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Langrisser Mobile Heroes Guide: The Best SSR, SR and R Characters

In Langrisser Mobile, with 37 unique heroes to collect and tons of upgrade and enhancement options for each hero to perform, you probably realized early on that you won’t be able to sustain maxing out your heroes’ potential without focusing on a few select heroes where you should spend all your hard earned resources on. As you may regularly acquire new heroes relatively easier in the first few days of your play, you may occasionally be puzzled on whether to switch priorities as some of those new heroes may look more promising than the ones you currently use. To ensure that you won’t be wasting your time and effort on some heroes which may not meet your expectations in the game later on, we will share with you our top picks of heroes for each tier or rarity class in this exclusive Langrisser Mobile guide, featuring a number of tips and tricks.

Understand that SSR heroes in Langrisser Mobile are more powerful than lower rarity ones in terms of stats and occasionally abilities too, but considering the drop rate for these heroes and their shards, ranking up their star levels will be much more difficult than SR and R-class heroes. As such, there will come a point when a lower rarity hero can outclass higher rarity ones depending on his or her star rank. With this to consider, it is important to see the value of your other heroes beyond their rarity level as you will witness later on how much powerful they can grow to as you earn more of their shards to rank up their star levels.

As this guide may follow a certain amount of time for you to play Langrisser Mobile, be sure to check our beginner’s guide and advanced guide if you are just starting out in the game. Given that our focus in this Langrisser Mobile guide will be on selecting the best heroes for each tier, you may want to read our other guides for more general tips, cheats and strategies.

1. Best SSR Heroes In Langrisser Mobile

Leon is most definitely the most sought after hero in Langrisser Mobile right now. As he has the highest attack power in the game, he is the best DPS unit you can have and can pretty much be a staple member of your team across all sorts of battles and game modes, save for the Spear Temple Training if you have yet to unlock flying units. Mobility is a huge plus for him as well since he has a good chance to reach enemy units and one-shot one of them earlier on. Leon’s unique skill, Legendary Knight, enables him to further boost his ATK and DEF values depending on how far he moves and if that’s not enough to wow everyone, he can move up to 3 squares after he performs an action. This Legendary Descendant of Light also boasts a useful skill that can push enemies away as well as another that can limit their movements. For more strategic plays, these skills can open up a variety of tactics in both PvP and PvE battles.

langrisser mobile best ssr heroes

As every great team requires a great healer, Liana is no doubt at the top of her class as the best healer in Langrisser Mobile. On top of mass healing, Liana can also remove debuffs from her allies. One of Liana’s unique class skill, Again, can give an ally an extra turn per round, making her an important staple member of any team in practically any situation and game mode. Her unique skill Holy sister, which removes debuffs and heals allies within 2 squares at the end of her turn grows to remove 2 debuffs once she reaches 6 stars. Liana’s class growth practically gives you an easy choice to pick as her only final class is Prophet, which can mass heal her entire party for up to an area of 6 squares wide. Be sure to invest in Liana as soon as you nab her as she will almost always be a member of your team from early to mid to late game in all sorts of combat and challenges.

Every party needs a tank as well and in Langrisser Mobile, no one defends his team better than Bardi Kingdom’s prince, Ledin. Ledin sports the best HP and DEF values compared with any other hero and his skills for defense as well as offense is top class. Ledin’s Will of the King ability reduces both physical and magic damage by a certain percentage. More importantly, this unique skill enables Ledin to launch a counterattack against an opponent crazy enough to deal melee damage against him provided that Ledin has HP above a certain percentage level. Though it may be hard to trigger at 3 stars, Ledin’s unique ability is in itself a force to be reckoned with as his star rank increases. While there may be a few heroes in Langrisser Mobile who can come close to match Ledin’s defensive prowess, what makes him stand out from among tank candidates is his Godly Guard skill which converts his DEF and MDEF attributes to attack power for 2 turns. With this, Ledin becomes an indispensible and very versatile member of any team that can support the entire party in various ways across a multitude of quests and game modes.

With Ledin, along with all other tanks, being relatively weak against magic attacks, Langrisser main antagonist Bozel takes the throne as the toughest cookie there is against all sorts of magical attacks. Currently sitting at the top spot of favorites in PvP battles in Langrisser Mobile, Bozel’s unique skill Millenial Evil enables him to use 1.5 times of his MDEF as INT which makes his attacks more fearsome. With early class skill Sleep, he can easily debilitate the enemy force’s strongest unit for 1 turn with no hopes of recovery from. AoE spells like Earthquake and Blackhole can damage multiple enemies in an area but more importantly, these spells can also remove 2 buffs from units they damage. Although Bozel may not be very effective to use in huge maps and enemies scattered everywhere, his skills are very effective in PvP battles as these usually take place in more confined spaces. If you do manage to acquire Bozel, be sure to ready yourself for a lot of patience-testing effort as it takes a lot of resources to strengthen but he’s very well worth it especially if you want to dominate the arena.

The other maiden of light and Liana’s sister Lana, comes as another must-have hero that is powerful and versatile enough to help you win against a lot of tough battles in the game. Lana is Langrisser Mobile’s ranged and magic-based equivalent of Leon, and though it takes a lot of time and patience to build her up and promote her till she reaches an end class, she will be very much worth it and can be a staple member of field team once she does. Her unique skill, Arcane Extension, not only boosts her damage by 10 to 30% depending on star level, it also increases the range of her attack by 1. Her various single target and AoE spells are strong compared to other mages but her Magic Defense Breaker which reduces an enemy’s magic defense as well as the Black Hole spell, similar to Bozel, are the ones that make her more valuable.

2. Best SR Heroes In Langrisser Mobile

At the top of the list for best SR Heroes in Langrisser Mobile is Vargas, who is near SSR level when it comes to defensive stats and abilities and is the best substitute for Ledin as a tank. Surpisingly enough, Vargas can really be a damage sponge for almost all types of physical attacks, especially melee damage. He is best kept at the center of the team as he can practically carry damage meant for the whole team and paired with a good enough healer, even mediocre characters can win you some tough battles if he is part of the squad. Like any other tanks, though, Vargas is highly susceptible to magic damage. Although generally does poor damage to enemies, one of Vargas’ best skills is Force, which uses 1.6 times of his DEF value for his attack. On top of party protecting and defense improvement skills, Vargas also holds a few debuff skills which can make him a bit more than an ordinary tank on battles utilizing more strategic approaches.

langrisser mobile best sr heroes vargas

Another great SR hero that offers versatility for parties of any sort is no other than Ledin’s wife, Chris. Chris is an excellent support character that can buff your team and debuff enemy units in a variety of ways. As her class mastery progresses, she can unlock several varieties of troops which adds further to her being a versatile member of any team. She can raise the team’s defense values as well as increase their attack and intelligence stats. She has a bit of health recovery skill too and when it comes to damage dealing, she can dish out a fairly good amount of holy damage. All-in-all, Chris is a good investment and offers a lot of potential in several PvE battles but requires some strategic planning to fully utilize in battle.

langrisser mobile best sr heroes chris

Another PvP favorite that is an SR hero worth investing on is Narm. As an archer, Narm’s unique ability, Tactical Check increases her damage from 5% to 15% depending on her star rank and also decreases the mobility of her target if they survive her attack. Her starting class skill Roundabout gives her tactical mobility and advantage as it enables her to relocate to a much safer spot after raining down some arrows on her target. Narm has a lot of attack-boosting passive skills and also sports a defensive buff for nearby allies. On top of the damage she can inflict on enemy units, her Sniper skill has a 50% chance to lock out an enemy’s ability in combat. Although most of her skills may not be that great for large maps in PvE battles, close quarter squabbles in arena gives her a lot of good advantages. If you want to invest on heroes for PvP, then Narm is definitely one to bank some resources on.

As team buffs and enemy debuffs form part of most strategic battles, Hein comes in handy in several situations. Although Hein may not seem much on his own, his skills that involve increasing offensive stats of allies and debuffing several enemy units within range at a time makes him a good support unit to have in your team. On top of his usual support skills, his unique skill Gained Knowledge, increases his intelligence value from 2% to 6% after every attack and makes him even stronger as the battle stretches further. The Transfer ability which he can acquire once you unlock the Archmage class gives him the power to relocate any friendly unit to any square within a certain range. This skill is perhaps what makes him very valuable as it opens up a lot of strategic opportunities to win fights faster or even turn the tide of battle with carefully strategized moves. There are plenty of pairing combinations you can use him with once you have the Transfer skill and after some time spent on using him in the field, you will definitely appreciate him more and understand why he is among the best SR heroes in the game.

langrisser mobile best sr heroes egbert

Last but not the least is Langrisser II antagonist Egbert. This Black Dragon Sorcerers’ leader may not deal a great amount of damage in battle, but his specialization lies in the various ways he can incapacitate his enemies. He can block heals and block skills usage, temporarily remove passive skill effects, and reduce magic defense of multiple enemy units in preparation for a finishing salvo from magic damage-dealing allies in the party. Egberts variety of crippling spells makes him a formidable character to have in both PvE and PvP battles and with the various skills that he can dish out, there’s plenty of opportunities for highly strategic approaches to utilize him in most of the game’s various game modes.

3. Best R Heroes In Langrisser Mobile

Although Jessica won’t be as good as her higher rarity counterparts, she’s actually well above par compared with other heroes within the same rarity level. Her unique skill, Magic Master, makes her tougher against magic-based attacks provided that her troop HP is at 100%. She has decent team support skills and some fair enemy debuffing spells as well. She has a good AoE spell and like Hein, being able to teleport an ally across the field can be very useful in a lot of situations. Overall, though you should only invest in her if you don’t have the higher rarity counterparts as sticking on with her in the late game, like any other R-class heroes may run your valuable resources dry especially if you have already acquired more SR and SSR class heroes.

langrisser mobile best r heroes jessica

Another hero that every player probably has in their roster early in the game is Lewin. Lewin is also pretty decent for an R-ranked hero with his unique skill, Origin of Light, which buffs his troops attack and defense values by 5% before an attack and a 50% chance to restore 30% of his HP after battle at 2 stars. At max stars, his buff grows to 15% and HP restore chance maxes at 100%. Lewin can protect nearby allies and can also buff them fairly well. He has some enemy debuffing skills too which makes him a good team member to have on the earlier stages of your game. As he may sooner or later wear out his usefulness, only invest enough on him prior to acquiring better alternatives later on.

Leticia is a cavalry-type hero that sports a good amount of HP and defense values compared to most heroes within her class. Her unique skill Love Support, increases the attack and defense values of nearby allies 5 to 15%, depending on her star level, as well as increase the mobility of allies by 1. Her starting class skills Assault and Move Again are actually pretty decent with the former increasing her attack value by up to 60% and the latter allowing her to move again after an action in combat. Ranking her class up, she has more skills that further support the effectiveness of her earlier skills, generally revolving around increasing her attack values and also boosting attack and defense stats, as well as mobility, of her team in battle.

While it’s easily understandable to underestimate your first hero in Langrisser Mobile, Matthew has proven to be quite a formidable character in the PvP Arena. As you may have the impression that the free heroes you get in any strategy RPG may lose its value fast as you progress through the game, Matthew does hold pretty competitive skills once he reaches max star rank and a final class, most particularly the Strike Master end class. He has pretty decent HP and defense stats for his class and once you unlock Royal Gryphon units and the Blast skill, his usefulness in battle grows several folds. Blast is a passive skill which gives Matthew a 20% chance to take an extra turn. 20% doesn’t look much, but it gives a lot of advantage most especially with the high mobility and terrain-ignoring flyer units at your command. Similarly, Matthew can increase the attack and defense values as well as the mobility of his allies once he unlocks the strike master class. Consider the self-healing starting skill as a bonus, but it’s a great skill to have in a lot of battles across various game modes.

langrisser mobile best r heroes lewin

A well above average R-class hero to acquire and use earlier in the game is Lester. As somewhat unique with mermaids as starting troops, Lester’s usefulness seems to be limited to battles that involve bodies of water, much like Aquaman in Justice League comic books and shows, and his unique skill, Naval Expert, increases his troops’ attack by 10% to 30% depending on his star level. His prowess in battle may be limited to fields where he can take advantage of his unique skill but he can very much add a twist into your mix heroes most especially on the earlier story battles. It goes without saying that he will wear out his usefulness a little later on in the game when you acquire more heroes, but compared to other heroes of the same rarity level, Lester is probably the most unique and can offer some strength that the rest of the R-class bunch may not be able to provide.

That about covers our Langrisser Mobile heroes guide which hopefully gives you a better idea of which heroes to spend all your time and hard-earned resources on. As you can never have all these heroes immediately, we hope that as you read our guide, you will be able to identify and appreciate some of the heroes you have in your roster that have been unintentionally ignored. Like in any strategy RPG, remember that the above heroes can only be as effective as how they perform their roles in battle and as such, there are dependencies as far as team composition and pair combinations are concerned. So again, be sure to deploy a team that represents each necessary role to be played by the top contenders in your roster. Even a full team of SSR heroes won’t be as effective without a tank or healer in the team and Leon probably shouldn’t be deployed in a field full of enemy lancers. While it would be great to have both outstanding PvE and PvP teams, you may have to focus on one first considering the limitations of your resources most especially in the late game and if you are a free-to-play gamer.

In any case, we will be sure to plow through Langrisser Mobile further as we intend to bring more guides to discuss other aspects of the game later on. To avoid confusion as well later on, this article was written for the version 2.1.1 of the game and some tweaks and character adjustments may happen in later updates and patches. We understand that selecting top heroes for the game can be a point argument but regardless, we are very much interested about what you think with regard to our guide. Be sure to let us know of your insights and suggestions in the comment section below!