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Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Win More Battles

After several successful games launched in Arabic language, Babil Games LLC finally decided to cater to Android and iOS gamers worldwide with the release of Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel, a World War MMO. With the abundance of strategy MMOs flooding the mobile gaming arena, you’ll be inclined to wonder what makes Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel special enough to be among the top free-to-play games in several countries. As another easy-to-learn, hard-to-master type of strategy game, the volume of content on top of the variety of activities you can engage in can easily make you lose track of time while playing this game. So if you’re in for a war-themed strategy MMO that offers deeper strategic approaches and broader tactical options, Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel may just be the game you have been looking for.

As the commander of your base in Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel, you don’t just order and direct troops into battle. Primarily, you engage yourself in ensuring that your base is constantly evolving and becoming stronger. As such, you need to continuously generate and collect resources, build and upgrade structures, and train more troops to prepare for the ever-looming warzone just waiting outside your base’s walls. You are not alone in leading your army as later on officers with a variety of unique skills and abilities will join you in your cause. Seeking an alliance with other commanders will also boost your growth in power by several folds. With each new level you reach, various structures and abilities become available to help you hone your strategy and prepare your troops for war against all others around you.

Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel offers a hands-on guide as an advisor walks you through an easy to follow and quick to learn tutorial. Given the enormous content and tons of things you need to learn to progress the growth of your army and the development of your base more efficiently, there are plenty of information in the game that you may want to read at times to have a better understanding of each mechanic. As there are countless ways for you to go about the game as far as gathering resources, upgrading structures, and waging battles are concerned; our Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel beginner’s guide can help you understand which items you need to prioritize so you can strengthen your base and army as well as raise your overall battle power faster and more efficiently.

1. Always Multitask

It is very important in every strategy MMO like Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel to be constantly doing something and leave nothing idle as much as possible. While it may take a short time for you to adjust to the game’s mechanics after the tutorial, you can continue to learn and explore once all possible actions have been made active and countdowns cannot be sped up for free. You can only build or upgrade one structure at a time so you may want to quickly run through everything that can be instantly completed for free.

strike of nations guide

As you already have several factories and camps in your base after the tutorial, be sure to keep training troops if these structures are currently not being upgraded. It will be far long to reach a point when you will never have to train troops so being able to keep track of training and making sure that each factory is actively working is important for you to become stronger faster, most especially at the starting week of your gameplay.

The Research Institute, on the other hand, takes a little more time to launch after the completion of its previous task. As there are a variety of available items to choose from, you may want to look into each item and determine how it suits your preference before actually going about with it.

2. Maximize The Use Of Your Stamina

Your commander has a maximum of 100 points of stamina which can be spent on a variety of actions on the world map. Since initially, most players around you will have protection bubbles around their bases like you do, you can focus on spending stamina on attacking rebel forces and wild bandits, occupying resource spots, or exploring ruins.

Depending on how much resource you can continuously generate within your base, you may choose to spend your stamina to acquiring more of what you need at several resource spots around your base. Keep in mind that while you can never have more than enough of any resource, stamina can be consumed for more important actions. As such be sure to consider this option only when you can’t generate enough resource on your own to support your ever-growing needs.

strike of nations stamina

If you want a lot of experience for the commander to level him up fast, try exploring ruins scattered across the map. While most other activities contribute to earning experience points for your commander, exploring ruins keep your troops safe as well unlike when they are collecting resources from any spot within the world map.

There are numerous rebel forces and wild bandits scattered across the map too. Hunting rebel forces not only give you several rewards instantly, it also forms part of the multiple missions you need to accomplish in the game for another set of rewards and commander experience. While you can shake your device to automatically look for rebel forces, feel free to toggle the level of the enemies you want to attack as the shake option always looks for the next higher level enemy in the map. Additionally, manually scanning the map to look for enemies can sometimes be more effective as shaking doesn’t always result in finding the closest enemy of a given level at all times.

3. Find And Join An Alliance As Soon As You Can

While most alliances have minimum requirements as far as Command Center Levels are concerned, you can almost always find an alliance to join in Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel. Like in any online game that has an alliance system, being a part of an alliance, even weak start-up ones, can be a lot of help to you and is always the better option than playing on your own. Be sure to check each potential alliance for number of members and general overall strength. Although there is never enough information to always get this right and be certain that the alliance you want to join is an active one, there is a news icon on the world map that gives a lot of information about the progress and happenings with several alliances.

strike of nations alliance

Be sure to always help out your fellow members in the alliance whenever they are building or researching something through the alliance icon or the Communications Center in your base. To help contribute further to the growth and development of your alliance, be sure to donate resources whenever you can. Also, take note of when you can claim alliance wages as you can never have enough of these freebies as well.

A strong alliance can become even stronger if you lump yourselves together as closely as you can. To ensure that you are strategically situated and can easily provide aid to a member being attacked, or assistance whenever a member decides to attack an enemy, find ways and means to go near other members, most especially the alliance leader. Be sure to effectively communicate with others through the alliance chat. Not only will you be updated on the alliance’s priority in development and current objectives, this is the place as well where each member can share valuable coordinates for all other members.

4. Maximize Growth And Development At Early Stages

As you may just be starting out at a server where a lot of the other players are already ahead of you in terms of development and power, what you should do is spend the first few days of your gaming time fully utilizing everything in your control to ensure that the growth of your base and the development of your structures and troops can easily catch up or even surpass the power levels of the enemies around you. To do this, you must veer away from the typical item hoarding mentality and spend as many items and resources to boost the growth of your military power.

First and most importantly, of course, is using your valuable Building Permits to open up an additional construction queue for 8 or 24 hours. As this technically doubles your construction capacity, it speeds up building and upgrading the numerous facilities within your base. Be sure to make full use of this by being in the game long or often enough that both construction queues are hardly ever idle while this is being consumed.

As having double construction queues are hardly enough to increase your base’s rise to power, don’t hesitate to use your abundant supply of acceleration items. Take note that some of these accelerants provide constant buffs for days, some take an hour or a few minutes off the production, training, or research time. Be sure to use this without the intent of bringing the countdown to 0. Instead use just enough of it to drop the waiting time close to when instantly finishing a project will become free, which is about 11 minutes initially.

5. Carefully Distribute Your Skill Points

What sets Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel apart from other strategy MMOs is primarily because of the role you play as a commander and the certain level of customization you can do in ensuring that how your base and army performs can be dependent on how you prioritize unlocking and upgrading certain skill sets. As you gain experience from practically any activity in-game, your commander’s level goes up and you earn Skill Points which you can allocate to a variety of skills categorized by their focus. So depending on your preferences and strategic play style, you can focus on battle skills, development skills, or support skills.

strike of nations skill points

Battle skills, which generally raises stats of army units relative to attack, defense, hp, and even load capacity are very important as these apply not only to battles against other players, but rebel forces as well. As this is war-themed MMO game, you will probably be most incline to spend some skill points here. There are also useful active skills that can be acquired on the battle skills tab later on. Development skills, on the other hand, focus on speeding up production as well as increase output for all resources generated by the different structures within your base. As you should know by this time, you will always need resources to ceaselessly make progress as far as army growth and base development are concerned.

Although this is also a good choice you can invest in, keep in mind that there are several items you can use to boost your production the same way these skills do, it’s just that what these skill sets provide are permanent and can work in combination with items you can use. Lastly, but not the least are support skills which aims to speed up marches and unit production. When you lead troops on the map regularly to rally against opponents, the skills on this tab can help you a lot. Later on in the game, when battle occur regularly and repairing units fast becomes very important, banking on these skills will be a great help too.

6. Visit The Black Market And Trade Caravans Frequently

The Black Market offers a variety of items that can be traded with resources you have. As food in exchange for dollars and vice versa becomes a common item available here, be sure to watch out for really great deals that require spending gold. For instance, VIP points which are otherwise difficult to obtain can be acquired here. On the other hand, trade caravans drop by the front of your base every once in a while but often brings good deals requiring some common resource boxes for accelerants most of the time. Watch out though as some of the trades here may not be worth it for you as the caravan sometimes asks for gold in exchange for what they want to trade you.

7. Unlock Officers In The Military Academy

Once your Command Center reaches level 8, you can already activate the first of seven officers that will greatly help you in strengthening your army as well as assist in gathering more resources. You can visit the Military Academy to check the level requirements to unlock succeeding officers and preview each of their inherent skills and capabilities.

strike of nations unlocking officers

Having Officers join your troops when they rally on the world map boosts the troops’ power greatly. If you are still not strong enough to take on level 6 rebel forces, then adding an officer to the group will ensure victory. On top of that, your officers also gain experience as they participate in each battle outside your base.

Perhaps the better alternative of using your unlocked officers whenever you are still not worried about attacks from other players is sending them on an exploration. As the stamina consumption here depends on how long you will put them on exploration, feel free to spend some of your stamina potions so you can send your officers on a long journey towards gathering valuable resources. Each officer can initially gather up to three different items in here and food, being the most common, guarantees to take the first spot. You can spend 200 gold to increase their loot capacity to 4 items but in doing so, be sure that it’s worth the premium currency spending and send them out for longer hours. On top of the items and experience points for each exploring officer, the same officers will also acquire medal experience point that can be used to upgrade their medal which in turn provides better stats for the officers’ attributes.

8. Achieve Mission And Event Requirements And Claim Rewards

On top of the immediate mission rewards you receive for practically everything you accomplish in Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel, there are also Daily Mission Rewards, Login Gifts, and Event Rewards that can be claimed after meeting certain milestones in the game. As you can easily accomplish some of these just by doing what you would normally do in the game, you should take some time to check each of these icons out to see which objectives can still be met for you to acquire additional rewards.

strike of nations daily missions

As most rewards given by the various missions and events are not always readily available, be sure to also take note of the refresh times as well as the duration within which you can accomplish some of the remaining tasks so you can prioritize on which activities you would like to focus on first. Additionally, as some rewards may not be directly added to your inventory, be sure to check your mail for new notices as some of these messages may contains rewards that you need to claim from there.

9. Constantly Check Your Backpack

strike of nations items

As you will tend to regularly use some items in the game following your usual gameplay, as well as keep some of it for later use, there are several items in your inventory that you should consume immediately, not that they will expire but rather, using them sooner brings more benefits than saving them for later. This is most especially true since you will be getting tons of in-game rewards during your first week from numerous events and you should check your backpack from time to time to see if there are items that can help you advance faster and become stronger. For example, experience points should be used for your officers so that they can gather more rewards during their next exploration. Be careful of consuming resources that would put your total food or dollars in excess of what you can keep in your warehouse, as there will always be a risk of losing these, whenever a successful attack by an enemy player has been launched against your base.

10. Explore Your Base When Idle

Depending on how much time you have spent on the game, you will certainly reach a point when you are online but just waiting for some activity for its eventual completion. At these points you may feel that you can rest and stay idle but there are actually a lot of things you can do to contribute to the growth and development of your base and army.

strike of nations base

Although Oil Refineries and Eco Farmlands can hold up to 10 hours-worth of supplies, feel free to tap on the resource icons whenever you can. As you may later on stay offline for a long while, at least be certain that the maximum 10-hour maximum hold capacity is reset to as close to 0 before heading out of the game. Occasionally, you can see a group of damaged vehicles in front of your wall asking for help. Agreeing to help these people will not only reward you with several items but will add those damaged vehicles to your army once you fix them. Especially when you just logged in on the game, visit the port for some freebies. While it takes a lot longer to replenish, the rewards in the port come in fast for the first few clicks. There is also an Officer’s game room located at the top right corner of the base where you can role a die to get some rewards from time to time. Lastly, when you have unlocked an officer, or some officers, from the Military Academy you will see them constantly walking around your base. Clicking on their icons will make them say something but after a while, they will randomly give you awesome rewards. As you can do this infinitely, there is no such thing as an idle time in Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel.

11. Prepare Well Before Launching An Attack

Long before you even set your base up to consider yourself ready for war, you should have already considered moving in to where most, or at least some, of your allies are. As this is most important, be sure that you can rely on their support whenever you need to defend against potential attackers as well as provide you aid when the war you waged turns south. Keep in mind that your Battle Protection automatically disappears whenever you attack or even scout another player’s base. Sure enough, scouting is an indisputable necessity before you launch an attack even against players with a lower command center level. You should also constantly check your surroundings for potential attackers who may be waiting for you to deploy your troops away before they jump in. Be sure that your officers are not on exploration as you should keep one in your attacking army and have others be on the defensive. If some of your allies are online, coordinate with them. Share the potential target’s location and message them if you want them to join in on your fray.

strike of nations scouting

On the other hand, when you feel that you are truly ready to go into battle, be sure that you can also readily defend as the enemy, or his allies, may retaliate soon enough. For one, be sure that you have enough defensive units at bay to try and repel enemy attacks. If you fear the chances of losing a battle in your base, then be sure to have resources within what your Warehouse can hold. Hopefully your allies will be around and online while an attempt is being made against your base. As a last resort, you can always relocate for the mean time or put up a quick defensive barrier again.

For now this is everything we can give you as far as our Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel beginner’s guide is concerned. As there are still loads of content left to explore in the game as well as hints for future updates, we may still return to provide another strategy guide for the game later on. If you discovered some tips, cheats, or strategies for Strike of Nations: Empire of Steel that we haven’t mentioned in this guide, we’d like to hear about it so be sure to let us know!


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