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Tanks A Lot Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Take Down Your Enemies

Developed by BoomBit, Inc. and available for both iOS and Android platforms, Tanks A Lot is a fun game that relies on a simple strategy: three-on-three multiplayer tank battles. Build your tank from scratch and use it to blast your opponents by using a wide range of amazing weapons: flamethrowers, rocket launchers, chain guns, and many more!

Have a look at our essential Tanks A Lot cheats and tips and learn how to take tank busting to a professional level!

1. Try Out Different Tanks A Lot Weapons

Find the weapon that best suits you

Tanks A Lot offers a wide range of great weapons: rapid-fire chain guns, shotguns, short-range electrical bursts, and many more. Each weapon is different and players are challenged to discover the usage and range of each one of them. All you have to do is find the one that best suits you.

2. Choose The Right Weapon For Your Base

Your tank’s base is as important as the tank itself

Your tank’s base plays a crucial role, determining how agile and resistant your tank is. If you opt for a light base, your tank will move faster but it will be weaker. In exchange, a stronger base will significantly slow you down but will ensure increased health.

3. Stick To Your Squad And Help Out Your Mates

Team-play is the best strategy

Keep in mind that we are talking about a three-on-three PvP game. And that means that your firepower is significantly increased when you can rely on your two teammates to go for the kills. Stick close to your mates and you’ll reach battle glory together! Fighting solo against a whole team will only get you unnecessarily killed.

So, when you decide which base to choose, make sure to take into consideration the weapon you are going to use. For example, a short-range weapon combined with a slow base might not be a good combination. The enemy will get to see you well before you’ll get the chance to open fire on them. Weapons that come with a lot of ammo will give you a significant advantage because you won’t need to reload often.

4. Play Safe And Take A Break From The Battle When Necessary

Give your tank the chance to recover

Giving the enemy team free kills won’t get you far in this game. If your tank is on the point of exploding, step away from the battle for a few seconds and allow your tank to regenerate health. Your tank will get back to full health faster than you think. So don’t be ashamed to pull back if you need to do so. Just don’t wait too long! It may sound like an old-fashioned strategy, but it will work. Escaping into the bushes and going invisible when running out of ammo is not cowardice; it’s called playing smart and it will give you a huge advantage over your enemies.

5. Do You Have Troubles Winning?

Play smart and lose some matches

The more trophies you win, the more difficult it will be to win fights. This happens because good players usually have many trophies. If you find it difficult to win battles and you need new equipment, you can intentionally lose a certain number of battles until you drop ranks. This is a great strategy because you will get to face worse players and winning battles will become much easier. This way you will win more chests and valuable upgrades.

6. Check The Hot Deals Tab

Spend your coins wisely

The Hot Deals tab allows you to spend your coins on certain cards. If, for example, you are interested in upgrading a weapon, check the offers every now and then. The shop’s selection changes on a daily basis, so check back the following day if there’s nothing that interests you. Equipment boosts can make a huge difference in battle.

This pretty much wraps up all the Tanks A Lot cheats we could offer for today. If you have more tips or tricks you would like to share with us, do not hesitate to drop us a line!