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Dualism Tips, Cheats & Hints to Master the Game

Dualism is the new physics game in town created by Roman Lensky. The game is currently available for iOS and Android devices. In this game you are controlling a big ball and you will need to tap the screen to spin its barrier and catch the white and black circles. The game does seem easy but it is actually frustratingly hard. You will not have that problem, though, as long as you follow our Dualism tips and tricks.

1. Focus On The Numbers

The game has two different set of levels. The default levels aren’t be hard but don’t be over confident and start hitting the mode button or you will start getting the hard ones instead. There will be a bunch of smalls balls on the screen. The best tip here is to look at the numbers on the balls and start getting them in reverse order and every attempt will result in a win.

2. Use Different Backgrounds

The game also has a color switch button in the main menu. What this basically does is change your background color. If you unlock it the background will change. If you don’t want to unlock it, the background will remain the same. Focus is key in this game so find your comfort zone and stay there. Check the differences in background color and see which one best fits your par.

3. Complete All Levels

Dualism has an insane number of levels. You can brag about your progress in social media sites, or check them in the play store. You can also check the progress of other players. You can compare what you have done so far. Other players like to compete with one another to see who is really the best. There are two different high scores. One is the high scorers in easy mode and the other is the high scorers in Hard mode. You can probably guess where the real pros are.

4. Stay Calm And Be Patient

In the later levels of Dualism, there will be a lot of random obstacles. Be very careful of those. The big ball will start moving out of nowhere, barrier will split into different shapes, and change in size throughout the level. As you continue, the obstacles only get more insane and unfair. So be prepared for the worst. Good reflexes are important in this game. Don’t panic if it starts getting hard. Keep calm and play the game as well as you can. Sometimes you can win with just a calm mind and good reflexes. Sometimes luck can be a convenient party as well.

5. Ditch The Ads

The in-game advertisements can get very distracting. The good news is that you can easily get rid of all the annoying pop-up videos. You will just need to pay up two dollars and you will be able to forget about the ads available.

Playing a physics-based games like this is hard and frustrating but follow everything to the letter and it will be alright. Just make sure you follow our Dualism tips and tricks to help you conquer all levels! Also, if you’ve come across additional tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us below in the comment area!