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Weeder Match Cheats: 8 Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Cutting The Lawn In No Time

One of the most tedious chores ever and the one you probably hated the most is – mowing the lawn. Of course, this boring summer job could earn you a dollar or two, but most people resented the heat and the sweat that poured into one’s eyes. However, there is a way in which you can make the process of cutting the grass a lot more enjoyable, and the guys from Redemption Studio came up with a mobile game called Weeder Match. The game is available on both Android and iOS devices, and there is no doubt that the players will be addicted to this new release.

Since Weeder Match offers interesting gameplay, we wanted to provide the players with an in-depth guide to the most useful tactics and strategies. In other words, our Weeder Match guide will present you with the best tips, cheats & tricks for the game, and with the help of those methods – the green carpet will be neatly trimmed in a flash. So without further ado, let’s move on to our Weeder Match cheats, tips and tricks!

1. Level Up As Soon As Possible

Once you start playing Weeder Match, you will notice that the game can be played in two primary ways – active and passive. What this means is that you can change the direction of the missiles on your own, or you can allow the program to launch the attacks in an automatic manner. Once you tap at a certain area, a flying blade will be launched towards the spot you marked, cutting down everything in its way. The passive method means that the projectiles fly out in a random fashion, slicing the grass here and there.

weeder match cheats

If you want to improve the quality of the passive attack, you need to invest the coins. That is why the yellow gauge at the top of the screen plays a big part in Weeder Match. The goal is to fill up this bar and level up your character, which will enable you to increase the frequency of the attacks as well as the points collected.

2. Catch The Flying Balloon

In order to level up faster, you will need all the help you can get. Since this Weeder Match guide is all about assisting the players with their progress through the game, we have another important tip for you – try to catch the flying balloon! The balloon will start spiraling down every once and a while, and we suggest that you always tap the flying contraption. By doing so, you will collect a generous bonus!

Bonuses are highly important in almost all mobile games, but they can be especially helpful when playing Weeder Match. The reason for that is simple – you need coins to level up, and you need them fast! A flying balloon with a bag full gold is a dream come true. Aside from improving your Takt Time, Value, and Speed of the projectiles, the balloon is a highly useful incentive and you should never miss collecting this particular reward.

3. Try Out Your Luck With The Lucky Spin

Coins will constantly pour into your treasury, but there will never be enough of them. That is why clever investments will get you a long way in Weeder Match, but luck could also play a part in your progress. In other words, valuable bonuses and incentives await you on the wheel of fortune, and if it happens to be your day – the prizes can be quite lucrative and generous.

weeder match lucky spin

The small, colorful spinning wheel in the bottom right corner of the playing screen is called the Lucky Spin, and by tapping on this icon – the players will be presented with a wheel full of rewards and freebies. However, you will have to watch an ad before spinning the fortune wheel, but we believe that around 20 seconds of your time is worth the gifts that await you if you are lucky enough.

4. Change The Missiles

As we mentioned earlier in our Weeder Match guide, the best course of action for any novice player is to invest the gold coins in a proper manner, i.e. to buy upgrades and to level up. However, this game allows you to make certain cosmetic changes as well. We also stated earlier that mowing the grass can be a bit monotonous job, and that is why Weeder Match provides the possibility of changing certain details.

For instance, the players can unlock all sorts of weapons that can be thrown at the vegetation. You start the game with a Japanese Shuriken, but this item can be quickly replaced with an ax, a boomerang, or even a guillotine! Admittedly, these changes are purely aesthetic and they do not affect the speed by which you collect the points, but some players will want to add a little spark into the whole lawn-trimming business. Additional weaponry can be unlocked by watching ads, or my investing gold coins.

5. Change The Greenery

Even though the name of Weeder Match clearly suggests that you will be predominantly spending your time mowing the lawn, there are other possibilities as well. In other words, the game allows you to change the texture of the greenery, and this can also boost the entertainment levels of Weeder Match. Just like the change of weapons, this modification is purely cosmetic as well, and it does not affect the results.

weeder match tricks

However, we advise the players to experiment and investigate, simply because there is more than meets the eye with this particular game. Some of those additional textures include wood, stone, iron, ice, or even jelly, and it will be a shame if you miss the chance of wielding a giant ax named ‘Fury’ through a field full of those textures. As you could realize by now, Weeder Match can act as a great stress-reliever, and that is why players should examine all of the options that are available with this game.

6. Use The Multiple Projectiles Boost

While playing Weeder Match, the players will notice three circles on the left-hand side of the screen, and these icons represent highly useful boosts. All of them can be used once per gaming session free of charge, and every subsequent activation will require you to watch an ad. Also, all of the boosts have a limited duration, which means that they will generate gold coins for a couple of seconds only. However, this is no reason to miss out on the benefits that they can provide, and the first one of them is called Multiple Projectiles.

The icon of this boost shows a number of Shurikens flying away into the grasslands, and this is exactly what happens once you activate this particular boost. A giant number of missiles will be launched at the turf, and the grass will be cut down in a flash. Of course, a sudden burst of gold coins will be strengthening your account balance at the same time.

7. Use The Laser Boost

The second icon from the top is the Laser, and the title of this feature pretty much describes what is about to happen once you unleash the powers of this boost. By clicking this middle icon, the players will send out a powerful red laser, which will move clockwise over the green pasture and mow the lawn to perfection. The laser will have no mercy for the items that it founds on its way, and this will inevitably generate a lot of coins to the player.

weeder match laser boost

We suggest you use the Laser Boost when you need gold coins to purchase a new Attribute, i.e. a new upgrade, or when you are very close to leveling up. Either way, the high-tech laser is a great tool, and even though it looks futuristic – what better way to cut the lawn than with a giant laser?! Therefore, watching an ad or two seems like a small price to pay for the opportunity to maneuver a powerful beam and cut down everything that stands in your way.

8. Activate The Flying Coins Boost

This final boost could easily be called the Money Boost, and this feature works in a pretty straightforward manner. Once you click the lowest of the three icons in the left portion of the playing screen, the gold coins will start to rain down on the vegetation. Of course, the players should not hesitate even for a second, and every last one of those coins should be collected and stored in the treasury.

With boosts like this one, Weeder Match provides the players with a proper incentive to continue playing the game. After all, we all love free stuff, don’t we? The Flying Coins boost will reward you with a hefty sum of gold, and that is why we also recommend watching the ads and activating this particular bonus repeatedly.

This tip is the final one in our eight-point list for the game. Hopefully, all of these tricks will assist the players with enjoying this game. If you are familiar with any other helpful Weeder Match cheats, tips or strategies, be sure to let us know in the comment area!