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Perfect World Mobile Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become the Greatest Warrior

Perfect World Mobile is a mobile remake of the legendary Perfect World, a MMORPG released 12 years ago on PC. The game was a huge success, and the developers are aiming to provide the same experience today, with modern graphics and on a modern platform. If you have never played the original game, then be sure to check out our Perfect World Mobile beginner’s guide, as it comes with a number of useful tips, cheats and strategies! So without further ado, let’s get started with our Perfect World Mobile beginner’s guide!

1. Creating Your Character

A staple in every MMORPG is the character creation phase, you can pick between 3 races: the Human, the Untamed, and the Winged Elf; each race has access to different classes, and every class plays differently, before taking a more in-depth look to each class, a note for beginners: melee classes are easier to play than ranged classes, and magic and control classes are slightly harder than pure fighting classes, lastly, healers are the hardest class to play. Don’t worry though, the game helps you out when you start out, so you should be able to figure out how to play your chosen class by the time it matters. Not all classes from the original game are available on the mobile version.

perfect world mobile race selection

By picking the Winged Elf race you will be able to play either as an Archer or as a Cleric. As the names suggest, Archers specialize in ranged combat, and are very agile and move quickly, they are also very versatile when it comes to picking how to build them up, whereas Clerics are all about healing and supporting their teammates through their powerful spells; they can even revive their teammates.

The Untamed race only has access to a single class: the Barbarian, a relentless warrior that is able to take a lot of punishment and to soak all of the damage for his backline. Barbarians are also exceptional at chasing wounded enemies, and they rely on their brute strength when they attack.

The Human race can play either as a Wizard or as a Blademaster. The Wizard plays exactly as you’d expect: they are able to cast powerful spells and deal very high burst damage both to a single target and in an area, while providing some utility through their spells. Blademasters are exceptional melee fighters, but do not mix them up with Barbarians, as while the Blademasters also spot decent HP and physical resistance, they aren’t as good as Barbarians at taking hits, especially when it comes to magic hits; their magic resistance is exceptionally low. Offensively, they are able to hit multiple enemies at once with their abilities, and even add a bit of control like stuns to fights.

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Once you will have picked your race and class, it’s time to customize your character, there are plenty of options you can pick from when you are modeling your character, more than we expected honestly. You can modify everything: hairstyle, the eyes, the mouth, the nose, and just about everything else.

2. How To Make Your Character Stronger

After you’ve picked your character, you will enter into the intro of the game, where the lore of the world will be explained to you, as well as the combat tutorial. You will start with all of your abilities unlocked, and a very powerful character…but it’s only temporary unfortunately. After you will be done with this tutorial you will find yourself as a mere level 1 character with only 1 ability unlocked, and you will have to work yourself back up to the point you were during the tutorial.

As with every MMORPG, questing will be your main source of experience, just follow the various quests the game gives you, and you will find yourself leveling up very quickly. Do every quest you can, most of them won’t take more than a couple minutes, and the rewards are always worth it.

perfect world mobile clearing dungeon

Dungeons are also a great source of experience, I have leveled up a lot simply by clearing the various dungeons (specifically the Phoenix Valley early on) with the Automatching feature, as it put me in a party of higher level people who helped me out and made me earn 6-7 levels in the first runs, which was very helpful, since I was only around level 17 back then. This allowed me to get to level 30, which made clearing the rest of the content that much faster. Clearing the PVE dungeons with a party will give everyone in the party more XP as well, so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Leveling up isn’t the only way to get stronger though, there are plenty of factors that influence your character’s power. One of them is your equipment, which you acquire by slaying monsters in the various dungeons. Higher difficulty dungeons will provide higher level gear, but you will need a powerful party to clear the hardest dungeons, and everyone will have to pull their weight, or you will not be able to clear these dungeons. In the early game though, your equipment will not be very good, and you won’t get as much, but at least you will be able to improve it, by “refining” it. You can access the refining screen by tapping on the “Enhance” button.

perfect world mobile equipment

Refining costs Mirage Stones and Silver Coins. There is a success rate for each refining, which determines how likely you are to see your item actually increase its level, failure will mean you lost the resources you spent on the refining forever. You can increase your chances of succeeding by using “Blessing Material” during your refining.

Another thing you can do is adding Soulstones to your equipment, a special material that will increase the stats of the infused weapon even more. Not all items can be infused with Soulstones.
If you ever feel stuck and are unsure on what to improve and how, head over the “Become Stronger” menu and see what you can do.

3. The Skills And Cultivation Systems

Levels and gear are important, but there are even more ways to improve your character, and one of these is through the Skill system. There are three different categories for your skills: Base, Inspired, and Attuned. Base skills are the 3 skills your class has access to. Inspired skills come from when your character reaches the Inspired status, which is achieved through Cultivation. Lastly, the Attuned status is also achieved through Cultivation, it gets unlocked at level 19, and it unlocks one extra ability for your character.

Of course, the higher your Cultivation level, the more powerful your skill are, so an Attuned skill will always be better than an Inspired skill, and the same goes for Inspired vs Base skills.

perfect world mobile cultivation system

Furthermore, in the skills menu you can upgrade your skills. Upgrading skills costs Spirit and Silver Coins, two currencies you can farm easily by slaying monsters. Increasing skills’ levels increases their damage and mana costs. It is always worth it to upgrade skills, and the game gives us an “Upgrade all” button in the skills screen. Make sure to check back this screen and hit the Upgrade all button somewhat often when you are just starting out, as the level of your spells will have the biggest impact on your character’s power when you are just starting out.

We briefly mentioned the Cultivation system, where your character can reach the different statuses: Inspired, Attuned, Blessed, Savvy, Awakened, Enlightened, and Immortal level I, II, and III. These statuses are reached by leveling up, they start from level 9 for the Inspired status and you access the next level every 10 level, so you are Attuned at level 19, Savvy at level 29, and so on. You need to complete Cultivation missions to earn points to increase the levels of the different bonuses in every cultivated status.

In the Skills menu you can also see the “Sage & Demons” skills, but these are unlocked at level 69, so they are beyond the scope of this guide, juts know they exist.

There is also a “Life” section in this menu, these skills are the typical “Job” skills you can get in a lot of other MMORPGs, like Fishing, Cooking, Alchemy, and Gathering. These abilities will improve your non-fighting abilities, and will improve what you get by doing them, for example you will be able to find rarer fish with a higher level in your fishing ability, or you will be able to create better potions with a higher level in Alchemy. Leveling them up requires you to join a Guild, as it costs you guild coins.

4. The Guilds

Guilds are at the heart of every MMORPG experience; they are groups of people who share the same goal: progressing through the game while having fun with other people. You can join guilds through the “Guild” menu, and there you will be able to either pick a specific guild, or let the system put you into a guild picked by the algorithm. Naturally, this depends on how you plan to tackle the game, if the social features of MMORPGs are what appeals to you, you will want to pick your guild yourself, since these are people with which you will have to spend some time with, but if you’re only there to clear content then any active guild will do.

Guilds are what allow you to learn and improve your Life skills, since improving them costs guild coins (also called Contribution). Specifically, you can earn Contribution by donating supplies to the guild, by conquering new territories, by defeating guild beasts, and by many other methods you can check in the “Get stronger” screen or in the “Events” menu, which will also tell you on which days you can contribute to the various quests.

Guilds give you the benefit of knowing what to expect when you enter a dungeon with guildmates, and you know there will always be someone you need there. It might be hard to find players for certain classes at specific times of the day, but with a Guild this problem can at least be worked around. You will be able to schedule things at least with people you know want to participate actively in the game, something you don’t get with random people you might or might not ever meet again.

5. The Rewards

MMORPGs are all about the grind, but luckily the usual bonuses that come with mobile games come to help us out in this game as well. The game showers us in rewards, since it just recently opened, and we can get some exquisite rewards.

perfect world mobile tips

First off, there is a “New Server Gift” that you can claim by logging in for 8 consecutive days. You also get draws by playing Perfect World Mobile, up to 3 per day, this is also a bonus active because of the launch of the game.

You can get rewards also based on how much time you have been online each day, and it goes up to 150 minutes of staying online. You get a reward at 15 minutes, 45 minutes, 60, 90, 120, and 150, and what’s great about these is that you can get free Spirit and Silver Ingots by simply staying online, you don’t even need to be playing the game, just to have it open. Great if you can afford the battery consumption.

Lastly, you get also extra rewards for reaching specific levels: 20, 30, 40, 50, and then every 5 levels up to level 90, an incentive to keep completing the quests and progressing into the game.

This completes our beginner guide for Perfect World Mobile, the game is enormous (the developers claim the map is around 60.000 square kilometers big), and there’s plenty of content to discover and clear. This game will take a lot of time to clear through, but you can go at your own pace, so it’s perfect for everyone: the hardcore gamer who is willing to sink hours every day, and the more casual player who juts wants to login and play for 10-15 minutes whenever he feels like it. If you know of any other tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below! Happy grinding!