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Langrisser Mobile Factions Guide: Tips & Strategies to Help You Choose the Best Factions for Your Roster

Langrisser Mobile has proven to be a dominant force in the mobile strategy RPG arena boasting tons of content that takes a lot of time and dedication to complete as well as a huge roster of heroes that make the mix and match of teams and the room for strategic play broader than most games within the genre. Perhaps what contributed equally well to the success of Langrisser Mobile can be attributed to the fact that your progress in the game will not be hindered as much even if you are a free player. Although you may have to spend a lot to earn top spots in the world arena, doing so won’t be necessary in progressing through the game’s story and time rifts, as well as every PVE mode you will unlock as you play.

If you have just started playing Langrisser Mobile, be sure to check our previous strategy guides. Our Langrisser Mobile beginner’s guide can give you an idea of what to work on and prioritize early on and our advanced guide also provides additional tips and strategies to further strengthen your heroes as you progress through the game. We also have a guide on the best heroes you would want to invest in per rarity level. Assuming you have read all our previous articles and have played the game enough to reach level 35, or close to doing so, then read on through as we discuss everything you should know about factions and faction buffs to influence further the heroes in your roster you would want to spend time and resources on.

On top of classes and rarity levels, another important classification of grouping heroes in Langrisser Mobile is the faction system. Factions can provide a lot of advantages in battle if you use largely or entirely belong to one faction. To identify which faction your heroes belong to, simply tap on the hero’s icon on your screen and click on the details on the hero. You will see an icon or a group of icons just between their experience bar and their stats. You can click on these icons to see which heroes belonging to that faction you have already obtained and should probably hint at what faction you may want to build around on. As heroes can belong to multiple factions, there are plenty of choices you may want to try and work on. Keep in mind though that not all heroes can contribute to strengthening each member of the team with faction buffs as only a select few heroes can obtain these abilities.

Even as you acquire each hero, you can already check which ones will grow to earn faction buffs once they reach the correct final class. You can preview this by clicking on the upgrade class button at the upper left side of the hero screen and tap on locked classes as well as the unlockable skills to see if they have any that is classified as Fusion Power. Once your heroes reach level 35, and provided you have the resources to upgrade their respective classes, you can unlock these final classes and readily acquire these powerful skills. If you have chosen a different class path earlier, there’s no need for much worry as you can shift back on track by spending gold and a rune stone. As you will eventually need to master several classes for your best heroes anyway, it’s best to stock up on rune stones early on. If you have earned at least 500 Honor Points, be sure to purchase 1 from the store every month.

Another thing to note with regard to factions and faction buffs is that you should always consider building your team around the heroes you have instead of setting up a plan requiring heroes you wish to obtain. Prior to obtaining faction buffs and considering team leaders as a separate requirement for your team to build, you have certainly worked on having your damage dealer, healer, and tank as basic necessities in your party. Once you do have access to faction buffs at level 35, though, the typical team roster should now be: leader for the faction buff, DPS, healer, tank, and an open slot for any hero to give your team some flexibility. Remember as well that these preparations do take a lot of time, effort, and resources but it pays very well once you pull off a combination of heroes utilizing these abilities. It’s important to understand that while there are other buffs heroes can perform even outside of factions, faction buffs are typically a lot more potent. Once any faction buff is activated, each hero in the team belonging to the same faction gets an additional 20% ATK and INT, 20% DEF, and 30% MDEF values in addition to a unique bonus dependent on the hero who casted the skill. To give you a brief rundown of each faction and the additional unique buffs they can provide your team, we will be going through each available faction in Langrisser Mobile.

1. Empire’s Honor

One of the best, if not the most popular, factions to go for, provided you have the key heroes needed, is the Empire’s Honor Faction. Heroes that belong to this faction includes Leon, Elwin, Bernhardt, Altemuller, Vargas, Varna, Sonya, Imelda, Emerick, Lance, Egbert, Leticia, Laird, Rohga, and Anna.

langrisser mobile empire's honor

Among these heroes, having Leon, Bernhardt, and Vargas in your roster is a must if you want to build a strong Empire’s Honor Team. As faction buffs do not stack with one another, it is best to use Bernhardt’s faction buff which grants an additional 20% ATK and DEF values to all allies with the same faction whenever they battle against disadvantaged troops. By disadvantaged, this follows the basic rock-paper-scissors system where infantry beats lancers and lancers beat cavalry. While Leon’s faction buff can grant up to 15% additional ATK and DEF values depending on squares travelled prior to an attack, Bernhardt’s buff can be easier to pull in most battles. Keeping Leon on the receiving end of the buff works perfectly though, as he is the best DPS melee in the game. Squeeze in the best SR tank, Vargas in your team and you’ll have the best trio for an Empire Honor’s dream team.

Although a good overall team, Empire’s Honor seems somewhat lacking as far as magic damage and defense is concerned. You can use Imelda as your healer and Egbert as your magic damage and support provider, or you can opt for heroes belonging to other factions. Remember that strictly sticking with one faction for a full team roster may not always lead to best results but as far as proficiency and effectiveness is concerned, having the three key characters is a must to absolutely choose to work on this faction than any other available ones you can form with your heroes.

2. Strategic Masters

With several heroes belonging to a couple of factions in Langrisser Mobile, some of the best characters from one faction typically dominate the roster candidacy for other factions they belong to as well. While Empire’s Honor work with a more straightforward approach of pumping damage and defense for the whole faction team, Strategic Masters bank on mobility as their key component in taking advantage of various terrains in a given battle. Altemuller, Luna, Leon, Lance, Vargas, Imelda, Emerick, Egbert, Leticia, Dios, and Scott all belong to this faction. The most important requirement for you to successfully work with this faction is Altemuller. With Leon and Vargas belonging to this faction as well, they are needed as well to fill in the DPS and tank roles of your Strategic Masters team.

langrisser mobile strategic masters

Altemuller’s faction buff makes it so that all passable terrain will be treated as plains by your entire party, which opens up a lot of great opportunities to take, with some planning and strategy. Additionally, this faction buff also increases damage dealt by your team’s members if they are situated on a defensive terrain like trees. Again, Imelda will work well enough as a healer for this set-up and Egbert can be of good use with some good AoE spells but you can feel free to utilize heroes from other factions so long as you keep Altemuller, Leon, and Vargas as your solid first three characters for your Strategic Masters team.

3. Protagonists

Lumiping together the main characters from all Langrisser games, the protagonists team can be utilized early on and will probably be the easiest to work around with considering that your first character in Langrisser Mobile, Matthew, sits perfectly at the leadership role of this faction. Elwin, Dieharte, Ledin, Tiaris, Liana, Chris, and Almeda also belong to this faction. It’s far from the best faction in the game and would probably be a good choice for you if you are missing essential components for all other factions.

langrisser mobile protagonists

Matthew’s faction buff provides an increase of 15% to the ATK and DEF values of all faction allies within 2 blocks for 4 turns. It’s not much considering the limitation of range, but it’s something. If you have Ledin and Elwin in your roster, they are the best tank and DPS for this team, respectively. You can have the best healer, Liana, if you have her in your roster. As Dieharte is a free character everyone should have, you can use him too for a full set of Protagonists Faction team. Tiaris is a good candidate as well if you want 2 healers in battle.

4. Legions Of Glory

This faction pretty much looks like an expanded version of the Protagonists faction with so many heroes being members of both. Elwin will be your best leader for a Legions of Glory-based faction team. Joining him in this roster are Ledin, Cherie, Liana, Hein, Narm, Chris, Lester, Jessica, Scott, Keith, Aaron, and your first trio of heroes, Matthew, Almeda, and Grenier. This faction team is relatively easy to build around considering the last 3 members of the faction roster. Moving forward though, obtaining Ledin and Cherie is important to ensure that you will have a strong enough team to beat the odds.

langrisser mobile legions of glory

Elwin’s unique faction buff supplement increases his teammates’ ATK and DEF values by 15% for 4 turns provided that their HP is at least 80% full. It’s a good thing Liana is a member of this faction as she can help a lot in that department as the team’s healer. Depending on how much you have invested in Matthew, he can be an okay substitute to Cherie. There’s a variety of great team combinations you can craft with the heroes in this roster with Chris being great against demons and Hein or Jessica for instantly warping your heroes across the map. A team built around this roster can more likely help you in a lot of difficult challenges in the rift as well as the story battles early on. The near endgame chapters will still be troublesome though as you may have to rely on other heroes outside of the faction to supplement your somewhat lacking damage dealers.

5. Origin Of Light

If you want a team that centers on Dieharte, coupled with the rest of the heroes that shaped the story of Langrisser 3, and you have a good selection of them in your roster, then you can consider working around this faction for a workable team. Along with Dieharte, whom everyone should have as a free reward, Tiaris, Luna, Kirikaze, Silver Wolf, Freya. Liffany, Sophia, Pierre, Dios, Jessica, and Lewin also belong to this faction. The Origin faction may miss out on the favourite and deemed best heroes for each role, but there are some pretty nifty characters that can make an interesting team to play around with.

langrisser mobile origin of light

Dieharte’s unique buff effect boosts each hero’s stats if they have 5 or more buffs. It’s not that difficult to pull off but it does take a lot of time and preparation in-game. Prepping a team to utilize Dieharte’s faction skill should therefore be built around heroes that can provide buffs. Tiaris, Luna, and even Jessica can help with this. With Dieharte as leader, Freya will be your only candidate to be the tank, she may not be the best hero for that department, but she’s an okay tank and the best one for this faction. Kirikaze may well be the best DPS, and along with Dieharte will work mostly on critical hits. If we had room for a sixth best SSR character on our Heroes Guide, that slot would have been for Tiaris as she is an excellent healer and support hero with a lot of mobility. You can use Jessica for transport and an additional buff but feel free to use any of the remaining members of the faction that you have as your fifth character.

6. Princess Alliance

The Princess Alliance consists of various female characters from previous Langrisser games and only leave a few select women from Langrisser Mobile to be a member of their faction. Luna, Tiaris, Lana, Liana, Cherie, Sophia, Liffany, Sonya, Chris, Narm, Freya, and Anna are the female characters that currently belong to this faction. You can actually create a very formidable team with this faction provided that you have most, if not all, the powerful heroes that form part of the ideal team.

langrisser mobile princess alliance

Luna, as the faction team leader, can increase the damaged received by an enemy by 15% of its maximum HP value. With excellent damage dealers like Cherie for physical and Lana for magic, you can down a lot of enemies with a team revolving around this faction. Similar to the Origin of Light set-up, Freya is your best tank candidate and can contribute as well to dealing additional damage with her Barbed Skill that triggers when she is attacked. The Princess Alliance is naturally expected to excel in heals and support spells as the best ones, Liana and Tiaris can be used singularly or in tandem to keep the entire team in good health. Sophia is an okay substitute for a healer if you don’t have either Liana or Tiaris in your roster.

7. Dark Reincarnation

Warriors of the dark form part of the last faction we have on our list, Dark Reincarnation. This faction sports the fewest available characters in the game. Bozel, Altemuller, Bernhardt, Lana, Varna, Sonya, and Egbert are your only choices if you want a full team comprised exclusively of members of the Dark Reincarnation faction. All six of the seven characters in this group are actually pretty good at the roles they can play and Varna is probably the only one who will be sitting out the small pool of candidates you would want to consider if you are building a team around this faction.

Bozel stands as the leader of the group and the unique element of his faction buff can increase each members’ stats by 15% if they are battling an enemy with more than 3 debuffs. It’s not a difficult feat to achieve since all of the characters in this faction have at least 1 skill that can cause a debuff to an enemy unit. Bernhardt is the best you have for being a tank. He’s not as tough as the other tanks in the game but with your team’s ability banking on debuffs, he will naturally appear tougher against weakened enemies. Altemuller and Lana can both be strong DPS characters and Sonya can be a physical damage dealer as well since the first two deal only magic damage.

langrisser mobile dark reincarnation

Last but not the least is Egbert, a favourite SR character for his potent AoE spells and skills that provide a good support and set-up for the more powerful magic damage dealers in the team. You should easily notice that there are no healers in the Dark Reincarnation faction. It’s a bit of a hassle but you may want to squeeze in a healer from any of the other factions. Otherwise, it’s going to be a unique and exciting experience to challenge yourself in engaging in battles without HP recovery for your team, except for Lana who is self-sustaining of course.

That certainly was a long, detailed guide that we hope you read through and picked up on as far as factions and faction buffs are concerned. We tried our best to squeeze in as much information as we can without putting our readers to sleep with long explanations and mind-numbing details. Just to touch base on some important points to consider yet again, there are no perfect teams in Langrisser Mobile and as such, no single team can win against all other teams. There may be some characters which stand out but as far as team composition and chemistry are concerned, each new battle you engage in will not result in achieving the exact same efficiency that your team has. With that, learn to find more flexibility and expand the list of potential candidates for the main team that you want to work on. Whether it consists entirely of heroes from one faction, with an outsider, or a mix of two factions, there will always be situations and opportunities that would be best for whatever team you decided to create. Regardless of your decision though, always be mindful of your resources as you can most likely only keep about 8 characters upgraded if you are a free player.

Also, remember that while Langrisser Mobile is okay for casual gamers, you really need to spend a lot of time playing it and dedicating some effort to complete dailies and quests to progress it as much as most players do. On top of actually playing the game, there is plenty of stuff to research on as well as possible combinations to actually experiment on. Though we hope our Factions Guide as well as the previous ones we published have provided help, we understand and accept that there are still plenty more stuff to cover in this huge game. Finally, we’re just noting that this article was based on version 2.1.1 of the game which is the most recent one at the time of this writing. Future updates will potentially add new characters and may also tinker with faction memberships and skills of existing ones. If you liked our article and would also like to share your own views regarding factions and faction buffs, tell us what’s on your mind and share what you think in the comments section below!


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