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Hoop Stars Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Beat Every Opponent And Earn Gems Fast

Hoops Stars is the latest hyper-casual game published by SayGames and developed by Highscore Labs. As fun and simple as all other games under the SayGames app portfolio, Hoop Stars is definitely a game anyone can pick up and learn to play in a minute and can be as addictive as SayGames’ most successful titles. Fairly recently, we covered some of SayGames’ most trending titles like Jelly Shift, Perfect Slices and Sand Balls. If you enjoyed these games as well as other titles from SayGames, then you may want to check Hoop Stars out.

Hoop Stars is a unique basketball game of sorts where you actually control a hoop that floats with every tap of the screen and your goal is to “basket” the hoop through the floating ball to score a point. The fun part is that you will go with an A.I. opponent each match and it is a race for points within a given time limit. Every win earns you gems that you need to collect to purchases new skins for your hoops and balls.

Hoop Stars actually packs a very simple game mechanic into a game that offers basic controls. Tapping on the left side of the screen flicks your hoop to the left and tapping on the right side flings the hoop towards the right. As simple as it all seems, navigating your hoop to pass through the ball can be a challenge especially while competing with an opponent.

While the game may appear too simplistic and offers challenges fun only for kids, it does offer plenty of challenges players across all ages can find joy and excitement in. If you are in a bit of a pinch beating some opponents on more challenging levels or if you are raring to earn gems fast to complete your collection of skins for your hoops and balls, then stay with us and check out our Hoop Stars guide for tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Timing And Calculations Matter

Just to be clear, Hoops Stars is not about smash tapping the screen and be in a race towards the ball floating about. To some extent, it is a physics-based game where each nudge on the hoop and each subsequent one can lead to a variety of effects depending on your timing and the hoop’s location. As such, you should take note of how far and fast the hoop goes with each tap of the screen and based on its behavior, you should be able to make basic assumptions on how to get it to where you want it to be, which is of course, on and through the ball.

hoop stars timing

Be especially attentive to how long the hoop moves after you click on it as forecasting where the hoop will be and when exactly to tap again is crucial if you want to make precise moves that lead to scoring fast and leaving the competition in the dust. There is actually a wide range of time within which you can tap on the screen to make the hoop fling again before it even gets to the point where it stops rising and begins to fall slowly downwards. For strategy, be sure to always consider the possible combination and timings of each tap to score as much as you can more efficiently.

2. Preventing The Opponent From Scoring Helps Too

Even with practice and developing good calculation skills to bag a score fast, beginners may find it abit of a challenge to consistently net scores and win matches all the time. If you are having trouble scoring faster than your opponent does, then instead of simply aiming to grab some points you should also defend the ball from the opposing hoop and block it from scoring a goal. Perhaps scoring points consistently across all levels may not always be easy, but blocking your opponent is a lot easier.

hoop stars tricks

Keep in mind that while your opponents in Hoop Stars may appear to be named like random players, they are just A.I. While some A.I.’s can be programmed with superb precision, even the highest levels or programming can be beaten by a crafty and strategic player. In Hoop Stars, securing the inner circle and boxing the opponent out and away from the ball is a comparatively easy task. Given that you can also score points by passing the hoop through the ball from under it, what you would want to aim for should be keeping your hoop between the ball and the opponent’s hoop. Once you do that, it will be a lot easier to both try to score points and block the opponent out.

3. Use The Sides To Adjust Your Vertical Position

hoop stars guide

As you constantly aim to get precisely to where the ball is with each tap on your screen, you are essentially moving towards a grid with each tap moving in slanting lines across the screen. Sometimes, it becomes a challenge to get to the right spot as each left or right movement may be lacking or excessive in that getting to the precise location of the ball and, more so, passing through it can become a challenge. Truthfully enough, it is easier to align your hoop with the ball horizontally with each tap and, more often than not, getting to the exact vertical alignment becomes the more challenging feat. If tapping left and right just does not work for you, therefore, utilize the sides of the screen to delimit your hoop’s side movement and have the right vertical position to bring you closer to scoring a goal.

4. Let You Hoop Swing Around The Ball

It may be a difficult feat to have your hoop pass through the ball flawlessly to score a point but keep in mind that all it really take is to have your hoop cover the entire area of the ball from one end to the other. For the most part, you will not likely see your hoop passing through the ball like how a basketball passes through the hoops but the upside is that as one end of the hoop sort of hooks itself on the ball, the rest of it can swing through the ball for easy points.

hoop stars hints

The strategic goal behind this is to aim to “hook” your hoop onto the ball and stop tapping as you wait for it to swing fully around the ball for a point. This is actually an easier way of scoring points compared to aiming for a clear pass through. Although it seems a little challenging to master at first, going for it all the time will soon make you an expert into lodging your hoop on the ball for quick and easy points.

5. Hop Back To The Ball After Scoring

hoop stars strategies

While we want to always exercise patience in every game, Hoop Stars is actually a race for points and every second you are in the match, you will have to actively compete with your opponent to score higher and win. Although you can still manage to outscore your opponent in a variety of regular methods, one trick you can easily pull is to hop back onto the ball after you score appoint.
Regardless if it is a full pass through or a score by full swing, you can tap the appropriate side of your device to steer your hoop away from the ball and tap the opposite side immediately after to score another one. It all sounds tricky and a real move for experts but you will easily get used to doing it after testing it out a few times. It will be a challenge to pull off consecutively but being able to accomplish it half of the time will already give you a lot of advantage over your opponent.

6. Watch Ads For More Gems & Rewards

As video ads continue to become a huge part of free-to-play games, especially casual ones, embracing their presence and considering them as break periods within playtime is a reasonable mindset. While video ads that pop up a little too often that does not offer any additional benefits for players can be tiring to watch, most video ads in hyper-casual games actually boost progress tremendously.

hoops stars gems and rewards

Although Hoop Stars actually does contain some ads in-between matches, there are plenty of ads that are not forced on you and are otherwise attractive to watch for the perks and boosts they provide. For starters, you can instantly gain multipliers for the gem rewards you get by watching a 10 to 30-second video ad and as part of the fun in Hoop Stars comes in collecting different skins for your hoop and the ball, getting these extra skins from treasure chests is a huge help. Collecting keys to unlock 3 of 9 chests becomes a part of the rewards you get for playing. Watching ads after consuming all 3 keys can earn you more keys to open up all those chests.

Surprisingly enough, Hoop Stars does not actually need internet connectivity to work. You can actually play it offline so if you feel like playing continuously without feeling interrupted by video ads that pop up, simply turn your Wi-Fi or mobile data off. Keep in mind, though, that you will not be able to take advantage of the numerous perks that can boost your progress that come from watching the in-game video ads.

And that is all we have for you as far as our Hoop Stars tips, cheats and stricks are concerned. We hope that you learned a few good tricks from the ones we shared in this article. If you have played the game extensively and wish to share other tips or tricks that you discovered, feel free to share them with us in the comments!

Billy Bopperson

Saturday 19th of October 2019

In gem rush?? Because I have 120


Thursday 12th of September 2019

I have a screenshot of a world record 114