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BitLife Motorhead Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Motorhead Challenge

It’s that time of the week again, which means time to cover yet another BitLife challenge and help you, our readers, complete them as quickly as possible. Since early last year, Candywriter has been rolling them out every Saturday afternoon for iOS and Android users alike.

As any experienced player should know by now, challenges ask you to complete a set of requirements that are based on a certain team — sometimes, they’re based on popular movies, TV shows, or bands, but sometimes, there’s no specific inspiration except the everyday lives your created characters, or Bitizens, can live throughout the course of their virtual lives.

bitlife motorhead challenge requirements

This week’s challenge may, at first, seem like another one of those pop culture-inspired challenges. But don’t let its name deceive you — the Motorhead Challenge has nothing to do with the legendary heavy metal band of the same name. Instead, it has everything to do with cars and maintaining them, which means you’re going to be tested on how well you can hang on to the vehicles you buy, while living a life centered on fixing these vehicles and keeping them in tip-top shape.

It also happens to be quite an easy challenge compared to most others we’ve covered, but if you’re trying to complete it sooner than later, make sure to keep on reading this BitLife mini-strategy guide for the Motorhead Challenge.

Getting Started – You Can Become A Mechanic Straight Out Of High School

When creating a new character for BitLife’s Motorhead Challenge, you don’t need to pay attention to any of the four main statistics or make sure that certain stats are as high as possible by using God Mode, if you have it. You can create a male or female Bitizen for BitLife’s Motorhead Challenge, and you can choose any place of birth for your character. Just as long as you finish high school, you should be good, as that’s all you need in order to get a job as an Apprentice Auto Mechanic.

apprentice auto mechanic job in bitlife

Keep using the Work Harder option until your Performance bar is full to get promoted quickly and to get as many pay increases as possible, and only agree to additional work hours if your health isn’t at risk — there will always be the chance your supervisor will turn out to be a jerk, but don’t jeopardize your health while trying to please them, as you may only be able to complete the challenge once you’re in your 50s or 60s.

In addition, it’s strongly recommended that you avoid buying other assets (such as a house) or getting married, as this will allow you to have more money saved up to complete the requirement of having five new cars in perfect condition.

Regular Maintenance And Longevity Go Hand-In-Hand

It doesn’t matter if you purchase a cheap or an expensive car — just as long as you perform routine maintenance on it, the vehicle should last several decades and may even be in good enough shape for next-generation Bitizens to drive.

For the purposes of this challenge, however, we would strongly recommend buying the most affordable new car in any of the three dealerships — you should definitely shoot for $25,000 or less, which you will be able to afford in your third years as a Mechanic, assuming you chose not to start a family or buy a house as recommended. Cheaper cars cost less to maintain, which means less yearly expenses and a lower cost once you take the car to the repair shop for maintenance.

car maintenance in bitlife

As we mentioned that routine maintenance performed yearly could help extend your car’s longevity, that should allow you to hit two birds with one stone — the requirement that asks you to perform routine maintenance at least 30 times and the one that requires you to have a 30-year-old car.

You can also have a second car on the ready and perform maintenance on it on an irregular basis so you can quickly complete the first requirement, but make sure the maintenance is irregular, because you’ll need that backup vehicle — and a few others — to complete yet another requirement in BitLife’s Motorhead Challenge.

More Used Cars Means More Repairs

Aside from the main vehicle that you perform routine maintenance on, you’ll also need to have a few other cars as well to quickly complete the requirement that asks you to perform at least ten repairs on your vehicles. If you perform regular maintenance on a car, that will essentially prevent it from having mechanical breakdowns or issues that may require repair, though as we found out, you can still be involved in a random accident that will force you to have the vehicle repaired.

fiat 500 in bitlife

That said, you should have a few backup vehicles in your garage, if you can call them that, in order to fulfill the ten-repair requirement. Make sure these are slightly used (yet affordable) cars and that you don’t perform maintenance on them — they will inevitably require some repairs before they completely break down, so if you have about three or four of these cars, it shouldn’t take more than 20-25 years from the time of purchase for you to accumulate ten repairs.

Buy Five Brand New Cars Once You’ve Completed All The Other Requirements

The reason you’ll want to save this requirement for last is quite obvious once you think about it — no matter how often you do routine maintenance on your cars, their Condition will almost always deteriorate a tiny bit. Besides, if you buy five new cars early on during the Motorhead Challenge, it will get quite tedious to keep performing maintenance on each of those vehicles.

bitlife cars

Keeping those two things in mind, it’s best to wait until you’ve completed the first four requirements before heading to the Shopping section and visiting any of the three car dealerships to buy five brand-new vehicles all at once. By this point, you should have a bank balance in the hundreds of thousands, assuming you did not buy a house or start a family. We’d still recommend sticking to more affordable vehicles, but if you can afford a sports car or two, why not go for it?

Regardless of the type of vehicle you purchase, as long as you have five in perfect condition, that will complete the final requirement for you and complete the entire Motorhead Challenge as well. And just as usual, you can pick from any one of the four prize chests to get yourself a new pair of eyewear or a new hat to add to your unlocked accessories.