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Idle Tuber Empire Beginner’s Guide: 12 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become a Star Vlogger

Thanks to the team at Futureplay games going viral couldn’t be any easier! The company’s new mobile game Idle Tuber Empire gives players the opportunity to become a hit internet personality whilst working with some great YouTubers. The path to internet success is through building up a healthy entourage of fellow start-up stars and vlog your way to fame. Starting off as a YouTube wannabe and working your way up to the golden heights tower to party along side the very best, earn your spot through star challenge stages and rigorous posting!

If you’ve played any of Futureplay’s other titles such as Idle Farming Empire or Craft Away then you’ll love how Idle Tuber Empire brings together similar aspects such as great design and creative RPG elements. With customisable character styles for both taste and to boost your like multiplier whilst also building your ever working entourage and upgrading their like revenue. Idle Tuber Empire is the ultimate tycoon meets internet celebrity lifestyle simulator so follow our tips and tricks below to become an instant hit!

1. Just Keep Swiping

Swipe like you’ve never swiped before! The faster you swipe across the screen, the faster you’ll fill your stream with likes. The best way to get as many of these likes as possible is to swipe through each star challenge and don’t stop until your back to the regular stages. After each successful star challenge a winner scene is prompted and a “WooHoo” button appears which will direct the game back to the level scene.

The trick is to not stop swiping after the star challenge ends! The ‘winner’ screen redirects automatically after a few seconds meaning you can make the most of any skills activated during the star challenge and rake in those extra likes. Make sure not to lift your finger off the screen for all those who are tappers over swipers as this will result in loss of the streak.

2. Fresh Moves

As you progress through the levels you’ll gain access to some new moves at set milestones level 30, 50, 125 and 250 each with respective multipliers x4, x6, x5 and x10. It’s important to note that the x6 and x10 are for star challenges and won’t run for longer than 1 second in the regular stages so make sure you save them to beat those stars! The x4 and x5 are your bread and butter for farming those likes!

Make sure you keep a healthy supply and don’t run out of moves before a star challenge begins as you might find yourself struggling to acquire likes at a greater rate than your opponent.

3. Star Challenges

It’s time to show those tubers who’s the boss and crush them with your fan base! There are a variety of combinations utilising 3 key features that will guarantee success when battling any boss tuber. Firstly, fresh moves. These fresh moves and their multipliers will carry you through any star challenge as long as you have enough in the bank before going into a battle, ideally 2+, and your like swipe revenue is high enough.

Secondly, your entourage. The entourage feature is vital, once a stream has started these team tubers will passively earn you likes, and can win the lower level battles before they begin! Finally the subscribers, again these guys are like boosters and the more you collect the faster you’ll fly through the early stages of any stream.

4. Entourage

Yes you read the previous tip correctly! Earn whilst you sleep! Your entourage are constantly earning you likes as long as you are running a steam. The more arenas you unlock, the more tubers you can add to your entourage, plus each new entourage member earns more than the last in like revenue.

idle tuber empire entourage

When entering a new stream make sure you save enough coins to purchase every entourage member as soon as possible. Now that you are flowing through stages invest heavily in your top earners to ease the difficulty of star challenges.

5. Star Ratings

As you upgrade both your own and your entourages revenue earnings you’ll notice a star rating. It’s important to invest enough in each member of your team to hit those next star levels as they multiply the revenue received per second!

6. Subscribers

Subscribers are the key to the golden heights venue! Subscribers are the currency that you’ll use to unlock new venues and are your real claim to fame. The more subscribers you have, the greater your reputation. The key to gaining as many subscribers as possible and in the most efficient manner is knowing when to cut a stream. You can leave a stream running for hours, come back and notice that the extra number of subscribers you’ve acquired has only marginally increased, this is due to diminishing returns.

idle tuber empire subscribers

There’s a plateau between likes and new subscribers so make sure to post streams on a regular basis to make the most of out your likes! Soon enough you’ll see yourself competing for that top tuber spot with your army of subscribers!

7. Energy Cans

These aren’t so necessary in the early stages as your entourage and subscribers can carry you through however, the further you progress the greater the difficulty of the star challenges. Slurping away does require a 30 second ad to appear but if you’re running low on moves before a star challenge, you’ll be thankful when you spot a can floating across your screen.

8. Catnip Cookies

I know, I know, more ads and you have to wait 24 hours for the rewards but trust me, it’s worth it. The rewards you receive not only range from likes to gems but also scale with your subscriber base! Once you start a fresh stream and collect your rewards, you’ll be hitting billions of views in no time, plus mix up your style with those gems!

9. Style

idle tuber empire style

Save early, save hard. Gems can be hard to come by, once you’ve kitted your tuber out to a like boosting rating over 100%+ its time to save. Onesies are the goal with the cheapest coming in at 450 gems but adding a 300% style bonus! If you’re a keen saver like us and are constantly chasing the best a game has to offer then for 800 gems you can grab the 600% style boosting star unitard.

There is also no difference between style and sports bonus when it comes to boosting your likes. It’s simply that some items are also classed as sportswear and stylish sportswear is any tubers way to appeal to their fans.

10. Guest Stars

Every time you unlock a new venue you have the chance to take a famous tuber under your wing and add them to your stream. All guest stars add the same 100% boost to likes. The only real difference between the guest stars is the charities that they represent so I’d would pick something that’s more important to you if your posting your score to Facebook or adding friends that watch the stream.

11. Fan Challenges

idle tuber empire fan challenges

There’ll be a range of tasks for you to complete in order to get rewards. Some tasks have a minimum waiting period for achievability whereas the majority can be completed almost instantly. The rewards gained from fan challenges vary from coins to clothes to gems, so if you’re really scrupulous with your gem spending then you can actually boost your style bonus through these fan challenges. Let’s just hope your fans like the randomness to your style choices!

12. Still Need That Extra Boost?

If you still can’t get passed that extra star challenge and need and extra like booster, Facebook friends to the rescue! As long as you sign in through Facebook, you can add an unlimited number of friends and receive a like boost per friend. This is always a good like booster with an unlimited ceiling!

Follow the guidance above, make sure to hit those fresh moves, build up your entourage from every venue and you’ll be well on you way to becoming the biggest hit in Idle Tuber Empire history! Don’t wait around go and get those likes!