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22 Seconds (Ketchapp) Tips, Cheats & Tricks: How to Get a High Score

What do you do when you want to play but you only have a few seconds to spare? Ketchapp’s new mobile game called 22 Seconds gives you the perfect solution for scratching that gamer’s itch. Available on iOS and Android platforms, this game flips the table on the endless runner trend by giving you nothing more than 22 seconds to play. You will need to frantically guide a ball through as many obstacles as you can within the given time limit. It’s a great game to play if you don’t want to get roped into extended runs but still want to be challenged. It can get a bit too challenging, though, so make sure you read our 22 Seconds tips and tricks to help you get high scores.

1. Use Multiple Fingers

The game does not give you any room for hesitation. You need to be able to swipe in the right direction in a fraction of a second. The only way to do this is to have multiple fingers on standby, ready to swipe. Playing with just one hand will make it difficult to get far. If you want to get better scores, you will need to devote your full attention to the game, and use both hands. It’s a good thing that each round only lasts a few seconds so you won’t have to stay focused for too long.

2. Alternate Your Swipes

As mentioned above, you need to be able to swipe very quickly if you want to do well in this game. Alternating between your left and right thumbs will allow you to swipe faster which leads to more distance covered. The faster you can swipe, the farther you will go. Time is the most important factor here so use it efficiently.

3. Unlock Ball Designs

There are several different ball designs that are available in the game. Some of them include the bronze, silver, and gold balls which can be unlocked by scoring 400, 600, and 800 points respectively. The balls are purely cosmetic, and they don’t add anything to the gameplay. It is still a good idea to collect them, though, as they serve as your achievement trophies in the game. Unlock as many designs as you want. It helps keep things interesting as you play.

4. Link Social Media Accounts

There are a few perks to linking your personal social media account in the game. Right off the bat, you can visit the game’s Facebook page which will reward you with special balls. You can also follow the game on Twitter which will also reward you with special balls. Linking your social media account takes only a few seconds, and will definitely be a worthy investment of your time.

5. Watch Ad Videos To Earn Gems

Once in a while, the game will offer you a boost in scores if you agree to watch a short advertisement video. The ads are completely optional and you will be rewarded with ten gems. Gems are the premium currency in the game and will go a long way if you spend them correctly. Invest some time in watching the videos if you want more gems without spending more real life cash.

Having a very strict time limit can be very challenging but can easily be managed with the help of our 22 Seconds tips and tricks! Do you know additional tips or tricks for this Ketchapp game? If you do, feel free to let us know in the comment area!