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SuperStar PLEDIS Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn 3-Star Ratings and Bank High Scores

Following the huge success of their previous games, Dalcomsoft, Inc. recently released SuperStar PLEDIS, which is a rhythm-based music game much similar to SuperStar BTS, SuperStar JYPNATION, and SuperStar SMTOWN. With each game making it to top 100 charts on the Google Playstore in several countries an earning largely positive reviews from both Android and iOS users, it’s no surprise SuperStar PLEDIS continues to pick up fans beyond the already huge fan base of the K-pop groups of South Korean firm, Pledis Entertainment, featured in the game. If you love music or enjoy all sorts of rhythm games, be sure to check this game out.

SuperStar PLEDIS is like most music games where you follow the beat of a variety of songs and time your taps right to the beat of the music. Beats are divided into four rows and you must follow it by tapping the circles as they align with the line at the bottom of the screen. Being able to hit each beat precisely raises your rave bar which serves as the main determinant of your performance and score. The more perfect hits you get, the higher it grows. Missing on a tap will reduce your rave and missing too much will end your run.

On top of the already addictive tap-timing gameplay that sets you in to the rhythm of each song, SuperStar PLEDIS has a card collecting aspect which not just equally addictive, but also plays an important role to raising your scores on succeeding tracks that you play on. Your score determines the amount of Rhythm Points (RP) you gain and you need RP to enhance your cards as well as purchase additional ones. It’s great that SuperStar PLEDIS offers 3 difficulty levels to choose from as beginners may find normal mode a little too tricky. It’s a game to relax to music though, so it’s pretty important to maintain a good composure as you play each game.

There’s a vivid description of each screen you see in the game and though tutorials may hardly be seen, you can always find additional information by clicking on the menu button on the lower left side of the main screen and tapping on the help icon. There are various tabs to visit there to show you the basic layout of each screen and a short info. It’s a rhythm and card management mix of sorts in one game and as far as tips and strategies go, practice, patience, and dedication tops the best ones. In case you find yourself struggling to progress in the game or even secure 3-star ratings on a song or track, then our SuperStar PLEDIS guide can provide you some useful tips, cheats and strategies to set you off on a good start.

1. Set Your Device And Self Up Before You Play

It’s probably a bit basic but preparing your device and hands prior to actually spending headphones (stamina) on even easy mode is a helpful step and if made a habit once you get hooked on SuperStar PLEDIS, can take you a long way as far as performances go. Depending on the size of your device, whether it’s a phone or tablet, you should know the best way of holding your device that makes it most convenient for you to tap and hold to the beat of K-pop tracks in the game. Typically, using thumbs on both hands work very well for smaller devices and potentially, using index and middle fingers on both hands may work better when placing your device on the table or so. There is no such thing as a universal way of doing this so be sure to figure out what works best for you. Remember that there is a huge disparity between easy and normal modes and normal compared to hard mode as well, so if you want to have the perfect playing position that can suit multiple difficulty levels, be sure to find the best for you even on easy mode.

superstar pledis tips

If you don’t feel confident about your sense of rhythm, counting off can help in most cases. Though each new song may sport a faster or slower tempo, it all can follow a certain beat that you can very much synchronize with a counting off mentally. If you want to check your timing to each tap, be sure to try the Touch Sync option in-game before you try to progress your game. To access this feature, Click on your avatar and slide down to the bottom of that menu for the Touch Sync option. Run a few tests until you are satisfied with the timing and once you get the right feel of it, consider yourself ready to 3-star finish those tracks.

2. Keep Your Eyes Ahead Of The Line

There is a big tendency for most players, especially those who are just starting out, to look and even keep their eyes at the bottom part of the screen to ensure they hit the beats at the perfect time. While this is very much normal, you can do a lot better following the correct tap sequences by looking farther ahead and focusing instead on the oncoming traffic. Much like endless runner games, giving yourself a little more time to see what’s coming leaves more room for your fingers to react to the tap and slide sequences you need to perform.

superstar pledis high score

It may take a while to get used to and initially, you may worry about getting the timing right. Using peripheral views will help you as it lessens eye movement to “read” everything that drops as fast as they come. This is an easy feat for easy mode and will be a lot more challenging once you need to slide your fingers around in normal mode. In any case, practice makes perfect.

Relative to this, don’t get distracted if you don’t get perfect hits all the time. Even if you miss a beat, stay as composed as you can be or you will risk missing more beats. It’s perfectly okay to miss a few keys when you are just starting out. You will eventually get it right and it largely depends on how often you practice with a variety of tunes.

3. Remember To Equip And Upgrade The Best Cards

As we mentioned earlier, the cards that you collect and equip can greatly boost the points you earn from each run. The better the cards, the higher score you can accumulate and the more rhythm points you can earn. Finishing a song will typically earn you cards and you will have an option to automatically equip it outright. Getting a higher ranked card of the same person will replace the one in your group roster with the same.

Be sure to scroll through each group and equip the best cards for each one. The buffs you get like getting score multipliers and starting off with a higher rave level can be triggered as well following themes unlocked by having the right cards. Each group’s unlocked boost applies only to their songs that you play so you may want to have a little prioritization, which depends on which of your groups has the best cards, when you want to play songs.

superstar pledis cards

You will naturally acquire duplicate cards most especially the lowest ranked ones that you receive as rewards for completing songs and with limited slots in your card inventory to hold all your collection, you will have to discard some of them through selling or upgrading the cards you actually use. Considering the small amount of RP you receive for selling cards, the latter option of doing upgrades is the much better choice to make. You will lose cards you don’t need and have to pay some RPs too for each upgrade attempt.

Be sure to prioritize higher ranked cards you have for upgrades. Although these cards are a little more challenging to successfully upgrade, they are sure to be worth it. Successful upgrades result in a higher star level that further boosts the effects of the card.

4. Aim To Complete Daily And Weekly Missions

On top of the immediate rewards you earn for completing a song in SuperStar PLEDIS, there are bigger rewards to earn from the daily and weekly missions. Be sure to check the list of available objectives through the mission icon at the bottom of the main screen and try to complete as many as you can. Some of these objectives are very easy to complete while those that involve clearing normal mode songs may become a bit of a challenge. For missions that require you to purchase cards, you can always just settle for the cheapest one that costs 5,000 RPs.

Most of the daily missions you accomplish as well as regularly playing and following the typical activities you do contribute to your weekly achievements. Be sure to check the list of objectives outlined on the weekly mission tab to see the ones that you still need to work for within the timeframe at its top right corner.

5. Watch Ads For Extra Rewards

Like many free-to-play games on both Android and iOS platforms, SuperStar PLEDIS also provides optional means of earning extra rewards through watching short video ads. Every time you clear a song, regardless of difficulty level, there is a chance to double the rhythm points you can earn by watching a 10 to 20-second video ad. While it may be troublesome for some players to go through this, grabbing every bit of rhythm points that you can spend on upgrades and purchases is the best way to go if you want to progress in the game as fast as you can.

superstar pledis free diamonds

You can also see a peculiar diamond icon at the shop and clicking on it reveals a list of activities you can engage in to earn free diamonds. These activities typically involve downloading and installing apps or reach certain milestones in them to earn free diamonds. Be sure to check the ones you can complete easily and without spending as well and spend a little time on earning free diamonds if you can spare some time.

6. Take Advantage Of Events And Promotions

There are various events and promotions in SuperStar PLEDIS and while some may involve purchases, there are a couple that only requires you to be active in the game. As of this writing, SuperStar PLEDIS’ Valentine’s event can earn you chocolates with every song you play and clear, regardless of difficulty level. Although you should normally consume all your in-game stamina (headphones), this event should give you even more reason to ensure that you consume every bit of your daily stamina. The chocolates you earn can be used to purchase normal boxes for 100 and premium ones for 300. You can click the magnifying glass icon to check the possible rewards you can earn from these boxes. As you can earn rare cards, headphones and diamonds with each attempt, be sure to make the most out of it. IF you can manage to earn 300 chocolates, go for the premium ones.

You can also view several notices from the game at the right side of the main screen. These notices typically show updates as well as some promotions that are currently active. Be sure to check for the picture with the coupon icon which is a limited time event supposedly for pre-registered users. If it is still active by the time you read this, be sure to click on it and type in “WELCOME2SSP” to receive loads of valuable rewards. You will see a message telling you that the code has been used and that would be the time to check your mail through the message icon at the bottom of your screen and claim all rewards. This code includes 100 diamonds, 50,000 RP, a Premium Card Pack 10 and some unique profile pictures.

This wraps up our SuperStar PLEDIS guide and we hope that you learned a lot from the tips and strategies we shared. Like any game with a stamina feature that limits the time you can spend on it, ensuring that you use all of it daily will ensure a fast and steady growth of your game. Although it may take a while for you to really be good at playing SuperStar PLEDIS, patience and practice will be your best friends towards reaching your goals. If there are additional tips and strategies you know which we haven’t mentioned in the guide and if you enjoyed reading our article, be sure to let us know through the comment section!