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Storm Wars CCG Tips, Cheats & Startegy Guide to Win More Battles

The impression of most people when it comes to any collectible card game is that it’s slow. Storm Wars CCG changes that perception by cutting out the strategizing during the duels, and putting it in deck-building instead. The game, which is available on both iOS and Android, prides itself in lightning-fast battles that depend on card mechanics and deck strategies. Battles are quick because they are automated. This means you will need to anticipate all possible scenarios when building your deck if you want to win. Make sure you depend on our Storm Wars CCG strategy guide for some help in winning these automated duels!

1. Play The Tutorial

Regardless of whether you are a novice or a veteran, this game’s tutorial isn’t something you should ignore. The mechanics of the game is very different from most other collectible card games. Forget what you know about other games. The tutorial of this game will prepare you for card battles that are decided purely by the build of your deck. You will need to have a different mindset when playing this game because there will be no room for error.

2. Create A Balanced Deck

As mentioned above, the build of your deck will decide whether you win or lose. You will not have the chance to compensate during the duels so make sure you put a lot of thought into every card that you include in your deck. Make sure your deck has a good number of monster cards, as well as an appropriate number of buff cards. You do not want to overstuff your deck with support cards or you will risk getting a hand with no character cards.

Another thing you should consider when building a deck is the Active Turns counter of each card. This counter indicates how many turns it will take before a card becomes active after it is played. While high-turn cards are normally stronger, it also means you will not be able to use them for a while. If you have too many high-turn cards, you run the risk of being dealt a useless hand. Your opponent will take advantage of the turns that you are unable to play by taking you out even before your cards are activated.

3. Practice In Campaign Mode

Even if you are eager to battle it out with other players, it would be a good idea to practice first in the single player campaign mode. Playing in this mode will help you get a good grasp of how the duels work. This will be an opportunity to test out your decks and tweak them accordingly. To top it all off, you also get to win a few cards which you can use to enhance your deck. It’s a win-win situation that you can replay as much as you want. Just keep in mind that replaying stages in the campaign mode will not get you additional rewards.

4. Blitz Your Opponent

This game is all about speed. You need to dish out as much damage as you can, as fast as you can. That means you should put down all your available monsters immediately. Even if they do not hit hard, if you have a lot of monsters on the field, that will still mean multiple hits on your opponent. You need to act fast and hit your opponent where it hurts. As we said before, there will be no time for strategizing during duels. The only strategy you have once the duel starts is to be faster than your opponent.

5. Combine Cards To Get Rare Ones

The game gives you the option to combine certain cards to make stronger ones. Cards that have a yellow globe with a plus sign on it, then it can be combined. You will need four of the same card in order to successfully combine them. Doing so will give you a stronger card. Keep in mind, though, that stronger does not always mean better for your deck. These stronger cards will have a price in terms of active turn counters. Weigh your options and make sure you will actually benefit from the new card before putting it into your deck.

6. Battle It Out With Other Players In The Arena

The arena is a good place to start if you want some rewards and a bit of fame. In this game, you will need to win in the arena in order to reach certain fame levels. These fame levels will give you access to other features of the game such as the Gold Pack. The Gold Pack is the only guaranteed way for you to get a good card. Each one is worth 9,000 gold. It is an expensive investment but if you end up getting a great rare card, then it’s definitely worth the gamble. The only other way to get rare cards is by using gems which are hard to come by unless you are willing to spend real cash.

7. Try Out Different Decks

There are several different ways to build a deck. Others want to be defensive while others are more aggressive. Once you have created a deck, feel free to test it out on both human, and computer-controlled players. Doing so will help you see weaknesses in your deck, and will allow you to address those weaknesses. Keep playing and tweaking your deck in order to win against some of the best card players in the world.

8. Claim Your Rewards

Unlike most games, this game will not go out of its way to remind you that you have rewards waiting. You will need to check your rewards regularly to make sure you don’t miss any of them. Rewards need to be manually claimed in order to make sure they do not expire on you. The game is challenging enough as it is. You need every bit of help you can get to make sure you win in every battle.

The key to winning card duels is strategy. Storm Wars CCG has taken collectible card games to the next level and it can be hard to keep up. Make sure you follow the strategy guide we provided to help keep winning in all of your duels.