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Perfect World Mobile Class Guide: Which Class Should You Choose?

This Perfect World Mobile class guide aims to explore the different classes and their playstyle to help you pick the one that suits you the most. The game allows you to have up to 4 characters at once, so you will be able to play 4 of the 5 classes available with a single account, which comes in handy if you want to try out different classes, as you only have to pick one class you don’t want to play out of the others.

If you are looking for a guide aimed at beginners of the game to help you progress through the early stages of the game, check out our Perfect World Mobile beginner’s guide.

There are 3 races in Perfect World Mobile: The Winged Elf, the Human, and the Untamed, the latter race only has access to a single class, whereas the other two can pick from 2 classes each. Let’s take a deeper look into each class to help you decide which one to pick.

The Human Race

Humans reside in the northern parts of Perfect World, and unsurprisingly they look like…humans. They look like you’d expect any other person to look. Humans can select between two races: Blademaster and Wizard.

The Blademaster

Blademasters are powerful melee attackers that have high defense and HP, but suffer a bit in the magic resistance department. Earlier in the game they are slightly weaker than most classes, as their damage output requires levels and cultivation to really ramp up, but once you’re there, you will be a hero that everyone wants in their party. The Blademaster’s special ability is that he can change his weapon stance: he can be either in Axe and Hammer stance, or in Polearm stance. These can be switched through certain abilities, and offer variations in combat.

At the most basic cultivation level, their basic attacks strike enemies quickly, Tiger Maw is a single hit that deals more damage to the struck enemy, Drake’s Ray strikes the target 3 times in quick succession. Lastly, Fan of Flame hits all enemies around the Blademaster, damaging and slowing them, plus it has a 20% chance to trigger the Pounding effect, a status effect that stuns the affected unit for 2 seconds and deals 5% of its missing health to it. This skill is great when you are surrounded, and it can earn you precious seconds in a pinch.

blademaster perfect world mobile

While you’re still at the base cultivation level, completing early quests will give you access to three more skills: Farstrike, a powerful blow that will deal massive damage to the struck enemy, knocking him back, plus 5% of its current HP, Drake Bash, stunning and dealing a lot of damage to the struck target, and Meteor Rush, a long cooldown that hits all enemies in a line. Meteor Rush is pretty bad until you reach the higher levels, so it’s not really worth to use in our opinion, while the other 2 abilities are pretty good.

Reaching the Inspired cultivation level will grant you access to Drake Sweep, Cleave, and Tiger Leap. Drake Sweep deals damage around you and grants you Iron Body, a status during which you take reduced damage. Iron Body only lasts for 1 second so you will have to time this ability correctly. Cleave is exactly the same skill as Drake Sweep, the difference is in their tertiary effect: these abilities make you switch weapon modes. Tiger Leap lets you dash forward and it also increases your movement speed for 6 seconds, pretty good when you need to disengage for a moment, or you need to dodge one of those annoying boss attacks that hit in a line.

When you get to the Attuned level, you can cast Shadowless Kick, a very good ability that lets you leap toward the target and hit them with two fast kicks that deal some physical damage and slow the target. Pretty unimpressive, but here’s why this skill is good: it interrupts skills being cast by bosses. Extremely good if you can stop bosses from using their most powerful abilities. The other ability unlocked by the Attuned cultivation level is Aura of Steel, which lets Blademaster unleash a powerful roar that grants the Aura of Steel effect to allies within 15 meters of the Blademaster; Aura of Steel reduces the damage taken by 10% for 30 minutes.

A Blessed Blademaster can use Chi Burst, an ability that every other class has, and that increases the caster’s main attribute and turn them invulnerable for 1 second, and Bolt of Tyreseus a double-edged sword that is very powerful but must be used wisely. It damages, lowers the target’s attack speed and movement speed, and also roots them. But here’s the reason it is a double edge sword: the caster gets rooted too after 1 second, and it lasts for a whole 5 seconds, so only use this against highly mobile targets you have issues staying on top of.
Once you reach the Blessed cultivation level, you will gain access to Rising Waves, a skill that increases your movement speed considerably for 12 seconds and makes you immune to abilities that impair movement for the same amount of time.

When the Blademaster reaches the Awakened level, he learns Roar of the Pride, a simple yet effective skill: it stuns all enemies around the Blademaster for 3 seconds.

Lastly, an Enlightened Blademaster will be able to use Heaven’s Flame and Glacial Spike. The former can only be used while in the Axe and Hammer stance, and it makes the Blademaster jump into the air and summon a flame dragon that deals huge damage to the target it strikes and the enemies around him, while also increasing the damage they take for 6 seconds. Incredible ability when used correctly and combined with other high damage abilities from the rest of your team thanks to the damage amplification. Glacial Spike requires the Blademaster to be in Polearm stance, and freezes the ground with ice blades, dealing damage in the area and freezing enemies in it for 2 seconds. Furthermore, their defense is reduced for 5 seconds, but not by as much as with Heaven’s Flame. Both of these abilities are extremely powerful.

The Wizard

Wizards focus dealing damage in huge quantities, they also provide some degree of utility through their spells. Wizards should stay in the back, they have a spell that lets them dodge powerful area attacks and spells somewhat easily, and deal insane amounts of damage. For example, I was clearing a dungeon with people who were 30 levels ahead of me, and I was still the player who dealt the most damage, that’s how big their potential to deal damage is compared to other classes.

Let’s start from their Base spells: Pyrogram is a Wizard’s basic attack: it deals some magic damage; it costs nothing and it has no cooldown. Gush hurls a powerful water beam at a target, dealing magical damage and slowing the target for 6 seconds. Hailstorm is a powerful spell that targets an area: every enemy caught in the hailstorm takes magic damage every second, plus they are slowed by 50% for 2 seconds (this slow refresh every time an enemy damage by the hailstorm).

wizard perfect world mobile

Inspired wizards have access to Glacial Snare, Shrink, and Hill’s Seize. Glacial Snare is a stronger version of Gush, as it deals more damage, but it slows for half the time, while costing about 3 times as much mana as Gush. Hill’s Seize is a powerful spell that deals massive damage to the target and any enemy in a radius of 6 meters, and stuns them for 3 seconds. This spell is very powerful, and thus has a long cooldown (40 seconds). Shrink is a very interesting spell that teleports the caster forward by 10 meters, and it also roots all enemies within 5 meters of the landing spot for a second and a half. This spell keeps the wizard mobile and allows them to dodge those huge area spells bosses tend to throw out every now and then, keeping them safe.

Wizards’ attuned spell is Dragon’s Breath, which summons a fire shield around the Wizard that deals damage to enemies around them every half second. This spell disappears after 30 seconds, or when the wizard runs out of mana, or when the wizard cancels it.

When a wizard reaches the blessed status, they will have access to Chi Burst and Will Force. Chi Burst consumes 1 Spark to increase the magical attack of the wizard by 10% and make them invulnerable for 1 second. Will Force silences the target for 2 seconds and slows them for 6, and also gives the wizard Stone Barrier, an effect that increases the wizard’s physical defense by 20% for 30 minutes.

The wizard’s spell for the savvy cultivation level is Blade Fury: a powerful spell that deals massive damage to all the enemies in a radius of 6.5 meters around the caster, this spell costs a lot of mana and has a long cooldown of 30 seconds, justified by how powerful the spell is.

Awakened wizards gain access to Heart Sutra, a spell with a 60 seconds cooldown that gives an amazing self-buff: it makes it so that the next spell the wizard cast will be instant. You won’t have to spend time channeling it and risking to have to cancel it because your target is about to smash you with a powerful hit. Heart Sutra also restores 10% of the wizard’s maximum mana.
Lastly, when you reach the enlightened level, you will gain access to Ice Dragon: a spell that summons an ice dragon that soars into the air and then dives right into an enemy, causing massive damage to him and all the enemies around him and slowing them for 4 seconds…should they survive the hit.

The Untamed

The Untamed are a race that evolved from animals. They can switch between their humanoid and their beast form, and they can even shapeshift into animals. There is only 1 class available to the Untamed in Perfect World Mobile for now.

The Barbarian

The barbarian is characterized by his very high defenses and health, and is a powerful melee fighter able to both soak damage for his party, and dealing huge physical damage. His attacks are very slow and powerful, and in general that’s how the character plays: a slow and unstoppable tank ready to smash everything in his way. Barbarians have access to two forms: their humanoid form, and their beast one, some abilities can only be used when in a certain form.

Basic cultivation level will grant you Beast Stomp, a powerful single target strike, Slam, an ability that makes the Barbarian leap into the air then smash down the ground, damaging all enemies in an area and slowing them for 2 seconds. Completing a quest will also let you learn Firestorm, an ability that makes you swing your weapon around in a circle if you are in humanoid form, whereas if you are in beast form it will engulf you in flames, dealing extra damage to the enemies around you for 12 seconds.

barbarian perfect world mobile

An Inspired Beastmaster is capable of using Swing, a powerful hit that stuns the enemy it hits for 2 seconds, and Onslaught, a very uninspired ability that simply deals damage to the target with no additional effect.

An attuned barbarian can use Tiger Form, an ability that transforms him into a White Tiger able to use the beast form skills, and more than quintuples Block, Physical Defense, and Magical Defense, while also increasing the barbarian’s movement speed. This is a great ability when you just need to survive to allow your healers to heal you. The other 2 abilities you get when attuned can only be used while in beast form: Flesh Realm taunts the target and deals some damage to it, while Devour reduces all damage taken by the barbarian and it also reduces the target’s defense for 5 seconds, plus it deals some physical damage to it.

When the barbarian reaches the blessed cultivation level, it will gain access to Chi Burst like every other character, increasing his Physical Attack in this case. Roar can be used in either humanoid or beast form, and it stuns and slows all enemies hit, if you are in beast form, the enemies will also be taunted, which means they will ignore everyone else and attack you. Great spell to make sure your backline is safe.

Savvy barbarian can use Surf Impact and Tortoise, and he must be in beast form to use these. Tortoise is what makes the barbarian the best tank in the game, as it reduces all of the damage taken by 40% for 20 seconds. Surf Impact is not a good ability unfortunately, it only damages and slows enemies in an area…it’s a worse Slam.

You get to use Bestial Rage and Inspiration when you reach the awakened cultivation level, 2 great abilities that make you much stronger and also help your allies. Bestial Rage grants you Chi and a powerful shield if you are below 50% HP, the shield’s health is based on your max HP. Inspiration increases the Physical Attack and the max HP of the affected allies by 10% for 30 minutes.

Lastly, we get to the Enlightened level, with Armageddon, the only ability that requires you to be in humanoid form to be used. This ability costs 200 Chi to use and has a 60s cooldown. Armageddon expends 50% of the barbarian’s current HP and mana, and each HP and mana lost this way is converted into 0.75 extra damage. This spell strikes an area, and the closer to the center the enemies are, the more damage they will take. This spell is incredible when used at the start of a fight: it’s when your HP and mana pools are full, so you can use them as you please, and the damage dealt is so high, thanks to the barbarian’s immense HP pool. Use this ability with caution though, losing 50% of your health instantly puts you at risk; luckily, we can then use Bestial Rage and get a nice shield to protect you while your healer puts you back into shape.

The Winged Elves

The Winged Elves are a race that symbolizes beauty, grace, and purity. Their journey starts in the City of the plume, and they can fly, which means they don’t need any other transportation method.

The Cleric

Clerics are a class available to the Winged Elves, and they are the backbone of every party, thanks to their strong healing and buffing spells. They are the characters that need the most protection from their frontline, as they are very fragile, but they also make everyone in the party so much stronger it’s absolutely worth it. Clerics can also deal respectable damage, don’t disregard their offensive potential, or you will find yourself running out of HP really quick.

At the base cultivation level, the Priest can use Cyclone, a single target spell that deals damage and slows the target, Thunder, a spell that hits multiple enemies around the main target, and once you complete a quest, Wellspring, the first healing spell a Cleric has access to. It heals the target based on your Magic Attack, plus a fixed amount, it is a good spell at all stages of the game, as it gives you Chi when you cast it, plus it has a low cooldown of 8 seconds and costs little mana.

cleric perfect world mobile

Once you reach the inspired cultivation level, you will have access to three more spells: Ironheart heals the target instantly, and then heals them more every 2 seconds for 15 seconds, any unit can have up to 3 Ironheart active on them at any time. Tempest is a Thunder that deals slightly less damage but can hit more enemies, good against big clusters of enemies. Chromoseal puts the target to sleep for 6 seconds, if the slept target is an enemy it will be healed by 20% of their max HP every second. This spell is best used at the start of a fight to put the biggest threat to your team to sleep and let your team take care of the smaller monsters before focusing all of their effort into the big one.

When attuned, you can cast Purify, a powerful dispel that removes most negative effects from the target, and Healbeam, a powerful heal that hits all allies in a 15 meters radius around the caster, plus it gives them Divination Shield and Aegis Spirit. The former reduces the physical damage taken by 5% for 30 minutes, while the latter reduces the magical damage taken by 5% for 30 minutes.

The Chi Burst of the cleric, learned when you reach the blessed status, increases her Magic Attack, and makes her invulnerable for a second. Revive is the other spell you get from this cultivation level, and it’s the real deal. It has a 30 seconds cooldown and costs no mana, and it revives a fallen ally. While the cooldown is only 30 seconds, you can’t revive someone who has been revived in the last 300 seconds (5 minutes), so make sure that the target you are reviving is not going to die again instantly, or you will have wasted a powerful spell and a super long cooldown.

The Savvy cultivation level grants access to Regenerate, a powerful aura that when activated continually consumes mana. While active, it heals all allies within 20 meters of the caster by 12.5% of the caster’s Magic Attack every second, while also reducing the damage they take by 20%. Regenerate lasts up to 15 seconds, or until the Cleric runs out of mana. Remember that while Regenerate is active, the Cleric cannot cast any other spell or attack.

When you reach the Awakened cultivation level, you gain access to Plume Shield, which, as the name suggests, creates a shield for the Cleric that absorbs a lot of damage. The shield lasts up to 20 seconds, and has a 30 seconds cooldown, so you can reasonably expect to have your shield on very often.

Finally, an Enlightened Cleric can use God’s Wrath. This spell costs 200 Chi and has a 30 seconds cooldown. This spell unleashes an aura around the caster, much like Regenerate, this aura increases the attack speed and cast speed of all allies blessed by it by 25%, while also reducing their cooldowns by 25%. And just like Regenerate, this spell can last up to 15 seconds, or until your mana runs out, and exactly like Regenerate, you cannot cast any other spell while God’s Wrath is active.

The Archer

Archers are a ranged physical damage dealer class. Their role in fights is to stand in the back and deal as much damage as possible with their attacks and abilities. They are very frail, so don’t try to engage in direct combat against powerful enemies with them, although they are good at evading hits, they tend to die quickly.

When you start out in the game as an Archer, you will only be able to shoot arrows at your enemies, be it through your basic attacks, through Take Aim, a hit that is more powerful than an attack but that also takes a bit of channeling before firing, and Quickshot, a skill that makes you fire 3 arrows in rapid succession. By completing the quest Brewing Medicine I you also gain access to another base cultivation ability: Lightning, a spell that damages an enemy. Don’t be fooled, despite looking like a magic spell, it deals physical damage.

archer perfect world mobile

Becoming inspired will give you the ability to use Thunder and Binding Arrow; the former is a decent attack that targets an enemy and also damages their allies around them, while the latter fires a powerful arrow that damages the target and roots him for 2 seconds. Very good against mobile enemies that are trying to reach you.

An attuned archer will be able to use Stunning Arrow, which, as the name implies, simply damages an enemy while stunning him, and Windshield, which grants you and your allies around you Windshield, an effect that increases the evasion and the movement speed of affected characters for 30 minutes.

When you reach the blessed cultivation level, you will gain access to Chi Burst, just like everyone else. In this case, it increases your Physical Attack. The other ability you gain by becoming blessed is Splintering Arrow, a very interesting ability that deals damage to enemies in an area, and also reduces their max HP by 10% for 30 seconds. This ability is great when combined with powerful burst abilities, sometimes your burst isn’t enough to kill a monster quickly, but when it is combined with this, it definitely will be enough! This ability has a long cooldown of 35 seconds, so use it with caution.

Savvy archers can use Wings of Grace. Using this ability costs 200 Chi, and is a spark skill. It makes you invulnerable for 3 seconds, and it prevents any control-impairing effect for 10. Furthermore, you gain 15% movement speed and take 15% less damage while this ability is active.

Awakened archers gain access to Winged Shell, another spark skill that creates a shield around you based on your Attack and that lasts up to 20 seconds. This is extremely good when your frontline need to step aside for a brief moment and needs some time to recover, or when you are about to get hit by one of these powerful area attacks by a boss.

Lastly, reaching the Enlightened status will guarantee you access to Barrage, yet another spark skill. It costs 200 Chi to cast, and it has a cooldown of 30 seconds. The archer stops in place and starts expending his mana to fire countless arrows into the air, dealing great physical damage to the target and enemies within 4 meters of the target. This spell lasts until you run out of mana or until you cancel it manually. Barrage is incredibly powerful when you manage to channel it for a decent amount of damage, so make sure to be out of harm’s way when you use it.

This concludes our class guide for Perfect World Mobile. There are classes for any playstyle, so you will surely find someone to play. As always, let us know in the comments what you think about the game and the various classes! Happy grinding!