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Pokey Ball (Voodoo) Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Clear All Levels and Collect All Skins

If you are a huge fan of hyper-casual games, then you are certainly familiar with Voodoo. The very well-known French developer and publisher of several top-charting casual mobile games has one of the biggest app portfolio on both Android and iOS platforms. Voodoo continues to grow in popularity not just considering the billions of downloads it has amassed out of its releases but also with rate at which it publishes new games. For the most part, even, all of Voodoo’s games has made it to respectable spots in top ten lists of mobile games around the world, with some of them even reaching the top spot. Suffice to say, if you are a casual player and enjoy games that can be played with the very limited time you can spare, then you are most likely to find a game that suits your taste and preference from among Voodoo’s offerings.

Pokey Ball is Voodoo’s latest release for iOS and it’s packed with simple yet unique game mechanics that everyone can play and enjoy. Currently the #2 casual game on the App Store, Pokey Ball continues to maintain a highly positive overall review rating from its users. While overall simplicity and bare graphics Pokey Ball presents may throw you off thinking it is an easy game, progressing through its levels and encountering a wide variety of obstacles and challenges can definitely change your mind. If you are up for a game of timing and precision, and love to spend a few minutes of your time to make progress in a casual game, then be sure to give Pokey Ball a try!

There are only two simple things you need to know about the controls of the game. Tapping and holding down the screen will pull back your Pokey Ball and releasing it will launch the ball upwards. As the ball travels upwards, tapping on the screen again will pin the ball on the stage. Basically, you can pin on the innermost platform of any level and for starters, the extra layer serves as the obstacles you won’t be able to pin your ball on.

As you make progress, new and exciting obstacles join the mix and you will need to up your game as well if you want to move forward. While it all looks very easy on the first few stages, it is understandable for some players to encounter visual dead ends on higher levels. If you find yourself stuck in a particular level or simply looking for better ways to go about beating the challenges, then check out our detailed Pokey Ball guide for some useful tips, cheats and tricks so you can pass through all the levels with ease!

1. Get The Timing Right Early On

As an introductory phase to the game’s basic mechanics, you can expect the first 10 levels or so of Pokey Ball to be a cakewalk since these levels are as easy as can be. Although you will be very much inclined to dash through a good stretch of it to see the next level, it is highly recommended that you take the opportunity to get the timing of your pin right.

pokey ball perfect timing

Keep in mind that catapulting the ball upwards can have a variety of speed based on how far away you pull back from the resting point. While some players may be endowed with fast hand-eye choreography and have quick reaction times, some may have a bit of a struggle getting the timing right in Pokey Ball.

The idea here is to always pin the ball to where exactly you want it to stick. As later levels offer a variety of obstacles that make this simple task very challenging, you ought to boost your precision where you can easily afford to. Simply keep an eye on a specific spot, even in a wide open space, as the ball travels upwards and try to pin it as close as you can to that location. There may hardly be wide open spaces available later on so try and do a variety of slings in terms of power with the goal of pinning the ball on a desired spot.

2. Count When Timing Is Needed

Precision entails not just accuracy as far as pinning the ball is concerned. In Pokey Ball, getting the timing right also applies to levels where there are moving parts such as rings or platforms themselves. While some misses on these part may just lead to a rollback down the level, some of them can actually end your run.

pokey ball tricks

To help you with the timing, you can use the simple method of counting as each opportunity to proceed comes to you. For example, counting as the moving rings above you align with the ball can give you a better sense of timing to ready yourself for the actual attempt. This method may take it a little while longer for you to proceed with the level but if you want to raise your success attempts, this is a good way to start.

3. Patience Is As Important As Timing

Getting the timing right and subscribing to the counting method is already an exercise of patience in Pokey Ball much like in any other game. However, doing so may not always be enough to get you to the goal with less retries. By being patient, we actually mean considering taking a few steps back, if necessary, to propel forward even faster or simply get it right to say the least.

pokey ball patience

For faster progression, you would naturally want to sling as powerful as you can and pin right at the height of the ball’s upward propulsion. You would even see the word “perfect” flash on your screen as you earn more points whenever you achieve that. At this point, it is important to be mindful of your primary objective in the game, which is to make it all the way through to end of each level. While keeping a steady flow up is a naturally normal expectation, there will be numerous occasions where you simply have to watch the ball drop a bit lower before deciding to pin it on the stage.

More often than not, there are optimum areas in some levels where you should sling from and while a lot of them are marked by the bullseye icon, some are simply less obvious until after you have seen what is above. Huge gaps and long strings of obstacles will be common in Pokey Ball so if you are situated in a spot where slinging, regardless of power will not help you progress well enough upwards, do not hesitate to drop a few meters down.

4. Launching From The Bullseye Breaks Barriers

It is easily noticeable that whenever you hit the bullseye dead center, launching from it gives you a sort of speed boost and a flashy aura that is fun to look at. Beyond that, some levels in the game make it so that pinning the ball precisely on the bullseye consecutively makes progressing through the level a lot faster. While all this can be ignored as simply more challenging but faster ways of completing a level, some are a little more drastic.

how to break barriers in pokey ball

Take for example levels where there are several planks of obstacles block your way. Breaking through them one at a time can be very tiring. In some levels, doing so can even be very challenging if you do not pin the ball fast enough after bouncing back from the hit. Bumping into these obstacles from a bullseye, though, make you go through them like each ply was a piece of paper and whenever there are opportunities to do so, be sure to grab it.

Again, pinning on the bullseye can be a challenge so be sure to practice with each one on the earlier levels. Sometimes, you may even need to drop down a bit if you have missed one as propelling upwards may necessitate launching from that particular bullseye.

5. Ignore Scores And Coins

Part of the joy and excitement of playing Pokey Ball comes from the points you earn as you play, especially when you reach a high score or are about to surpass a previous one. Landing on a bullseye and pinning the ball before it starts to descend all contribute to giving you more points and, to some extent, can be quite habit-forming. Likewise, as coins you earn are needed to unlock new skins for your ball, you will naturally be attracted to nabbing each one you come across as you progress through the level.

pokey ball scores and coins

While both points and coins are of value, consider minding them only if you are certain that either one will not contribute to you losing focus on the game, particularly the task at hand within the level. While earning a high score as well as unlocking all skins can form part of your goals in the game, the primary one is, of course, to complete each level. There are currently 70 levels in the game and you should aim to complete each one before taking on other tasks.

With a clear mind to focus on how to complete levels, you may even secure a higher score if you are careful and at the same time also grab some coins along the way. For starters, consider them only as distractions and as such, should be neglected until after you can concentrate fully on the game and considering them as added incentives.

6. Take It Slow Through The Boss Levels

Starting from Level 15, you will be in a boss level that takes place on every fifth level after that. These boss levels are extra challenging in the sense that on some of these stages, there will hardly be any back steps. As you propel higher through these levels, it will be common to see the portion of the level below you disintegrate. As such, making a mistake such as failing to pin on any area above ends your run.

pokey ball boss levels

In these levels, the main challenge lies in not knowing what lies ahead of you, which is practically the same scenario in every level. It is tough, though, since there may not be any second attempts if you find a surprise such as a long gap or red barriers above. To minimize fails and mishaps therefore, exercise caution on these levels.

We mentioned earlier that your sling speed and range varies based on how hard you pull it down. Full power may be the common recourse for most cases in the earlier levels but later on, especially on boss levels, you should aim to pull with the least power applied that will still fling the ball and take it as slow as you possibly can. Short descending travels will be key to your success in these stages. Doing so can help you prep to pin just before a gap, or such other strategic locations. There will also be a bit of space below you that is easier to stick on in case you make an error.

7. How To Get Rid Of Distractions

Whenever we write about casual games, it almost becomes a rudimentary topic to talk about ads in free-to-play games. As we are gamers that play across a variety of platforms, there are some practices in the gaming industry we may not be fond of. For one, if we paid for a full game and certain portions of it come off later as paid DLC, we would be displeased about it. Considering ads in free-to-play games, though, we are all-in on it.

As ads are a fundamental part for the continued existence of games that would otherwise not receive any profits from the hard work that were invested in its development and continued operation, it should not be treated as a means of disliking the particular games that hold it. In the case of Pokey Ball, much like all other games from Voodoo, some ads are optional and offers rewards while others pop up between levels.

If you get disoriented by the appearance of ads in-between levels or simply do not want to see any of it, simply turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data and play the game offline. Keep in mind that doing so will prevent you from continuing where you left off whenever you fail to complete a level in Pokey Ball. If ever you hit an obstacle or drop the ball down, then you will have to start right from the beginning of that level.

And that very much sums up everything we have for you as far as our Pokey Ball guide is concerned. Hopefully, the tips, cheats and tricks we shared in this article will enhance your strategic approach towards the game and will enable you to succeed through every level in the game and eventually complete your skin collection. If you have some other tips or tricks that you would like to share with us, do not hesitate to do so through the comment section!