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Idle World! Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Grow Your World Efficiently

A fairly new entrant to the mobile gaming industry, Homa Games, has only started developing and publishing games since 2018. Considering the portfolio of 9 games on the iOS, and 7 on the Android platform, Homa Games’ brand of casual arcade games has made it a recognized provider of fun and addictive time-passer games. Among its releases, Tower Color, Tiny Cars: Fast Game, and Balls VS Lasers: A Reflex Game has been its most successful ones earning over a million downloads each on the Google Play Store alone and receiving largely positive reviews as well.

Idle World! is the company’s latest mobile game, which currently sits as the number one game under the adventure category on iOS. Idle World! lets you play God in an idle clicker game where you decide how to go about the creation of the Earth. Energy is spent with every bit of resource, mineral, or life you put on it and, in return, each item you create and add to the world generates energy.

You start off with a completely bare and lifeless planet and you work your way up as you create more simple elements needed for more complex creations and all these can be done with a click of a button. You will always make progress regardless of how much time you can spend on Idle World! and how often you can play it. Just like any idle clicker game, though, the amount of time you spend on playing the game will be the foremost determinant of how fast you will make progress.

There are hardly any tutorials needed to play the game as anyone can play it using a finger on 1 hand. Everything you need to know about the goals and gameplay mechanics are vividly seen on-screen. You spend energy on creations and each item you create generates energy leaving a continuous cycle of expending and gaining energy with very little effort. Provided that you meet the minimum requirements to unlock each item you can create, you are very much free to prioritize what to invest your energy in.

There are caps on each item and some of it can be further stretched, but just the same, it’s never really anything to be worried about especially for starters. As much as you can go around and do whatever you please as far as creating your Earth goes, following the Idle World! tips, cheats and strategies we will share with you below can tremendously boost your progress in the game.

1. Take Note Of Prerequisites

All items you can upgrade in Idle World! are categorized into 4 different groups that you can see on the different tabs below your screen. You will be able to see everything although some items will remain locked despite you having more than enough energy to create them. Initially, you will only be able to create water and land under the creation tab and soon enough, you should have no problem unlocking other materials that generate more energy and possibly necessary as well to progress further in the game.

idle world prerequisites

For the things you can see under creation and preservation, items are listed from simplest to most complex to unlock and going further down the line as you unlock one item after another will be your guide with regard to progress. For the topmost item in each category that remains locked, take note of the required number of items you need to create to unlock it. It may not necessarily be the most efficient method of generating energy for a short while, but as soon as you succeed in unlocking a new material or element, then the rewards in terms of boosting energy generation will be very much worth the effort.

Relative to this, remember to adjust the buy multiplier at the right side of your screen to speed things up a bit. It is set to x1 by default but you can tap on it to change it to x10 and even x25. This will make it easier to reach the typical minimum requirements to unlock certain items as each one is a multiple of any choice multiplier.

2. Keep The 2X Speed Energy On As Much As You Can

At the upper right side of the screen, you can see a UFO icon with a 2x energy note on it and clicking on this icon gives you an option to double your energy generation for 60 seconds at the cost of either paying 10 diamonds or watching a 20 to 30-second video ad. Diamonds are premium currency which are difficult to earn and ought to be saved for other expenditures so you might as well go for those ads.

idle world 2x speed energy

As you can most definitely expend all your energy at a much faster rate than you can generate them, using this feature as an opportunity to quickly gain energy is a great way to boost your progress in the game. You should take advantage of this feature most especially if you are playing the game while watching a movie or something similar as you can spam on playing ads till you have enough energy to spend on massive purchases and upgrades.

3. Play As Often As You Can

Beyond actually spending a lot of time on the game in one go, you should consider playing between short intervals as often as you can. Idle World! actually provides offline energy generation but it is very limited prior to any upgrades spent on increasing it. As such, the more often you can spend time to actually get into the game after being offline for some time, the more rewarding it can be for you and the faster your world will progress.

As a general strategy, consider to pump up the 2x speed energy boost as much as you can when you log in to the game, then expend the accumulated energy on purchases and upgrades based on your prioritization. If you can’t afford to spend as much time in some instances, you are free to level up whichever item generates the most energy before you quit the game to earn even more energy when you get back on it later.

4. Use Time Travels If They Are Free

idle world time travel

Just above the UFO icon is a time machine icon which, when clicked, can give you free time travel chances for instant lumps of energy. Sometimes you can get free time travels for as many as a thousand seconds. BE sure to take advantage of the free ones and binge-watch on those video ads as this will boost your progress a lot faster than manually playing.

5. Consume Free Attempts At The Lucky Spin

idle world lucky spin

In addition to the 2x speed energy buffs and the time travel boosts that you should take advantage of, there is a Lucky Spin icon at the left side of your screen that offers 3 free spins each day. You can receive 2x speed energy buffs and time travels here and can also claim some free diamonds. As the cost of free spins will only be 1 ad video playback each, it’s a fun and cheap price to pay for the potential rewards it can give you.

6. Don’t Forget To Invest In Upgrades

The last tab of items to spend energy on in Idle World perhaps holds the most expensive list of items. Especially when you just started the game, these would all seem a little too expensive. Keep in mind though that these upgrades will give you much more than your investments worth over time and that spending some energy to rank these upgrades up at the soonest would be mostly beneficial for you.

idle world upgrades

Particularly, be sure to spend some energy on time offline and offline energy production. These will make gaining energy while you are away from the game exponentially higher and whatever amount you spend on each upgrade will be returned to you.

The rest of the boosters apply to creations so depending on which ones you have unlocked and spent the most energy on, feel free to upgrade these from time to time. For best results, spend at least a level up’s amount on each upgrade you need before proceeding to push for meeting the minimum requirements for the next item you wish to unlock.

7. Remember To Expend All Energy Before Quitting

Each and every bit of energy you spend on creating items for your planet contributes to how much energy you regenerate whether you are online or away from the game. At some point in time, you may not have enough energy left to purchase needed upgrades as well as the items you need to grow in number to unlock the next item or set of items on the list. In these cases, it is very much possible that you still have enough energy for other purchases, most especially the cheaper ones that you have not upgraded in a while.

Be sure to spend as much of the remaining energy you have on any of the items you can afford before you go offline as these will still contribute to how much energy you will receive when you hop back into the game later on.

Well, that’s all we have for our Idle World! beginner’s guide. We hope that you picked some useful tips and strategies in the list we shared and that you enjoyed reading our guide as well. If you discovered something we don’t while playing Idle World!, don’t hesitate to share your discoveries with us. Likewise, feel free to let us know about your opinions on the game through the comment section!

Sanjay Rana

Wednesday 19th of October 2022

World future skyscraper blue Leader given Happy culture


Thursday 2nd of December 2021

I zoomed in on the 3rd planet and I can’t zoom back out, how do I do it ?

Fernando Garnica

Wednesday 10th of November 2021

Just prestige over and over, every time you get 1.23x, prestige and after 30 times or so you’ll be at prestige 1M and that’s the end of the game for you, beat it in a 3 he plane ride from start to finish all 3 planets


Thursday 28th of October 2021

You can stack 2x and 3x boosts, so just spend like 100 diamonds on the spin wheel, im on a 12mX boost rn lmfao

Skyler Duckworth

Wednesday 5th of April 2023

@Clone56, I’m at 2.866545E+08X multiplier making 8 Qi a second and I have everything maxed on mars. I legit started yesterday.


Monday 17th of January 2022

@predu, ngl I legit got a x107 346 332 multiplier and it’s crazy loool, I’m zooming through mars run XD

marcel heuver

Wednesday 11th of September 2019

so often as possible ????? i finisched the game in 3 day earth is full en moon is full whats next ?