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Pacific Rim Breach Wars Ultimate Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Crush Your Enemies

From the big screen to the palm of your hand. Pacific Rim: Breach Wars is a match 3 battle game brought to you as a collaboration from Legendary Pictures, Fourth Journey and Kung Fu Factory. It brings the style of the beloved match 3 genre, games such as Candy Crush, and create a truly unique mash up with the action packed Pacific Rim cinema title. Pacific Rim: Breach Wars doesn’t only pit you against the unforgiving Kaiju warriors, but give players the chance to go Jaeger to Jaeger as they battle it out for Shatterdome supremacy.

Riding the Earth of the Kaiju horde is no easy task. Players are required to battle their way through increasingly difficult enemy onslaughts, moving from operation to operation, upgrading their Jaegers and proving themselves as worth pilots. It’s only the toughest and most determined individuals who then go on to the impossible and relive the campaign on the hard difficulty, earning greater rewards and repute.

Whilst many players are familiar with match 3 mechanics, we’re here to support you through the diverse range of RPG and battle elements that the developer team has introduced. Follow our Pacific Rim: Breach Wars cheats, tips and tricks below to become the best damn Jaeger pilot we’ve got!

1. Complete The Campaign

As appealing as destroying other players Jaegers may be, focus on the campaign early in the game. There’s a lot to learn about battling and upgrading Jaegers and if you rush straight into battling others then your hangar will be filled with trashed Jaegers. Playing through the campaign doesn’t just allow you time to practice and get to grips with the game, you also collect in-game currencies and components as you progress.

If you want to be a successful pilot then you need to have plentiful resources to boost those Jaegers to their max level through taking on the toughest of Kaiju. You don’t need to complete the entire campaign to prove yourself as a pilot. I’d recommend battling through the Proving Ground and the first operation in Precursor Offensive, this will give you enough time to build a fleet to be feared.

2. More Is Better Than One

What’s better than one battling Jaeger, a whole fleet! During your time in Pacific Rim: Breach Wars you’ll come across battles that require you to have multiple Jaegers on the field. This doesn’t mean you have to switch through your Jaegers as you can get by on beefing up a single Jaeger for the first stages of the campaign. However, the further you progress the more Jaegers you’ll need to be successful in each operation. Having a larger fleet to choose from also provides you with the opportunity to take advantage of the class system in place.

3. Battle Classes

In the early stages of the game you’ll notice that you can power through the operations with a heavily powered single Jaeger. This only lasts so long. When you begin to run out of firmware and research tokens you’ll need to start utilising the class system to get the upper hand in battles. Pacific Rim: Breach Wars has a very simple to understand class system in the form of a colour wheel ie. Red beats blue, blue beats yellow etc.

The advantage comes into play when you are battling an immediate class on the colour wheel. Each Jaeger is only subject to 1 class advantage and 1 class disadvantage, hence why having a fleet is so useful. The class system will provide a damage boost to your gem breaking moves and provides the same benefit to your opponent when your Jaeger is at the disadvantage. Study your opponents line up and select your Jaegers accordingly.

4. Daily Missions, Achievements, Mission Rewards

Daily missions are a great place to start collecting components that you’ll need to acquire those crucial Jaeger upgrades and keep on battling the Kaiju. These missions usually offer a variety of rewards for completing certain objectives. The tip here is to look for the objectives that you can complete simultaneously, completing more objectives at once will reap faster rewards and allow more time for campaign play.

pacific rim breach wars daily missions

Achievements are similar to that of Daily Missions however, achievements deliver far better rewards in sets of 3. This allows for collecting resources across the board, increasing your chances of getting rewards for specific Jaegers. Achievements run through stages so there’s no waiting around to complete the next group, it simply comes down to how quickly you can complete battles to gather the resources needed.

Mission rewards aren’t something you need to seek out. Simply playing through the campaign and achieving 1 star in each mission will provide you with sufficient rewards. I’d advise not worrying about your star ranking for battles until you’ve developed your Jaeger team. In order to get maximum rewards available during a battle you’ll need to match the loot boxes 3 times.

Whilst aiming for maximum rewards is always advised, matching 3 loot boxes does deal significantly less damage and they don’t contribute to special moves. Match theses loot boxes when possible but without sacrificing the win. Completing missions quickly will provide with the components you need for character progression.

5. Events

Events are a great asset for collecting gear, vouchers and credits once you’ve built up a reasonable fleet of Jaegers. In events you keep competing until you’ve either beaten the event or wrecked all of your Jaegers. You work your way through your Jaegers in 3 stages; Point Group, Support Group and Reinforcement Group. It’s important to keep your strongest Jaegers in the Point and Support Groups whilst balancing their classes for a good selection of counters.

The Reinforcement Group is where you should store the weaker Jaegers from your hangar. In total you can take 9 Jaegers into an event so again, we’d recommend playing through the campaign to build up enough of a fleet before taking on events.

6. Loot Capsules, J-tech Plans, Shards

J-tech plans and Shards are your sought after goodies. J-tech plans are your blueprint for crafting new Jaegers whereas Shards are the components needed to actually construct them. Shards can be acquired through Loot capsules, purchasing with platinum in the Jaeger Factory or completing specific missions on hard difficulty. The more common the Jaeger level, the more ways there are to acquire Shards. Platinum is a great way to purchase the chance to open Loot but the contents come down to luck.

pacific rim breach wars loot capsule

Factory vouchers can also be used for loot purchasing, these can be found through mission completion. With the amount of luck involved in the draw you just need to save hard whilst upgrading the Jaegers you have. In time you’ll be able to purchase the ultimate Jaeger to battle the deathly Kaiju or even enemy pilots!

7. Battle

Step one of any battle, Jaeger selection. Balancing Jaeger strength along with class advantage is where the battle is won or lost. A lower strength Jaeger with a class advantage will outperform a beefed out Jaeger facing a disadvantage. During the multiple opponent battles make sure you can counter each enemy accordingly to minimise your damage and increase chances of success. For that extra chance of success you can equip any collected Strat-Gems.

These gems will give you an edge in battle allowing for the player to swing the gems on the board in their favour. Pairing these colours of the Strat-Gems with each Jaegers special abilities will also deal that extra blow to the enemy.

Each Jaeger has a selection of special abilities that can be viewed and upgraded in the Hangar. These abilities are powered by matching up the corresponding coloured gems. Great for dealing that extra hit to the enemy but again breaking numerous lines in 1 move is the aim to deal the most severe damage. Gem breaks values directly influence the level of damage inflicted on the enemy. Make sure you hit the 4 or 5 line combos to really leave them bleeding!

Keeping an eye on the domination bar will help you succeed in any battle. Once you’ve managed to pulverise the enemy enough that you control the majority of the domination bar, it’s time to release those special attacks. Using the special attacks at this point will increase the likelihood of a successful domination and potential elimination. Dominate early and dominate often in order to reduce the amount of damage taken by your Jaegers so that they can continue onto the next battle with minimal repairs.

After a successful battle your teams’ health will be evaluated and a representative amount of loot gems will be rewarded. These gems are then placed on the current board and any occurring matches will add to your loot box tally at the top of the battle scene. More boxes more rewards so make sure towards the end of the battle you’re keeping those gems alive!

8. Daily Patrols

Daily Patrols are events where you send a group of Jaegers into an invasion for the chance of rewards! It’s a very similar style to the campaign operations, however the rewards are more focused towards Jaeger enhancement, so it’s a must for all pilots.

9. PvP

Once you’ve entered the world of Player Vs Player combat you’ll need to assign 2 teams. It’s important to balance both teams as well as possible, leaning you’re stronger units into your offensive team. A strong defence is always advisable but when there’s a chance you might not even be attacked by an opponent its better to take the risk and place the stronger units where you know they’ll se combat. With a good strong offensive team you can make your way through multiple opponents.

You’re given the choice of 3 opponents in your tier, choose the weaker ones to start in order to get yourself some battle experience and used to switching Jaegers out on the go. Take on tougher opponents for more fame once you’ve dealt with enough lower level players. The further you excel through the tiers, the greater the rewards. Make sure you don’t use all of your repair kits in the campaign as you’ll need a good supply in order for a good PvP session.

Becoming the best pilot on the planet is no easy feat but our tips should give you a good headstart in the war with the Kaiju. Good luck and Godspeed pilot!