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Blade Crafter Beginner’s Guide: 14 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Goblin-Crushing Champion

Become the ultimate dagger throwing, goblin-crushing champion thanks to Studio Drill! If you’ve played Homeless Demon King or WildCats: Blade then you’ll love the game mechanics and fun art style that Blade Crafter has carried over.

Blade Crafter is a dagger themed, automatic battle arcade game with some RPG elements thrown in. Your sole mission is to craft the ultimate blade and use it to defeat the goblin horde in a wave style battle system. You’ll face a seemingly endless stream of goblin attackers throughout your campaign before defeating their bosses every 20 stages. Your sharpened steel won’t be enough, but luckily Studio Drill have graced us with an array of combat skills to use during each engagement.

With no in-game tutorial the aim of this guide is to take you from single dagger combat to showering the enemy with legendary blades! Good luck and fight with honour!

1. The More The Merrier

Purchase additional daggers at every possible opportunity. This comes down to gaming basics, the more daggers you have in battle, the more damage you’ll be inflicting. The cost of each additional dagger does increase drastically each level, however, it still outweighs the cost of upgrading daggers due to the decreasing chance in a successful enhancement.

2. Dagger To Legendary Sword

Daggers can be upgraded across 10 levels before evolving into a new sword type. With every successful enhancement the chances of upgrading to the next weapon level decrease and with every unsuccessful enhancement they increase. It’s important to make sure you enhance the weapons with the highest probability of success first so that should the gold run out, you can head into battle with the best arsenal possible. It’s always advisable to try and keep daggers at a similar level as if one is significantly higher than the others then battles will become unnecessarily time consuming.

3. Resource Management

When first starting out make sure that you use up your energy in the field tab every chance available, as this will allow for a healthy reserve of resources to build. These resources are what allow you to evolve your weaponry. Once you reach a higher level of sword, take note of which metal nodes you require the most of and mine them respectively as the more valuable the resource, the higher the energy cost.

4. Combat Skills

These are the abilities you’ll be able to utilise in each battle and are vital to ensuring maximum gold acquisition! There are a variety of skills available for purchase but require you to achieve level 3 in the previous skill before being able to purchase the next. The most useful and accessible skill is your Aura Blade, increasing your weapon attack for a 20 second period. Aura Blade is such a great skill as you can enhance it directly through skill enhancement and indirectly with weapon enhancement or the Whetstone of Magic in your Treasure tab.

5. Boost Your Battle Stats

The Smithy provides an overview of all your boosted stats, use it. There are numerous ways to increase crucial battle stats, whether through enhancement, the treasure room or runes. Runes are great for an additional attack or weapon boosting slot, don’t waste it with gold acquisition and this can be enhanced separately in the treasure room. Additional rune slots can be purchased but it’s only advisable if your gem stores are plentiful. The main stats to focus on are Whetstone of Magic to increase basic damage, Ring of Death for Critical Hit Chance, Necklace of Judgement for critical hit damage and of course your weapons themselves.

6. Spread The Wealth

Possibly the most useful yet simple tip, spread the gold around. Don’t invest too heavily in one statistic, weapon or skill. You’ll progress quicker through the goblin waves when all of your stats are boosted across the board. Your weapons will do more damage through attack boosters and your gold will go further with reductions in enhancement costs. You’ll find that the level of gold acquired through battles scales with your level of progress so you can always go back and get the lesser stats up to speed later on in the game.

7. Enchanting

This isn’t made very clear in-game but just above your weapon enhancement button there is a question marked button with an associated cost, this enchants the weapon. Whilst weapon enchantments do add a significant stat boost, it does wear off over time and can be relatively expensive. For this reason alone you will be better off in the long run putting the gold into permanent boosters and only enchanting once you’re closer to end game content.

8. Battles

Battles are not only where you get to slash your way through goblins but are also your best way of collecting resources. Despite Blade Crafter being an automatic attack game you still need to pay attention to each battle. During the battle word quest letters will fly around the screen and need to be tapped upon in order to gain them, completion of the word quest will result in more gems. Runes will also be passively gained through battle stages.

In order to get the most out of each battle you need to be efficiently activating your skills. At the end of each stage you receive more mana which fuels your skills, a full mana bar means no more mana gained and thus getting less out of your skills. Use your Aura Blade skill straight away as it runs consistently for 20 seconds and allows your mana points to regenerate after each stage. When using any ability that boosts weapon damage make sure you launch the daggers into battle instead of the auto attack in order not to waste any of the active skill.

9. Easy Gold

In most free games now you are offered in-game currency for watching a 30 second ad. Blade Crafter is by far the most generous game we’ve come across in regards to this integration and is definitely worth using on a semi regular basis. One ad will be enough to boost you through the next 10-20 stages and even better, the gold you receive scales with your progress! There is the option to watch ads for gems too, however the reward isn’t as gratifying.

10. Treasure

Exactly as it reads! All the stats you could ever wish to increase in any game can be found here. Here you’ll be able to increase stats such as sword speed, critical hit chance and most importantly your standard attack. Increasing gold acquired in your Treasure tab allows you to keep rune space free for more weapon boosting runes and thus increasing the amount of goblins you can slay!

11. Saves Gems For Gold

Save gems like there’s no tomorrow! For every 100 gems you can purchase a significant amount of gold within the shop. As the cost of additional daggers skyrockets, gems will quickly become you’re friend as a single purchase equates to the same amount of gold as 10 battles!

12. The Cheaper The Better

Once you’ve managed to establish a good base of weapon damage and number of daggers you need to think about getting more for your money. In the treasure room you’ll notice you can reduce both enhancement and enchantment cost, as mentioned in our enchanting tip you can skip this until later on in the game. You’ll notice how everything can be enhanced so increasing the reduction of this cost by 10% is essentially the same as boosting the amount of gold you acquire by 10%.

13. Runes

Finding the perfect runes to suit your gameplay can take time and comes down to nothing more than luck. Invest in runes such as weapon attack boosters and save the rest as runes are hard to come by and can only be acquired through battles.

14. Back To The Roots

Gold starts to become harder to acquire and items are more expensive, what do you do? This is when the auto-attack feature becomes your new best friend, as mad as it might sound go back to stage one. When starting back at stage one you can just let the auto-attack work its magic destroying wave after wave of goblins earning you the gold you deserve! Come back to your phone after a couple of minutes and voila, all of your upgrades seem a lot more affordable!

Remember spread the wealth and battle effectively then you’ll become the ultimate sword master in no time, carving you war thought the endless waves of goblin attacks. Good luck and we wish you all the best on your conquests!

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