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Idle Farming Empire Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Progress Faster and Unlock All Plots

If you have played and enjoyed a lot of idle clicker games, then chances are that you have played one of the many popular idle clicker titles developed by Futureplay. With several successful titles under its growing game portfolio like Battlelands Royale, Battle Bombers Arena and Idle Tuber Empire, Futureplay’s Idle Farming Empire stands among the most successful and loved idle clicker games on both Android and iOS. Downloaded over 10 million times from the Google Play Store alone and earning an average user rating of 4.57 out of 5, Idle Farming Empire has undoubtedly captured the hearts of several players across all ages with its casual yet addictive game format.

Don’t let the kid-friendly graphics and cute animals give you the wrong impression though, as the game can offer plenty of fun and enjoyment not just for kids, but for parents and even grandparents too. If you are into idle clicker games or looking for a game that puts little to no pressure as to how much you can spend time on it, then Idle Farming Empire may well be the game for you.

Idle Farming Empire puts the farming life down to its most basic procedure. As a farmer, you purchase plots of land to plant a variety of crops and earn from them continuously. Farming more crops naturally result into earning more and at some point in time, selling all your crops and starting anew will make you earn even faster. It’s practically as easy as it sounds and there are tons of elements in the game to help you around to establish your farming empire even faster. Everything is just a click away and you will always profit regardless of how you manage your farm. Like in real life, though, tending to your crops more regularly and keeping a keen eye on your farm will make it prosper a lot faster.

idle farming strategies

There’s a quick and easy to follow tutorial to set you up on your farming adventure. Once you reach a certain level and unlock a new feature, a short and easy guide automatically follows. Though Idle Farming Empire offers plenty of activities for you to engage in on top of smash-tapping on your crops, every bit of it is as simple as it comes. While there is only success in your farming business no matter how you go about it, there will always be a more efficient way to prosper in the game.

If you just started out in the game and looking for tips and strategies on how to grow your farm more efficiently, then our Idle Farming Empire guide can certainly provide you with some help to jumpstart your career as a farming tycoon.

1. Swipe Instead Of Tap

Although Idle Farming Empire is an idle clicker game which hints of tapping as a main activity to earn rewards, the better way of harvesting profits from multiple crops is swiping across active plots. You only need to go fast before purchasing auto production for each plot but once you do; you can swipe a lot more leisurely without even looking at your device. It’s actually an easy activity to engage in while watching T.V. or doing any sort of activity that doesn’t require both of your hands to do especially since you can swipe on your device so easily with just one hand. It’s also important to take note of which plots generate profits fast as you only need to swipe on them often and only have to touch on the rest occasionally.

idle farming empire cheats

Beyond the coins you collect on swiping away at your crops, the more reason you should actively do so is to collect experience points you need to level up. As each new level brings 15 instant gems to add to your inventory, aiming to level up quicker through actively playing will speed up your progress towards purchasing permanent buffs that can only be bought using gems. Levelling up will be fast when you start out and will naturally take a while longer as you reach higher levels. Don’t fret though as there will be numerous other sources of experience points to help you gain levels and earn more gems.

2. Plant Additional Crops And Aim For Profit Buffs

As the tutorials and quick guides may come as quickly as you progress on the first few minutes of your game, you may forget to purchase additional crops to boost income generation per plant that you click on. You should naturally unlock additional slots once you can afford them but in a lot of situations, especially early on, planting more of the same crops will exponentially boost your profits and hasten your capacity to unlock more plots.

idle farming empire profit buffs

As you may be inclined to just plant more and more of the same plants indiscriminately, be sure to take note of the progression bar which provides massive additional perks once it fills up. You can get profit boosts or cut down times on production after reaching the 25th, 50th, 100th, 200th plant and so on. Whenever you are actually playing the game, spend as much of what you earn on getting the boosts to hasten your progress. You will come to find that you will quickly regain the investment you have made following this approach.

3. Purchase Boosters From The Farm Shop As Soon As You Can

idle farming empire boosters

It is important to note that there should hardly be any instance for you to keep your earnings idle in Idle Farming Empire. Although you need to keep planting more to boost earnings, you should purchase boosters from the farm shop once it becomes available. There will be easily noticeable identifiers on the shop icon once you earn enough profits to purchase a booster. Typically, boosters triple the profits you earn from crops or cut down production time by 50%. To access the Farm Shop, simply click on the rake icon at the top right corner of your screen.

4. Try To Accomplish The Daily Goals

idle farming empire daily goals

Be sure to click on the sickle icon at the upper right side of your screen to check for daily quests and try to accomplish them. Each task you accomplish rewards you with experience points to hasten levelling up your account and gems that you need to save for some premium purchases. Once you accomplish a quest, a new one will become available after 12 hours.

You are free to give up and refresh on activities you can identify as difficult to achieve and refresh it to instantly begin the 2-hour countdown for a different objective. On top of the immediate experience points and gems you receive for completing objectives, being able to complete a full set of 9 activates the rainbow which tremendously boosts profits.

5. Play Some Ads For Enormous Boosts

There are loads of great benefits you can obtain in Idle Farming Empire that can exponentially boost your earnings by patiently playing some 15 to 30-second video ads. The most basic boost you can obtain is from when you log back in and claim your offline rewards. Watching or playing an ad will instantly double the amount of earnings you can obtain. This works similarly to the additional profits accumulated by your silo. If you want to spend some time clicking or swiping away at your crops, you can activate Sunny Days by clicking on the sun at the top of the screen and watching another video ad to double your profits for 20 seconds.

More importantly, you should also make it rain by tapping on the rain loud at the right side of the screen to double both online and offline profits by 4 hours per video ad played. If you usually have long gaps between the times you log in the game, you can continuously utilize this feature to double profits up to 32 hours. Last but not the least, feed the chickadee at the bottom of your screen six times to get awesome rewards. Be sure to remember and do this as it becomes available as it takes time between watching an ad and claiming rewards. As soon as you do claim the rewards the following day, you can play ads again to initiate the next countdown.

idle farming empire tips

Remember that playing and watching ads are not at all necessary to progress through the game so in case you are allergic to playing short video ads, there’s no need to worry about it. It’s important to note that these can exponentially push your progress and even at a full 30 seconds it will still contribute a lot faster to generating profit than any other means.

6. Spend Your Gems Wisely

There are plenty of items you can spend your hard-earned gems on in Idle Farming Empire. The farm store actually provides several profit boosts and time jumps for instant massive earnings and you can even purchase seeds that exponentially boost your earnings but as gems are not that easy to farm, you should definitely prioritize available options that provide permanent effects.

Temporary boosts and one-time mass profit jumps may seem enticing at some points in time, but a little more patience will earn you the same going for these buffs at a latter point in time will definitely reap more rewards.

idle farming empire guide

One quick boost to invest a bit of gems on would be the silo just at the right side of your screen. Spending some gems here will increase the period of time within which the silo generates additional profits while you are offline. Depending on how often you get back on the game, feel free as to how much you would want to spend on it.

In any case, you would want to earn and save enough diamonds for permanent profit multipliers that you can purchase from the farm shop. These permanent buffs cost a lot of gems though so stay patient and save those gems to reap permanent multiplier rewards once you can afford to do so.

7. Sell Crops For Seeds

idle farming empire crops

After advancing your farm to a certain point, you will be able to sell all your crops to the market to earn seeds that multiply your earnings by several folds. You will have to start over, but then reaching the point before your reset will be much faster to get back to as a result of the boosts provided by the seeds.

Additionally, seeds can also be used to purchase even more permanent buffs that exponentially increase the profit you earn. After your first try of selling crops for seeds, be sure to take note of the next upgrade in the market that you need to purchase with seeds to give you an idea of how much you still need to earn before selling your crops again. Leave a good amount of seeds in your inventory as well as this will be the basis of multiplying your income from active plots.

8. Add Friends Through Facebook

As Idle Farming Empire is a bit of a social game as well, you can further hasten the progress of your farm by connecting your game to your Facebook account for some extra coins. On top of the free coins, you can also send and receive gifts from each friend daily. Additionally, each friend you successfully add can be assigned to a particular active plot for it to earn an additional 2% of earnings. Make sure to take advantage of this feature as even a diminutive increase of 2% can go a long way if you want to maximize profits you earn from your crops.

idle farming empire tricks

And that ends our guide for Idle Farming Empire. With the easy tips and strategies we shared, you will certainly be able to jumpstart your farming experience in the game and catch up to players who played well ahead of you. Again, remember that patience and effort are basic requisites for quick progress but a very casual and light mode of playing is always welcome. We hope you learned a lot from our Idle Farming Empire guide and that you enjoyed reading through it. If there are some additional tips and strategies you know that you want to share with us as well, don’t hesitate to let us know through the comment section below!


Thursday 19th of May 2022

What's up with the city? In the profit pastors..

Pablo B

Sunday 17th of July 2022

@Chloe, That’s exactly why I came here. I’ve been playing this fir a couple of months and the “City” in Profit Pastures never has any bonus games available! ??????????????


Friday 3rd of December 2021

What level do you open Profit Pastures?

Heather Hall

Monday 17th of May 2021

how do you repair boat to open map 3 in Lrts Farm-Idle Tycoon please

Colin Townsend

Monday 5th of April 2021

The game is boring. It's NO FUN at all with so many adverts that you have to watch to do anything: want rain - watch an ad. Want sunshine - watch an ad. Want to go to market - watch an ad. Want 32 hour profit multiplier - watch 8 ads. Want rewards from chikadee - watch 6 ads. Want to double profits when harvesting - watch an ad. On top of that, the game frequently crashes during or right at the end of an ad so you have to wait for the game to reload then - watch another ad. I'm so sick of it I want to shout and swear and throw my phone across the room and smash it into a million pieces. I tried the space farm. When I started it I had over 2000 gems. I spent most of them on event boosters and after 10 days I still fell short of completing it. Not funny.


Monday 22nd of March 2021

With the space level, I can never complete it. I waste days getting the 6th plot then I can never get near the amount of coins or vouchers needed to complete it.


Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

@Mags, Late to the show, but I hope this helps.

Once you get to the point where upgrading plot five will give minimal boost, and take several hours, just let the game ride for like 2 hours at a time offline, then do the ad to double your offline profits.

DO NOT collect the profits, just log back out and double it again later with ad.

Do this until it says you have enough to buy next plot.

Then use sun to double that.

Immediately reset if your tickets will be more than 110. This will allow you to multiply by a min of x6 by buying only the 10 ticket upgrade.

After that, it gets fast. That benchmark can be a real pain.