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Crypto Trillionaire Guide: 8 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Generate Income Faster

Since its inception in 2013, mobile game developer Tapinator, Inc,. has ceaselessly released a wide variety of good, clean, family friendly games and has earned almost half a billion downloads total of its more than 300 titles in its game portfolio across iOS, Android, and even Amazon platforms. Recently, Tapinator, Inc. released Crypto Trillionaire exclusively for iOS that has generated largely positive reviews following thousands of downloads. Crypto Trillionaire is an idle clicker game that sets itself apart from the usual games within the genre. With its bright visuals and easy mechanics, Crypto Trillionaire can be enjoyed by just about anyone. A simple tap of a button can earn you virtual money and there’s just no way to lose at all in the game. With the game packed with a lot of side activities to manage and partake in, it generates more than enough fun and excitement to keep you playing again and again.

Crypto Trillionaire sets you on a quest to become the first trillionaire in the planet as you engage in the purchase of mining gears and equipment in addition to various other means of generating income and profit-boosting activities. As you start off living in just an RV in the middle of the dessert, tapping as fast as you can to earn crypto currency largely defines the main activity in the game. As you continue to earn more, you can purchase better mining tools that boost your earnings without effort. There are numerous activities to engage in to further boost your income generation and you’ll find yourself jumping from one activity to the next in no time. It’s a continuous cycle of earning and investing as you would want to outright spend what you have earned on things that will help you earn more. It’s a casual game that you can play however you want to play it but like most idle clicker games, the rewards and progress you earn ultimately depends on the actual time you spend on your crypto investment and the effort you put into it.

As easy as any clicker game comes, there’s hardly any need for tutorials in Crypto Trillionaire. Everything is just a tap away and you can practically play the game with one hand, or even just a finger. On your first few minutes into the game, though, every bit of additional mechanics will be explained briefly. As you level up and unlock more features, short explanations will be provided as well. Though the game is designed for absolute fun and pleasure with practically no pressure on playing long exerting loads of effort, there will always be more efficient ways to reach your goal depending on how you play. So if you just started to play Crypto Trillionaire or already into it and looking for the best tips and strategies on how to progress fast and earn your first trillion, then our Crypto Trillionaire guide will surely be able to help you reach that goal.

1. Tap With More Than 1 Finger If You Can

One thing you may notice early on in Crypto Trillionaire, which is rarely available in other idle clicker games, is the taps per second counter on the upper right side of the screen. Playing with just your thumb or any other finger, you can probably average at 6 to 8 taps per second. As you will need to earn more currency early on to start purchasing new mining gears, try to utilize as many of your fingers as you can to generate more income. You can potentially reach 10 to 12 taps per second on two fingers and up to 20 or more if you use four fingers. We are seriously not certain if you anyone is skillfull enough to manage using more than four fingers but it depends on the screen size of the device you are using as well. It can be exhausting really fast depending on your tapping expertise and proficiency level but if you want to jumpstart your virtual crypto mining career, this is the way to go.

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You can do this as moderately as you can as there are various other activities you need to engage in to further increase the value of each tap as well as the generation of your overall income. Be sure to save your strength for occasional boosts that multiply the amount of crypto currency you earn per click on the coin for a limited period of time.

2. Invest Earnings In Mining Hardware Immediately

While Crypto Trillionaire is an idle clicker game beyond anything else, tapping on the crypto coin won’t be your bread and butter for the entirety of the game. As you earn more and more, be sure to invest as much of your earnings as you can in purchasing mining hardware to exponentially boost your income. With the Usb Miner as your starting tool for generating additional income, hosts of more expensive hardware become available as soon as you can afford them.

Typically, you would want to unlock more and more expensive equipment that can earn you a lot more than the previous one, so when you click on the Miners icon at the bottom left of the screen, be sure to always check for the most expensive one you can purchase before purchasing more of the unlocked tools. Also, take note of the progress bar under each piece of hardware as buying additional copies of that tool fills up the bar and dramatically increases its earnings. Therefore, what you ought to prioritize under normal circumstances would be the most expensive ones going down to the cheapest but when one tool is close to filling up the bar completely, it becomes top priority.

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Additionally, completely filling up the progress bar of a tool levels it up and these milestones earn you trophies that reward you further with gems. To see what you have already accomplished and what else to strive for, be sure to check the Fame (trophy) icon at the bottom of your screen. As gems are a very important premium currency in the game, you would want to get your hands on as many as possible early on to jumpstart your crypto farming career.

Remember to focus your attention on upgrading your crypto miners when you activate the buff that multiplies its earnings for a limited period of time. These opportunities can enable you to do several upgrades quickly and may earn you a couple or more milestones within the boost period. Once you see the lightning effects appear on the miner icon, be sure to click on it and upgrade as many of your tools as you can following the prioritization we discussed earlier.

3. Upgrade Crypto Coins To Boost Tap Income

While investing in miners may be aimed towards players who prefer a more idle approach in Crypto Trillionaire, it actually works well regardless of how much time you spend on the game. You can still earn a lot more by tapping away as fast as you can on the crypto coin. You can upgrade crypto coin levels and unlock new ones while spending earnings on miners as well but if it comes to a choice between the two when the money you have to spend may not be enough for both at the same time, your decision should be based on how often you are actively playing the game.
If you spend more time on the game actively, then prioritize the crypto coin upgrade especially if you are close to levelling it up. If you won’t be playing long it will still take a while to earn enough to purchase an upgrade, then you might as well bank your earnings on miners before you log out of the game. Again these all depends on your preference and play style and there’s a largely flexible approach to how you would want to progress your game.

4. Tap On Those Vehicles

Those cars and trucks that pass by your home from time to time aren’t just props to make Crypto Trillionaire look more lively, clicking on them actually earns you great rewards. When you are actively playing the game, and smash clicking the crypto coin, you should always keep an eye out for these vehicles. Each one you successfully click on can instantly earn you big amounts of earnings and free gems as well. Take note that you can earn as many as 25 free gems daily so if you really want to progress as fast as you can, it is best to max out your acquisition so you can earn gems for those additional boosts that can only be purchased with it.

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Take special note of tanks which require 3 clicks for you to claim special rewards. There are especially long 10-wheeler trucks with 3 cargos you can click on. Motorbikes usually give 2 gems per click as well so be sure to take notice even while you are busy rapidly tapping the crypto coin.

5. Spend Your Gems Wisely

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As a premium commodity and difficult to earn currency in Crypto Trillionaire, every piece of gem you earn should be well-spent. There are a number of good choices on where to spend your hard-earned gems. There are temporary miner boosts that you can spend gems on as well as instant cash acquisitions and such other boosts from the shop. For best results though, you may want to keep on earning until you have 100 gems to purchase the permanent boost from the shop. As soon as you have enough gems, be sure to prioritize the additional 20% crypto boost under the permanent tab from the shop. Once you do, will see an incremental subsequent boost that you can purchase again later on.

6. Watch Ads For Extra Boosts

Ads have become an integral part of free-to-play games and it’s important for everyone to understand that some games who don’t offer much for sale and pretty much playable without spending a dime needs these ads to stay running. In any case, it can be understood that while some ads may seem overly intrusive, the ones that are entirely optional, as well as provides compensation after viewing, should be pretty much welcomed.

In truth, you can freely enjoy Crypto Trillionaire without viewing any sort of video ad for whatever reason, but if you want to take the fast lane towards becoming the first trillionaire or so, then there are plenty of opportunities to grab to speed up your progress in the game.

crypto trillionaire boosts

The first of many such opportunities take place when you have just logged back in on the game and claim your offline income. Watching a short video ad at this point instantly doubles whatever amount you have earned while you are away and it only takes 15 to 30 seconds to get that much. Even if it’s a 30-second advertisement, choosing to go with it is still the much faster way of earning income. Another great boost to crypto income generation is the Ad Boost option at the upper right corner of the screen. Each video ad you watch, or play while your rest your eyes, doubles all the profit your earn for four hours so if you want to capitalize on this much further, you can watch up to 6 ads for a double boost lasting 24 full hours. There is also a wheel of fortune you can spin on from time to time and whatever prize you get can be doubled instantly by, again, watching another video advertisement. You will almost always see a message on the upper left side of your screen and to reply, you must watch a quick ad. These reward you with similar rewards that you get from spinning the wheel and should also be entertained whenever you can to hasten your progress towards becoming a trillionaire.

7. Complete Quests For More Rewards

crypto trillionaire quests

There are quick and easy quests you can complete that further amplify the rate at which you generate and earn extra income. These quests can easily be seen at lower left corner of your screen ant typically involves tapping the coin x times, clicking on x vehicles, or buying a certain amount of miners. These are easy to complete but the rewards are all very much worth it. Be sure to always be conscious of these quests and try to complete them one after another while you are playing the game.

8. Invest In The Hype

The Hype is most likely the most challenging aspect of Crypto Trillionaire to upgrade as the incremental costs of each item to unlock is very expensive, even for millionaires and billionaires. As such, it would be best to make smaller investments first like in miners and crypto coins and only target boosts from the hype once you have enough money for it. To be sure, check how close you are to purchasing an upgrade on the hype once you have logged in on the game as this is the best time to have saved a lot of earnings while offline. The boosts provided by each purchased item on the hype are tremendous and you will certainly be able to unlock each of it in due time.

crypto trillionaire hype

Again, like any idle clicker game as well as any real life entrepreneurial venture, the rate of progress and profitability you can achieve can only be limited by the extent of effort and time you can dedicate on the activity. While you will always earn continuously regardless in Crypto Trillionaire regardless of how you go about it, we are certain that following our simple tips and strategies will jumpstart your game a lot. As this ends our Crypto Trillionaire cheats, tips and strategies for the game, we hope we have shared enough and that you have enjoyed reading each and every item we shared. If you think we may have missed something that should be included in the guide, let us know and send us a message through the comment section!


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