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Build a Bridge (iOS): Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 4 Hints You Should Know

Build a Bridge is a new mobile game from BoomBit, that will let you know what it feels like to build a bridge for vehicles to cross. It is a very interesting puzzle game for both iOS and Android devices. You will need to get creative in order to build bridges over the different terrain in the game. It would be best to rely on our Build a Bridge tips and tricks to make sure you conquer every stage.

1. Take Your Time

When you start the game the one thing you need to focus on is to decide on what you need to do. Look around first and study what you can do. You won’t have to worry about the time because the game doesn’t have a time limit. If you make a mistake you don’t need to panic or get worried. One interesting feature of the game is that there is a button that indicates when you are done. Until you press that button the vehicles won’t be moving. Make sure to finalize everything before pressing the button to avoid mistakes.

2. Scan What You Have

When you start the game, you need to check out first these few things. First is the type of vehicle that is there. You have to think on how much they actually weigh. You do not have to guess exact amounts, just light or heavy. Then the next thing you need to check is the materials that you will use in making the bridge. The materials include wood, metal, and cable. The heavier the vehicle will be, the sturdier material will be needed. You will be also able to combine the materials. Analyzing everything first will allow you to go for better and good materials.

3. Get Star Ratings

As you are building the bridges you, don’t want to be spending everything in one go. The materials have a limit. It will be better to plan ahead before doing anything. This way you will earn more stars in the ratings. Each level has a budget for the materials. The less materials you use, the more stars you will get. The trick will be solving the game with the least amount of resources spent. Star ratings will not alter any gameplay it is just there for the aesthetic purposes.

4. Play In Sandbox Mode

If you are having a hard time with the game it is a good idea to lay out the entire bridge and have base underneath it. You can use good materials for that if you are unsure. Just make sure that the connections will be well placed. The game also has another mode which is the Sandbox mode. Every time you clear a level you will also unlock that level in sandbox mode. Basically, sandbox mode will allow you to practice. You can do whatever you want in that level without any restraints as material budget and ratings.

Disasters won’t occur and vehicles will be able to get across the bridge without any problems as long as you follow the Build a Bridge tips and tricks we listed above. Know more tips or tricks? Or just want to share your thoughts about the game? Feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below!