. Scout Before You Shoot

This is not exactly a direct copy of look before you leap, but the thought is still there. As you drop into the war zone, bear in mind that the enemies have not yet spotted you, or even gotten wind of your arrival. Use this opportunity to scout the location, and though you may want to shoot somebody already, don’t do it – wait till the right moment, because the moment you fire your gun, all the enemies in the area will be alerted, and they’ll all close in on you.

2. How To Kill Enemies The Right Way

This is probably a goes-without-saying rule in shooting games, but you should always aim for the enemy’s head. Headshots don’t just mean instant kills in most occasions, they also mean a cash bonus for you. Body shots hurt the enemy, but won’t kill them instantly and won’t give you a cash bonus. Make the most out of your ability to hit headshots, because that won’t be enough to kill the bad guys when they start wearing armor. You can also hold your crosshair over an enemy soldier for a few seconds to tag them. That’ll place a red diamond on top of their heads, allowing you to spot them for an easier kill.

3. Fire At The Explosive Barrels

Some machine gun levels feature yellow barrels, which typically have several enemies guarding it. Shooting yellow barrels allows you to take out any and all enemies in the ensuing explosion’s vicinity, and also allows you to earn even more bonus cash.

4. Upgrade Your Guns Regularly, Especially Your Main Weapon

Like in many a FPS, your initial weapon is a sniper rifle. Work on upgrading it as much as you could, and upgrading it ahead of the others is always a good choice; don’t neglect your other weapons, though! You’ll need a strong arsenal of weapons to get yourself ready for the Black Ops missions, which will unlock a new region if you’re able to beat them.

As far as upgrades go, the silencer is the last and best upgrade for your sniper rifle, as it reduces the volume of your shots, thus allowing you to fire without arousing even a hint of suspicion.

Want some additional Kill Shot Bravo tips and tricks? Then be sure to head over to the second part of our strategy guide, that contains even more hints for fellow Kill Shot Bravo players.


Monday 24th of October 2016

How to tag enemies?


Friday 24th of March 2017

Just zoom your scope in on them and stay on them until they are tagged