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Hunt Royale Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Hunt Down Your Enemies

The battle royale genre has been made popular in recent times by games like PUBG and Fortnite, but BoomBit’s new mobile title adds its own unique spin to the genre. Featuring a plethora of heroes to choose from, challenging monsters that roam about, and other game modes that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, this is Hunt Royale.

hunt royale title

Hunt Royale! Where no monster is too scary and there’s never enough salt!

Hunt Royale is a game that plays quite similarly to Brawl Stars and Archero with an interesting twist. You are, first and foremost, a hunter. You hunt down monsters (among other players, but we’ll get to that). While this does sound simple, it’s not as easy as it looks. Oftentimes you will be faced with the challenge of keeping up with points, managing your character’s build and, most importantly, staying alive. Death certainly abounds in this game and you aren’t exempted from meeting an unfortunate fate!

hunt royale defeat

Has this ever happened to you?

In this Hunt Royale beginner’s guide, we will tackle ways on how you can turn your zeroes into heroes. We will teach you how to keep your deaths to a minimum while dominating other players all across the board. While Hunt Royale is a game that’s certainly hard to master, we at Level Winner have uncovered some interesting observations throughout our time playing this game.

Not only will we give you a smorgasbord of tips and tricks, we’ll also tackle the different game modes. Are you ready to stop finishing dead last? Let’s get these salt carts rolling. Feast your eyes on our Hunt Royale beginner’s guide below!

1. Know Your Hunters

 Just like in the games we have mentioned previously, Hunt Royale has its own fair share of characters. These are called hunters. There are a lot of them and getting most of them is usually by chance. The very first tip we can give you is for you to be acquainted with the hunters you are given. Each hunter has their own strengths and weaknesses; some excelling in modes where others can’t.

For example, Crow is great at Hunt Mode and, arguably, Bounty Hunter Mode but is terrible in Co-Op due to him requiring some setup to shine.

hunt royale hunter

They say the real adventure is the trail of dead monsters you made along the way.

Having the appropriate hunter will give you an edge against other players since their abilities for certain modes may allow them to live longer or rack up more points. If you think you can uncover the full potential of a hunter, try using them in various modes. You’ll have an idea on who you can bring to the fray if your last performance wasn’t so great.

Additionally, knowing what each hunter can do merely from observing your opponents will tell you what to expect the next time you encounter them. Some hunters may have the Death Strike ability, putting them at an advantage during Hunt Mode and Co-Op mode. It’s all a matter of observation and patience, so keep your eyes peeled when you’re out in the field.

2. Know Your Enemies

hunt royale bestiary

Watch out! They want your blood!

As far as hunting goes, it always pays to understand the behavior of each monster and how their attacks work. For each of the different biomes you find them (especially in Hunt Mode), here are what you are expected to find:


Tier 1: Woody and Crow
Tier 2: Hungry Plant
Tier 3: Treant
Tier 4: Griffin
Tier 5: Worm Queen


Tier 1: Ghoul and Ghost
Tier 2: Skeleton Archer
Tier 3: Skeleton Knight
Tier 4: Skeleton Mage
Tier 5: Death Knight


Tier 1: Cactus and Snake
Tier 2: Scorpion
Tier 3: Big Cactus
Tier 4: Lizard
Tier 5: Dragon


Tier 1: Cyclops and Bat
Tier 2: Slime
Tier 3: Stone Golem
Tier 4: Gorgon
Tier 5: Crystal Keeper

While the game already provides this as information in the bestiary, we thought it’d be better if we classified these monsters according to behavior:


minions hunt royale

Relevant threats. Just kidding. They’re all a bunch of pushovers.

These are the most common enemy you face early on. They aren’t quite powerful and the EXP they give and drop aren’t much, but they’re the enemies every hunter starts out against. Killing any of these guys will eventually trigger higher-tiered enemies to pop up.


fliers hunt royale

They can fly over anything and can get really annoying if you just wanna heal.

These guys really love to zero in on you while you’re minding your own business. They can fly over most obstacles and water and it can get hard to take them out if they’re in a group, especially the Griffins. Crows and Bats aren’t that noteworthy but could prove to be effective nuisances if you aren’t careful.

Elite Minions

elite minions hunt royale

Like the minions but more difficult and more annoying to take out.

These monsters behave exactly like minions but they’re more aggressive and have more health. Taking them out may require some preparation. Do not let them get too close.


tanks hunt royale

More HP, more problems.

The tanks may converge into an advancing wall of might. If they do, dispatching them will take you a lot of time. If anything, lure them away from smaller monsters as much as you can before taking them on.


rangers hunt royale

They are the bane of many a hunter.

Ah, ranged monsters… They are quite possibly the most annoying monsters to fight. Their projectiles fly swiftly (save for the Gorgon’s), and dodging their attacks requires a lot of practice on your part. The best advice we can give you is to let them attack first so you can dodge their projectile. You strike them in between projectile throws. Gorgons just require you to out-range them, but they’re definitely much trickier to defeat. Should you find yourself in a storm of rangers, the best tactic here is to run like you’ve never ran before.


minibosses hunt royale

The cream of the crop.

These are, by far, the most difficult enemies you could ever encounter. Let us briefly tackle their characteristics:

Dragon – Spews a cone-shaped plume of dragon breath on the ground. Similar to the Gorgon, but more powerful.

Crystal Keeper – Punches your character when in range. Has a lot of health.

Worm Queen – Doesn’t directly attack, but summons worms that spew acid balls at nearby hunters. The worms die out eventually, but the Worm Queen can easily overwhelm any unprepared hunter.

Death Knight – Similar to the Skeleton Knight, but has a larger sword swing. Quite dangerous to attack up close as it can take out any hunter with a few swings.

Armed with this new knowledge, you should now be able to at least survive a little bit longer. Never underestimate the strength of your enemies.

3. Know The Different Game Modes

To keep each and every hunter on their toes there are currently a variety of four different game modes in Hunt Royale. Each of them operate under the game’s core features, but they all play distinctly from one another. One way you can keep yourself above the opposition is to keep your eyes on the prize, and that’s by understanding the goals of each game mode.

hunt royale hunt mode

Undoubtedly everyone’s favorite!

Hunt Mode

Goal: Gain the most points from hunting monsters.

Rules: You and three other hunters gather around a healing square and it’s your task to hunt down more monsters than your fellow hunters. The more monsters you kill and the more time passes, bigger and more powerful monsters will arrive to put the pressure on all the hunters. The game is over when 3 minutes have passed or if three hunters have been killed.

Tip: You can try gathering a bunch of monsters and try putting them on the healing square. There is a good chance that this group of monsters will kill a rival hunter that wanted to heal. However, you are also running the risk of giving points to your rival hunters since they will try to fight all the monsters you gathered. This is a very risky move but effective if pulled off correctly.

hunt royale co-op

Set your differences aside and work together!

Co-Op Mode

Goal: Survive for as long as possible.

Rules: You and a fellow hunter will be tasked to protect a king from several oncoming waves of monsters. The monsters drop a special kind of gold currency that only stays with you for the duration of the match. In your base, you have three squares:

– Level Up
– Heal
– Gold Increase

To avail of these different functions, you will have to pay a fee of the temporary gold. This fee steadily increases with use. As for the monsters, the more waves you conquer, the harder they become. Just pray that your next wave isn’t an army of Crystal Keepers. The game is over when both of you die or when the king dies.

Tip: Invest in Gold Increase early on so you won’t have a problem gaining levels or healing up when you need to. Only heal up if your hunter is almost dead. For this mode, be sure to use hunters who excel at delivering Area of Effect damage and not those who excel in killing powerful enemies (like Crow or Ninja).

hunt royale bounty hunter mode

And this might be where the finest of salt can be mined.

Bounty Hunter Mode

Goal: End up with the most points at the end of the time limit.

Rules: You are pitted against 9 other hunters in a free-for-all! Occasionally one of you will become a high-profile target that grants extra points when killed. This one is probably the most straightforward mode of all.

Tip: Never stay in one place. Around the arena are squares that periodically generate healing hearts and somewhere around the arena is a place where a powerful tome spawns.

Getting the tome will grant you a temporary buff to all your stats and may possibly bump you up a few rungs up the ladder. The best way to get easy points is to kill an already injured hunter, but be careful not to get yourself killed in the process. Scout around for hearts, the tome, or even wounded hunters, and you should do just fine.

hunt royale boss hunt

It’s like a co-op but not really!

Boss Hunt Mode

Goal: Inflict the most damage on the boss.

Rules: Your hunter will be pitted against three other hunters. The monsters that you kill drop increased amounts of EXP and leveling up is much quicker. At the northernmost part of the map, you will find a ginormous black dragon that can easily kill anyone who gets too close. Whoever deals the most damage to the boss is the winner. If you happen to die along the way, you will respawn after a few seconds just like in Co-Op Mode and Bounty Hunter Mode.

Tip: Don’t worry about other hunters rushing in; make your character strong enough first. If you aren’t sure when to strike the boss, its fire breath attack is telegraphed, so you have enough time to get out of the way (the spot where it isn’t breathing fire is the safest).

As much as possible, invest in skills that grant you damage, movement speed, and attack speed. When the tome spawns in front of the boss, take it and dish out as much damage as you could. Do not get yourself killed, because the time wasted respawning could’ve been spent on you dealing more damage to the boss.

4. General Gameplay Tips

hunt royale victory

This could be you after every match.

Hunt Royale truly is one of those games that’s quite easy to pick but difficult to master. There truly is no master in this game, only those who fight smart. A good decision could save you from being eaten alive by a mob of monsters (or rival hunters). Here are a few tips we can give you for general gameplay:

– Keep moving. Move around an enemy until you see an opportunity to strike. This works especially for ranged enemies.

– Avoid narrow spaces. Getting caught in one is a death sentence.

– Use obstacles for cover.

– Never engage multiple ranged monsters.

– When it comes to choosing skills, prioritize movement speed, pushback, and attack speed for ranged hunters. This is for your hunter to recuperate after an encounter. For melee hunters, focus on dizzy chance, pushback, extra health, and damage reduction.

– If you were to pick one skill and Extra EXP, pick Extra EXP. You will gain faster level ups and you will sooner get another chance for a better skill.

– Do not get greedy. If your life is low, find some time to heal. Staying alive should be your top priority and nothing can be quite embarrassing as dying first.

5. Complete Your Tasks

hunt royale daily tasks

Your steps to compensation and loot!

Much like a lot of games out there, Hunt Royale comes with a set of tasks that get refreshed every so often. These are divided into two groups: daily and weekly.

Daily tasks are relatively easier to fulfill than weekly tasks. Weekly tasks, however, take a longer time to complete but pay much higher. Try your best to fulfill these often so you can use your hard-earned currency to make your heroes stronger.

Gems are especially important and you can earn these from completing such tasks.

6. Challenge Yourself With Events

hunt royale race

My wife knows everything! The wife doesn’t know!

Every now and then, the game will present you with an event. These events are quite unpredictable and play completely differently from the usual modes available to players.

Each time an event becomes available, you are given a daily event ticket that you can use to enter the event. Once you’re in, it’s your task now to see how far you can go before claiming your prize. The farther you get in any of these events, the bigger the prize. These events are quite challenging, so only fortune favors the bold. Good luck!

7. Spend Your Gold Selectively

hunt royale hero stats

Who do you wanna be today?

Gold is a powerful commodity in this game. Because of this, spending it becomes exponentially more expensive, especially when you’re upgrading your hunters. If you like a few hunters in particular, upgrade just them for the meantime until you want to master more hunters. Naturally, the gold needed for upgrading will require hunter shards that you get from opening boxes.

Once your hunter reaches a certain level, you will be able to buy for them a permanent skill. These skills are particularly expensive but are well worth it. If you happen to stumble upon a skill that you like, consider these factors before buying it:

– Can it wait?
– Is it a skill I really want on my hunter?
– Does my hunter need more upgrading anyway?

If you’ve weighed this out within yourself, go ahead and buy it. As much as possible, let’s try not to have the proverbial “buyer’s remorse”.

8. Open Boxes When Able

hunt royale mega box

Oh look, a lootbox! Must be the last one this season!

Lootboxes! Love them or hate them, they’re in this game, too. Whenever you get the chance to open a box, go for it. There’s no way of knowing what could be inside. Of course, that’s its gimmick to begin with.

The possible rewards are the following:

– Hunter Shards
– Gold
– Permanent Skills
– Hunters

You can obtain boxes from the store, prizes from events, or even rewards from daily tasks. Additionally, boxes can be rewarded to you by winning matches or participating in them.

hunt royale supporting chest

Well, at least you tried.

9. Practice, Practice, Practice!

hunt royale new map

Practice makes perfect, obsession makes perfecter.

Never be afraid to jump into a match for practice in Hunt Royale. The more you play as your hunter of choice, the more you will become familiar with the extent of your capabilities. You will be given a greater advantage if you understand how your hunter plays, what they can and can’t do, and what can kill them in an instant.

If you want to experiment in a different mode, don’t hesitate. For all you know, you might just invent the new meta of the game; you might just figure out a new strategy for that one specific hunter you’ve been using all this time. If your goal is to get good at this game, never stop practicing. Always be open to trying new things and learn from your mistakes.

hunter royale co-op defeat

This is one of those things that could really salt your wounds.

No matter how many times you have been beaten, stabbed, sliced, burned, poisoned, frozen, crushed, or killed, always remember: it’s only a game. If you want to win your future games, you have to be at your best both mentally and emotionally. Getting upset will only cloud your judgment and, in turn, cause poorer performance.

If you’re getting a little too riled up from being on a losing streak, put the game down and step out for some fresh air. Once you’ve calmed down, that’s when you can get back. A sound mind thinks of sound strategy, after all.

And this is where we end our Hunt Royale beginner’s guide. Did we miss any tips or do you have anything to tell us? Shoot us some comments down below!

Justin McQueen

Monday 9th of August 2021

What is the suggested best thing to spend gems on?

Max Lee

Tuesday 11th of January 2022

@Justin McQueen, 150 gems box


Sunday 11th of July 2021

Amazing guide ! Great jib keep on going 😁😁

Oliver simon

Wednesday 26th of May 2021

i love this game i play it all the time when i can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!