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Nexon’s Upcoming Gacha RPG ‘SINoALICE’ Available for Pre-Registration

It has been several months since Nexon announced that it will be releasing Square Enix’s SINoALICE globally. The game has seen great success since it was released in Japan in 2017. The character designs alone were more than enough to get gacha game fans excited, and now the long wait has finally ended. Nexon has officially begun the pre-registration of SINoALICE for Android and iOS devices.

sinoalice pre-registration

Even though the pre-registration for SINoALICE has only been ongoing for a couple of days, it has already exceeded two of its registration milestones. The more milestones are achieved, the more rewards players will receive when the game finally launched. Check out the list of milestone rewards below:

4,444 people
100 Magic Jewels

44,444 people
Limited Edition Job [Sleeping Beauty – Sorcerer-]
SS Weapon Grimoire [Sealed Dragon Puppet]

444,444 people
200 Magic Jewels

500,000 people
SS Nightmare [Fina, the Loyal Falsehood]
Upgrade Sword (IV) x5

For those who have not heard of the game, SINoALICE is a game about classic fairy tale characters but with a twist. Players will find characters based on Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and more. The game is a dark fantasy RPG, so all the fairy tale favorites are geared up for battle. These fairy tale princesses will have to arm themselves, journey across dangerous lands, defeat numerous enemies, and solve puzzles in order to save their creators.

SINoALICE will be available for pre-registration up until the day of the release. Those who want to sign up early may do so by providing their email address on Nexon’s official pre-registration site for the game.