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Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Maximize Your Profits

BoomBit Games is one of the few mobile game developers that has amassed more than 200 million downloads across its apps on the Google Play Store alone over the years. With an app portfolio spanning 33 games for both Android and iOS platforms, the company has its share of hit titles covering a wide range of game genres. Build a Bridge!, Darts Club, and Hunt Royale are just some of BoomBit’s mobile titles that we played and enjoyed.

Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon is one of BoomBit Games’ latest mobile title, that’s out now on iOS and Android. While idle clicker enthusiasts may be familiar with the usual mechanics that go with idle business sim games but Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon does have its own mix of unique elements. Although, Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon is similar to other games in this subgenre that sets you up to continue earning profits regardless of what you do, it also offers the most opportunities for active players to progress rapidly.

The game sets you up to manage, not just one or a couple, but dozens of production lines under 5 distinct categories. Putting up new factories are just a small part of the expansion plan as each one needs to be upgraded and automated to ensure maximum productivity an profitability. One you put up a factory, you can sit back and enjoy as cash continue streaming in but your active role in managing the production line tremendously boosts production speed and income generation.

idle inventor factory tycoon guide

There is a quick and easy-to-follow tutorial that greets you on your first day. The simplistic game mechanics and one-tap controls ensure that even complete newbies to the genre will have an easy time learning all of the basics. Although there is no way to lose money in building your vehicle factory empire, active engagement in your virtual entrepreneurial venture and imposing strategic business decision certainly has a huge impact at its rate of growth.

If you just started playing Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon and want a superfast growth rate to become the top factory tycoon, then we have you covered. Our Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon beginner’s guide comes with a bunch of tips, cheats and strategies to maximize your profits and become a top tycoon in no time!

1. Keep The Multiplier Active

As soon as you are free to do anything on the screen, the general instinctive impulse is to spend upgrades or open a new factory. In some cases, you will even be mesmerized to watch the production line and sit idly as the first of your products are manufactured and sold. Again, we stress the importance of enjoying Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon however you like with the mindset that you will always earn profits regardless of what you do.

Before doing anything, however, we recommend activating the production boost through the ad boost icon at the bottom of the screen. By playing a short video ad, all your factories will enjoy a 3x production bonus, tremendously speeding up each one’s growth and your venture’s progression.

idle inventor factory tycoon production boost

What’s better even, is that playing a second video ad gives you an extra 3 hours of production boost and a third video ad will give you 4 hours. In essence what you get out of simply playing 90 seconds worth of video ads boosts your factories’ production 3x for 9 full hours.

Although you can always opt to proceed to tend to your factories after activating the ad boost, going all the way and maxing out the boost duration is what we would recommend. Additionally, ensuring that the duration of the boost is capped before you take long breaks from the game should be done.

2. Complete The Missions

Although you will start off with just a couple of factories, the rate at which your business grows in Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon is fast, especially if you manage them strategically. There will only be a couple of minutes where you need to manually tap on a production line to speed it up as you will soon be able to hire the managers you need for each factory and product.

With a lot going on and a plethora of upgrade options at hand every step of the way, you may easily get lost as to which one to prioritize to attain maximum efficiency. While we employ a standard strategy across most idle clicker business simulation games when it comes to investing idle cash, the setup in Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon made us stray a bit from it.

This is because beyond the upgrade levels of each factory as a solid indicator of progress, Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon employs a mission system that you need to adhere to and accomplish to be able to expand your enterprise.

idle inventor factory tycoon missions

Prioritizing the accomplishment of these missions should always go first and you will basically have to align actions towards the completion of these objectives. You will generally have 3 ongoing missions at the top of your screen.

Successfully completing any of the 3 missions will earn you chest rewards and a new mission will instantly pop up as a replacement. The only time no new missions will appear is if you have already completed the required number of missions to move on to the next expansion level.

Note that the number of missions you need to accomplish is indicated with a bar at the top of the missions. It is a common experience to accomplish enough missions to qualify you for an expansion while there are still a couple of missions in process.

In such cases, you can always opt to pursue the completion of the remaining missions and, to help you decide whether to go for it or not, consider how much time you still have left to stay in the game.

3. Know When To Expand And When To Hold

Going for an expansion is a huge milestone as far as the business’ growth is concerned. It is the natural and inevitable outcome of your enterprise’s development in Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon, where a new production line or factory opens up to add more sources of income for you. The newer product line is expectedly more expensive to put up and upgrade but yields a lot more cash per unit produced.

Expansion essentially resets everything back to square one as well, similar to moving into a new location and having to start from the first factory again. However, all your managers are retained at their current levels, and you get to keep your research points and gems. Do not worry about the restart as you can easily get back to how you left the previous setup and will go beyond it sooner than you think.

idle inventor factory tycoon expansion

Relative to our previous tip, another important decision point comes when you have accomplished enough missions to go for an expansion. Most of the time, there will be pending missions in progress and you may be torn between proceeding immediately to the next expansion level and completing the ongoing missions for the extra chests. If you are very close to accomplishing them, then a couple of minutes of holding will be the best option. However, you have to consider how much time you still have available to spend setting up your factories for the next expansion level.

If time is not an issue, then you can very much take the next step forward and set up your new set of factories in the next expansion level before going offline. On the other hand, if you are crunched for time or so, then it is best to leave the game at its current state and just come back later to claim the extra mission chests and then finally move to the next expansion level.

4. Make It A Habit To Expend Idle Cash Fast

As a staple strategy that applies very well across all idle clicker business sim games relate to how you handle your constantly accumulating supply of idle cash. For complete beginners in the genre, it can be enticing to watch as your cash earnings continue to pile up and you feel the urge to keep as much of them around.

idle inventor factory tycoon idle cash

The best course of action, however, would be to rid yourself of idle cash as much as you can and invest them in your factories. Every bit of upgrade performed to any of the factories or buildings under your care has a positive effect on profit generation. In this case, especially since each factory has only one upgrade option attributable to them, each upgrade directly boosts the income you generate every second.

The idea of expending idle cash as fast as you can is especially important before signing out and taking a break from the game. As you continue to invest in building upgrades, the investments you make actually shortens the time it takes for all cash spent to return back to you with interest. This means that after logging back in hours later, the impact that the investments you make can spell a huge difference on the amount of idle profits you can rake in as against if you kept a an amount of idle cash sitting at the top of your screen.

5. Push To Upgrade For A Milestone

Even the choice of how prioritization goes when it comes to upgrades in most idle business sim games require strategy. Banking on the most affordable upgrade options and only going for the most expensive ones when nabbing huge bulks of cash is what we generally adhere to, and in the case of Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon, the strategy equally works well.

The pace at which upgrades become available is fast in Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon more than the usual comparable games. Beyond going what is more easily affordable, however, the setting makes it extra important for you to reach for milestones as you upgrade. If you noticed, there is a bar to the left of the upgrade button that fills up with every upgrade you execute.

Once the bar is full, which initially takes place after reaching upgrade level 25 for factories, a bigger boost to the output is added and you will earn a research point as well. For the train and the assembly crane, milestones are typically set at lower intervals.

idle inventor factory tycoon milestone

Although there are other means to obtain research points, every bit of it is important as it is a special currency you need to promote managers. Research point rewards from upgrade milestones may not seem a lot but it also falls within some of the missions you need to accomplish.

Relative to this, there is a way as well to adjust how you purchase upgrades to make it convenient. By default, upgrade purchases are set to 1, as can be seen on the button beside the upgrade button. Clicking on it will set upgrades to be purchased by bulk to reach a milestone and clicking on it another time sets it to max purchase, which means purchasing upgrades you can afford at once.

For efficiency, it is best to set it for upgrades that lead to milestones, making it convenient for you to purchase upgrades by bulk and still determine with ease the cheapest upgrades as well as the most expensive ones.

6. The Train And Assembly Crane Are Very Important

As the game’s title highly suggests, Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon is all about putting up and taking care of factories. That, however, does not limit the tasks in your hands to tending to the growing number of factories you have exclusively.

While it is true that factories are the means for you to generate income, exclusively manufacturing cars and other vehicles do no lead to earning profits on its own. As part of the production line, you need the train to collect the vehicles from each factory and the assembly crane to take them from the train to ship for you to collect your cash.

It is highly likely that your intent to maximize profitability leads you to focus extensively on each factory, especially once you start to manage multiple production lines. While the amount of money each factory continues to pile up, you need to ensure that both the train and the assembly crane has more than enough capacity to haul everything and not leave a bottleneck somewhere along the way.

idle inventor factory tycoon assembly crane

For starters, always check the maximum capacity of the train and compare it with the value of products it can collect across all the factories. It is okay to purchase upgrades for the train one at a time. Once the train goes through its route and leaves each factory with zero pending pick-ups, then you are good to go.

The next step is to compare the trains capacity against the total capacity of what the assembly crane can take from it in one go. Levelling both up to the same upgrade level will always leave the train having more capacity than the assembly crane.

The assembly crane, however, has a shorter route and can take a couple of trips before the train completes its route. In essence keeping both these structures at the same level leads to an optimum balance. If not, you can also check assigned managers to each one and work around their respective levels.

7. Strategize Around Promoting Managers

Unlocking, collecting, and upgrading managers in Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon certainly adds layers of excitement on its overall gameplay. Having a manager assigned to each structure automates the process and lets you rest your tapping fingers for good. Regardless of how rapidly you can tap to speed up the production process, the managers can match up your maximum speed and is the only means for you to speed up production across all production lines.

Beyond automating production, managers can also be upgraded. All you need are extra copies of manager cards and some research points to upgrade each manager. Despite having numerous sources of research points, however, you will come to discover that you will never have enough to level up each manager despite having more than enough cards to do so. In this sense, you have to plan and strategize carefully around how to prioritize upgrading your group of managers.

For starters, the general looming impression about each product line is that the more expensive ones earn you the most money and may influence you to prioritize managers assigned to them. On the other hand, product lines that open up last tend to have a slower production process as well, essentially giving earlier product lines to catch up to them as far as average profit streaming goes.

idle inventor factory tycoon manager promotion

Upgrade costs exponentially increase from one production line to another as well and you will soon realize that the natural trend is that upgrade levels will be much higher on starting production lines and will grow lower as you move up to the more expensive ones.

With this setup, the average amount of cash the train picks up from each production line will be comparable and in a sense each one will have loosely equal value for your business. Given this consideration, you should prioritize the manager for the first product line and move up the queue as far as manager promotions are concerned. It is best to have everyone reach level 2 first before going back to the first one and promoting him or her to the next level.

There are a couple of details to look into, though. In some cases, you may be able unlock managers for product lines you still do not have. In this sense, it is best to only invest in them once their factory is up and running. The pair of managers assigned to both the train and the assembly crane needs to be looked into as well.

The sequential promotion of managers we have in mind actually applies to ones assigned to the production lines. For the rest of the managers, it is best to squeeze them in to balance the flow of products and avoid bottlenecks across the entire operations.

8. Take Advantage Of Other Ad Boosts

One of the most important strategies we shared revolves around activating a 3x production boost and ensuring that it is always running. Beyond the trio of advertisements you play at the start of your adventure to maintain a 9-hour production boost, however, there are plenty more of perks and bonuses you can obtain for free in Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon, and all it takes to take advantage of them is to play a video ad when the opportunity to do so appears.

Surely enough, there are still an abundance of players who find the existence of video ads in mobile games annoying. For some it even becomes a huge turn-off. While ads in video games have long since been a given attachment especially in the case of free games that hardly offer anything to promote microtransactions, the appearance of some, especially beyond your control and without any benefits whatsoever, can really be disconcerting.

In Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon, the ad opportunities that come your way tremendously speeds up your progression if you take advantage of them. Much like the 9-hour profit multiplier that you can activate with just 90 seconds of playing ads, the other opportunities come off as equally appealing.

idle inventor factory tycoon ad boosts

One of these ad boosts come in the form of the drones that randomly hover on the screen. You can tap on them to claim instant rewards, but sometimes they offer bigger rewards that can only be claimed if you play a 15 to 30-second video ad. Instant lumps of cash, research points, and even manager cards can be earned from these drones and if you get tired of them you can always just choose to ignore them.

Another big help towards progressing your tycoon adventure comes up when you are about to claim your idle rewards. Most especially if you left the game while the 3x multiplier is active, the bulk of cash you can obtain from your idle rewards can exceed all other rewards that offer huge lumps of cash.

As you sign back in, you will be offered to double the amount if you choose to play an ad before doing so. This also pops up whenever you have been away from the factory while playing an ad or tending to an event that takes you away from your main factory.

In any case, be sure to take advantage of this ad boost especially if you are logging back in after a long time away from your factory. You can also claim 50 research points from the store once a day at the cost of playing an ad. At the upper left side of the screen, there is a time warp you can use that takes you 15 minutes forward as far as profits go. You can take advantage of this once every 4 hours and it only costs watching a short ad to activate.

9. Participate In Time-Limited Events

At the bottom right side of the screen next to the manager icon is an event photo that is available only for a set period of time. Whenever you see an event take place, be sure to hop into it as these events can give you tons of rewards difficult or impossible to obtain from the regular gameplay. Besides, each one offers a unique theme that comes packed with new sceneries and machines not found in your regular factories.

idle inventor factory tycoon event

Simply click on the event photo and tap on the start event button to participate. Rewards are based on milestones you reach at the end of the event period so be sure to check the list of milestones as well as your rank on the leaderboards to determine the prizes you can get. You can earn tons of gems, rare and above rarity of manager cards, and research points amounting to thousands with minimal efforts.

One great thing about taking advantage of such events in Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon is that you get to play on the event map without necessarily forgetting about your main factories. Tapping on the event photo can switch your perspective between both groups of factories. You can tend to either one first and continue to earn idle rewards for the others.

idle inventor factory tycoon rewards

If you have gone through several expansions on your main line of business, you should already know that there will come a point in time when you can sit idly and simply wait for more profits and production to complete your pending missions. With this, even multitasking around 2 distinct sets of businesses will be relatively easy for you to handle.

And that concludes our Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon beginner’s guide and we hope that the tips and strategies we shared with you here will have a huge positive impact in your game moving forward. Again, this game is designed for players to never experience loss but like real-life business ventures, the time you actually spend on it tremendously boosts its growth and progression.

If you have more tips, tricks, or strategies to share for Idle Inventor – Factory Tycoon, or simply want to impart your experiences with the game, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments below!