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Paint Pop 3D Guide: 8 Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Doing a Great Paint Job

Created by Good Job Games, Paint Pop 3D is an arcade mobile game available on iOS and Android devices, and players will have a lot of fun spraying the paint all over the rotating wheels. When it comes to graphics, the game is not too demanding, but the colorful world of Paint Pop 3D will keep you enchanted for days on end.

This comprehensive Paint Pop 3D guide will hopefully enable players to grasp the basics of the gameplay. Once they achieve this, the game will become even more fun, and the rotating propellers will seem less intimidating all of a sudden. Since there is a lot more going on with Paint Pop 3D than meets the eye, let us provide you with eight highly useful tips, tactics and strategies. With that said, let’s move on to our Paint Pop 3D cheats, tips and strategies right after the jump!

1. Time Your Shots To Perfection

The main mental characteristic you need to possess in order to successfully climb through the ranks in Pain Pop 3D is – patience! In case you are anxious and want to get things done fast and without a plan – we got bad news for you. This game is all about careful and calculated moves, and that is why our guide can help even the impatient ones.

paint pop 3d tips

Perfectly timed shots are the key because they allow you to hit the spinning wheels and coat them with a layer of paint without hitting the obstacles. If you get carried away and turn full-auto when shooting out those balloons of paint – there is a high probability that the rotating blades will come in your way. For instance, we advise the players to take their time when being introduced to a new level. Just take a few seconds to observe and plan your course of action, and then get down to doing the paintwork!

2. Short Bursts Of Paint Will Do The Job

Since the rotating blades often move in irregular patterns, i.e. they stutter and then rapidly move forwards again, the players need to be very careful when shooting the paint. That is why we recommend that they use a single fire mode instead of a full-auto mode. By shooting one bubble of paint after the other, the players can always pay attention to the position of the blades, and this will result in fewer mistakes, which are costly when playing Paint Pop 3D.

Every time you hit one of the blades, you will have to re-take the entire level. In other words, all your progress will be lost, and that is why it is vital to be patient and observant when playing this particular mobile game. If you release the paint balloons one after the other, with a pause in between the shots, you will minimize the risks of losing all of your progress.

3. Study The Movement Patterns

The world around us consists of certain patterns, but we are not always interested in recognizing them. However, Paint Pop 3D requires that you take a moment and examine the ‘behavior’ of the blades that rotate around the main axis. These plates come in various sizes and they serve as obstacles in the game. In other words, you need to avoid hitting them at all costs. Luckily, they move in patterns, i.e. their movement is predictable and this allows the players to go around them and decorate the spinning wheel with all sorts of colors.

The blades typically spin clockwise, but this is not always the case. Sometimes they go back at seemingly random moments, and they also swing like a pendulum at certain times. A useful rule of thumb is that thinner blades move faster than the fat ones, and we advise the players to always watch these patterns and plan their shots accordingly.

4. Use The Near Miss Boost

Since Paint Pop 3D uses a three-stages-per-level system, it means that you have to paint three spinning wheels without a single mistake in order to pass to the next chapter. Even though this may seem like a piece of cake, more experienced players will tell you that this is not always the case. We already mentioned some of the ‘problems’ you will encounter on your way through the game, and there are some other challenges which make Paint Pop 3D challenging and exciting at the same time.

paint pop 3d cheats

In order to entice the players and facilitate their movements trough levels, Paint Pop 3D offers a useful feature called Near Miss. This boost is located on the right-hand side of the playing screen, and once this rainbow-colored gauge is full – the players can blast their way through a stage and skip on to the next one. What this means is that this particular boost clears the stage for you, and we suggest that you tap the Near Miss button every time it is filled.

5. Fill Up The Near Miss Gauge

By using the Near Miss boost, the players can easily demolish the spinning obstacles and move forward on the axis. However, the gauge will be empty after you release all the paint that was stored inside. Also, the gauge is empty at the very start of each level, and the players need to fill up the tank before releasing a colorful torrent of paint.

Paint Pop 3D allows the players to fill the gauge by taking chances, i.e. they need to create near-miss scenarios in order to receive specialty points. Every Near Miss point goes into the tank on the right-hand side, and only five of those are sufficient for filling the gauge all the way to the top. Of course, this implies that you need to be extremely careful when taking the shots since your bombs of dye will fly dangerously close to the spinning propellers.

6. Enjoy The Bonus Round

Since we all love free stuff, Paint Pop 3D has included a little gift for the players in the form of a generous Bonus round. Freebies are always helpful, and the gold coins you can collect during Bonus sequences in Paint Pop 3D will certainly boost your overall wealth. Also, these rounds will provide a break from constant focus and concentration on the turbine-like blades that rotating in front of your eyes.

paint pop 3d tricks

Perhaps you are wondering where is the catch, how come all those coins are up for grabs just like that? Believe it or not, there is no hidden agenda here, and the round of coins is free for the taking. You only need to release the burst of paint from your spray gun, and the gold will fly into your pocket. Unfortunately, the Bonus rounds are not happening very often, and that is why we urge the players to make the most of them and collect all the available gold coins.

7. Keep The Winning Streak

As any experienced gambler would tell you, it is very important to preserve the winning streak once you are on a roll. The same rule applies to Paint Pop 3D, and we advise the players to try and preserve their progress and not allow it to go down the drain. What we mean by this is that you should press the Continue button every time you make a mistake and hit the propellers. By doing so, you will have to watch a short ad, and once those 30 seconds are over – the game will continue from the spot you previously occupied.

paint pop 3d hints

Moving along the spinning axis is relatively easy in the early stages of the game, but as you progress thorough Paint Pop 3D – the missions will become harder and harder. That is why 30 seconds of your free time will be a good investment because the opposite decision means that you gave up. Consequently, you will have to play the stages of a certain level all over again.

8. Visit The Shop

At the start of the game, your spray gun will have two propellers on the sides, and it will hover over the axis and release multi-colored blobs of paint onto the spinning wheel in front of it. However, the players can change the appearance of their character, as well as some other features of the game as well. On the right-hand side of the screen, a small symbol of a shopping cart will take you to the in-game Shop, and this section can make Paint Pop 3D even more colorful and exciting.

The gold coins you collect by completing the missions are necessary for purchasing the skins for your character. Additionally, the game allows you to change the coloration of the road on which your spray gun moves. We suggest that you visit the Shop every once and a while and invest the coins in the best way possible.

This tip concludes our 8-point list of the best Paint Pop 3D cheats, tips and strategies, and we hope that our guide can be of use to players from around the globe. If you are familiar with any other tips and tricks for Paint Pop 3D, leave us a message in the comment section below.

Annie Brose

Tuesday 5th of March 2019

I want to restart the game from scratch and restore doesn’t seem to do that. Any ideas?