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Darts Club Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Beat Your Opponents

BoomBit Games, home to several popular arcade games on both Android and iOS such as Tanks A Lot, Build a Bridge!, and Cops & Robbers just to name a few, recently added Darts Club to its already huge roster of free-to-play casual arcade offerings. While there are a host of other dart games in both mobile gaming platforms, Darts Club dares to be uniquely different with its seemingly over-simplistic gameplay mechanics that people from all ages, including those not familiar with how to play darts, can play and enjoy. Discover how Darts Club managed to earn 500,000 downloads and a 4+ rating from users all over the world in less than a month after its initial release and find out if you have enough skills to compete with your friends and other players.

In Darts Club, it’s as simple as swiping a finger to throw each dart at the dartboard. With each win against an opponent, you gain points to help you move on to the next challenge, some coins for upgrading your darts, as well as a random treasure chest filled with items to help you in moving further through the game. As you obtain and upgrade new parts for each of your 3 darts, the stats will also improve. As you constantly switch parts in and out, you need to find the best combination and practice with it to have a better idea on how to make great throws during your next matches. As the points you earn grow to qualify you to next venue, the initial points become higher and double out mechanics apply later on.

darts club tips

With its short and simple tutorial, considering the simplicity of the game, Darts Club will have you ready to take on an online challenge within a few minutes after you start playing. As the game is truly easy to understand but very hard to master, it may happen that you will take a few losses before grabbing a few wins or even winning streaks in the game. If you are totally new and clueless about the basic rules surrounding darts or if you know the rules well but struggling a bit to win games, our Darts Club guide can help you become better prepared before each match and take home more victories from each succeeding match.

1. Understand The Basics

If you are well aware of how to play darts in real life, you can move on to the next tip we have. Otherwise stick around and learn what you need to know to understand the mechanics in Darts Club so you would know what to aim for on your succeeding games.

While there are several ways to play darts, the most common one is called Check Out and the rules that Darts Club follows most closely adheres to this. As each player starts with 101 points on the first venue, Anna’s Diner, your goal is to reduce your points down to exactly 0. You collect points by basically hitting the corresponding point numbers on the dartboard, and the total you earn will be deducted from the remaining points. To simplify, hitting 20 3x on your turn will get you 60 points so your new points go down to 41 (101-60). The center of the board, which is called the “Bullseye”, is divided in two. The outer region grants 25 points and the inner one gives 50 points. Players take turns alternately and the winner can only be decided after both players have ended the same number of turns.

There are Double Rings and Triple Rings on the dartboard indicated by the red and green segments around it. The outermost one is the Double Ring which gives twice as many points while the inner one is the Triple Ring which grants 3x points of the value in that section.

If a player reduces his points to less than zero with any of the 3 darts he has will result in a bust and that player’s previous score will be reset and he will lose the chance of being able to use his remaining darts, if any are left. Additionally, if both players are able to reduce their scores to 0 within the same number of turns, a tie-breaker will ensue. To determine the winner of the match in this occasion, both players take one shot at aiming towards the bullseye and the one who made the closest shot wins.

A double out mechanic, which is a common condition in a game of darts, requires players to hit a double point that reduces his score to zero. As an example, if the remaining points of the player is 38 at the beginning of his turn, he must hit a double 19 to win the game. If, he hits a 20 instead, he has to hit a double 9 (getting him 18 points) to win. If the player manages to reduce his points to zero but did not hit a double point for doing so, it results in a bust and he will have his previous points reset, just like going below 0 in any game.

So, there you have it. This is as basic as it comes relative to understanding what you need to do in the game. So now we will move on to mechanics in Darts Club not necessarily based on real life darts.

2. Learn Each Stat And What It Does

For starters, you have 3 unique darts, and with each one comprised of 4 parts each, having its own set of stats will make each feel and move differently as you use them on each match. As you will constantly be replacing parts and upgrading time after time, choosing won’t always lead to another part having completely higher stats altogether. Rather, you will often be in a situation where you have to choose between parts where one exhibits higher numbers on one stat while lower on the other stats. As each stat affects gameplay differently, it is important to have at least a basic understanding of each stat and how these attributes will help you settle for the best parts you have following your preferences and play style.

Power relates to the force of each throw. The higher the power, the heavier your dart feels as it leaves your hand and travels to its target. This is further characterized by less curving angle on the shot or in real-life, less air resistance which leads to, in some ways, less deviation from throw height to target height.

darts club stats

Stability is the stat that works on keeping it stable, meaning it will shake less in the air and contributes to precision as well. As each dart flies from your hand across to the dartboard, having a higher level of stability will more likely ensure that it will not stray far from its path.

Sensitivity is important too in that the higher it goes, the less amount of swipe you need to guide each dart throw. As the longer you swipe the higher the chances of your aim veering away from a straight line, having a good enough level of this attribute will shorten the distance needed for each swipe and reduce the risk of curving your shot.

Lastly, but definitely not the least is Aim. Aim is the stat that increases the precision of each of your throws. This may be difficult to notice in the game especially if you haven’t played enough but later on you will realize that no matter how consistently you throw each dart, there will still be deviations in output. Aim, along with the other stats contribute to making each of the results as consistent with any other following a perfectly similar throw.

3. Spend Some Time To Practice Your Throws

Swiping up on your device sounds too easy that you will most likely underestimate the difficulty that lies within this simple game. If you went straight ahead to play with online opponents after the tutorial, you might realize just how difficult it is to consistently hit the targets you want as your swiping fingers may not always turn out the throws you hoped it would and it may result in you losing the match. That’s okay though as you can’t always win on everything. But if you do value winning each round of match and feel that it adds to the overall fun of the game (or perhaps for bragging rights) then don’t rush into online battles immediately and spend some time to practice and improve your throws.

While on the tab where you can see your darts and the dart parts you have collected in the game, click on the small dartboard icon on the upper right to visit the Practice Mode. Play a few throws just to get the feel of each of your darts. In a short while you will be able to differentiate how each one plays compared to the others and with that, you can make adjustments and be better prepared for the succeeding match-ups.

darts club practice

For starters, try to consistently hit the 20 points section of the board. As this may not seem much, it’s a good starting point to learn and be as consistent as any beginner can be as far as getting points is concerned. As you progress further, go for hitting the double rings and triple rings of the same section. As challenging as this may seem consider that this actually is easier than most targets and will be a basic situation you’ll most likely be in while playing the game. There are basically only two requirements to getting this done: one is being able to throw in a straight line and the other is consistently throwing with the same exact swipe while positioning your hand higher or lower to adjust to how far your shot was to the target in mind.

As it may take a while to consistently get this done, feel free to test out your improved shots on a real game and see if the added pressure will make you perform better in an actual match. Later on, you will also have to practice on hitting that bullseye consistently or rather, intentionally. As your expertise grows further, the last thing you would want to master is hitting any number given on the dartboard, as you will encounter these situations in a real match.

Be sure to practice again whenever you change a part of your dart or when you do an upgrade just to be sure that you can adapt to how differently it may have become as a result of the changes made. Additionally, do a quick visit in practice when you have just logged in after a while of being away from the game to warm up your aiming skills.

4. Level Each Part Up

darts club level up

From regularly playing Darts Club you will earn a lot of parts that you can interchange with your darts to get a more ideal combination. Although some parts have higher rarities and have initially better stats, it doesn’t follow that you will automatically stop upgrading the other parts. If you can afford to do so, upgrade the parts you have as they may sooner or later prove to have better stats than their rarer counterparts. You will also only receive experience points from upgrading each part. Although it doesn’t seem rewarding now, at least reaching level 5 will qualify you to join special events and participate in a variety of challenges.

5. Try To Accomplish Achievements For Gems

Although some of the achievements in the game are very challenging to accomplish, getting gems for doing so make them all the more worth it. As it is difficult to earn gems in the game, be sure to grab any opportunity to get some without spending. Additionally, you should consider accomplishing some of the tasks in the achievements list as challenges that can prove how good you are in the game, as a lot of the achievements actually require high levels of skill and precision, and probably a bit of luck too.

darts club achievements

There are some challenges as well that are easy to accomplish especially the ones that involve doing upgrades and growing your collection. One fun and noteworthy challenge though, is the clown achievement that grants you free gems for using emoticons during the game. As it might feel a little too intense to play the game so seriously, lighten the load and bring in more fun by using these emoticons in an actual challenge.

6. Watch Some Ads To Rest Your Fingers

Even seemingly simple almost too routine swipes can still pile up to tire yourself out after going through several matches in addition to the time you spend practicing and perfecting your throws. While you may see it differently when ads are involved in a free-to-play game, try to consider it, rather, as an opportunity to take a quick break from long, continuous gameplays.

Perhaps the most common area to see an ad in Darts Club is when you win a duel and earn a treasure chest. Although it takes hours for the chest to reveal your prize once you start opening them, watching video ads reduce this time by an hour. While this may seem bad for some people, its actually the better option than spending those hard-earned gems, and yes, consider the fact that it’s a free-to-play game. Be sure to check the store for chances to earn 2 gems for watching ads. It may not be much but free gems are free gems, right?

7. Be Sure To Grab Free Chests And Victory Chests

darts club chest

Whether you are in the game or offline, free chests become available once every 3 hours. As anything free is good, be sure to grab these chests whenever they become available. More importantly, winning 5 matches per day earns you a victory chest guaranteed to contain at least 2 rare parts. Depending on how much you have followed our guide here, earning a victory chest can take you as quickly as 5 games to obtain.

8. Join In Special Events And Participate In Challenges

Once you hit level 5, you can freely join Special Events to earn more rewards for yourself. There are also challenges available, but participating in those cost gems so you may want to be more certain about your skills before entering in one. As the rewards here takes a whole lot of time to acquire any other way, and considering that other items you can spend gems on can be acquired by other means , “gambling” some gems here, even smaller amounts for starters, can make it very much worth the risk.

darts club special events

As there is still a “Clubs” tab in the works and potentially some other updates to come for Darts Club in the future, this is all we can provide you right now. Hopefully, if you’ve read through our Darts Club guide and followed the tips and strategies mentioned here, you can be more confident that you can take on most players you’ll meet in a match. Perhaps due to the overall simplicity of the game now it’s hard to miss anything but in case you discover or are aware of some tips, cheats, or strategies we haven’t yet mentioned in this guide, we would appreciate hearing about it so let us know below in the comment area!


Monday 17th of July 2023

What is the highest rank on darts club, currently sitting at hero 3.

Big kahuna

Wednesday 4th of January 2023

I'm I playing a computer or real people ! I can't belive that there aren't any computer people ! It's hard for me to believe that someone can hit a triple 20 at every throw ! Yes I've hit a score of 180 a few times & 120 & 140 once in awhile .but I keep playing these people that do that ever turn ? Highly unlikely so somethings fishy !!


Tuesday 8th of August 2023

@Big kahuna, I agree, I guess some people have found a way to cheat. You can see it on the way the dart moves before throwing. Anyway, I love to play against normal people and the games that I see that I will lose (because the opponent is way too strong) I try not to care too much.


Tuesday 3rd of January 2023

This dart club is cool sometimes I get totally beat down lose. So all this will help me. Thanks you guys and gals Respectfully Billy.

Patriot Eric

Friday 16th of December 2022

Hi, I've been playing for over a year now. I ended up joining a club and recently the leader promoted me to leader and he is now co-leader. I cannot find anywhere the tools needed for the leader to run the club.

If looking for a club stop by and join us ...



Wednesday 7th of December 2022

Where can I purchase the no ads package?