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Idle Wizard School Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Make Tons of Money

Have you ever thought of what Hogwarts would be like if things were all peaceful? It would be like any other school except the classes would all be about magic. BattleCry’s new mobile game Idle Wizard School lets you experience what it is like to manage your own version of Hogwarts. Just because it’s peaceful doesn’t mean things will be easy, though.

This school simulation game will have you juggling construction of classrooms, expansion of dormitories, hiring of professors, management of classes, and a whole lot more. It all starts with a single class, but don’t let that fool you. The game starts out easy and quickly evolves into a hectic flurry of tasks that you need to stay on top of. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Idle Wizard School guide for tips, cheats and strategies to help you run the best wizarding school in town!

1. Understand Your Stats

Before we jump into the juicier parts of Idle Wizard School, let’s start off with the less exciting aspect: the numbers. Tap on the Stats icon at the top right area of your screen. This will give you an overview of your three primary stats: Gains Per Student, Graduation Time, and Learning Students. You will also see a list of the classes you are currently offering along with their respective levels.

idle wizard school stats

Gains Per Student tells you how much money you earn every time a student graduates. The higher the number, the more money you earn per student. Graduation Time tells you how long it takes for a student to complete his studies. Finally, the Learning Students stat tells you how many students are enrolled.

When you look at the list of classes, you will notice that some of them will have a special label. One class will be labeled Best Lesson, which means you earn the most from that class. Always check if that class has a queue and try to address it right away. Another class will be labeled Less Efficient which means that class isn’t earning enough and needs to be upgraded.

2. Upgrade Strategically

Now that you know what the numbers mean, it is time to learn how to address them. This is where upgrades come in. Nearly all the problems you may encounter in this game may be encountered by simply purchasing the correct upgrades. To start off, you would want to max out the Dormitory beds as soon as possible. The more students you can accommodate at the same time, the higher your earning potential will be. The dorm capacity maxes out at 144 students, but this may be updated in the future.

Once you have plenty of space in your dorms, you will start getting queues in your classes. It’s time for you to upgrade teacher’s Salary in the different classes that you offer. This will decrease the total time needed by your students to complete a class. You can also hire more teachers so multiple students can take lessons at the same time. Of course, you should also upgrade the class levels in order to be able to charge for them. When you reach a certain milestone level when upgrading a class, you will be able to charge the students more.

You will also be able to upgrade the train by adding more Cabins and reducing the average arrival time of trains. Adding more Cabins will allow the trains to bring more students into the school. Reducing the arrival time allows the trains to acquire more students faster. This train station upgrades shouldn’t really be your priority since the additional students will just leave if you can’t accommodate them. Upgrade it only if you notice that your dorm always has empty beds.

3. Complete Your Quests

The game gives you several quests that you can complete in exchange for rewards. These quests help ensure that you stay on track in terms of progress. Don’t worry because the tasks usually just involve upgrading your classes to a certain level, constructing classrooms for new classes, or building schools on a new island. These are things that you will most likely do anyway, and it is just a good idea to have the quests remind you of the different things you should be doing in case you get distracted.

idle wizard school quest

To view your current quest, just tap on the box icon with an exclamation mark at the top right of your screen. The exclamation mark would be replaced by a green check mark if your current quest has been completed. Completing quests is a great way to earn purple gems that you can use to purchase permanent upgrades.

4. Collect The Diagon Alley Earnings

On the right side of your school, you will see four stores. This section is called Diagon Alley. Students spend their money here, giving you an alternate source of income aside from student tuition fees. The stores will light up and a coin icon will appear when profits are ready to be claimed. Simply tap on them to claim your money. Make sure you check on them often because the earnings won’t automatically be claimed. You won’t have to worry about upgrading the shops because the earnings increase as you progress in the game.

5. Multiply Your Earnings, Here’s How

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a coin icon with an arrow pointing upwards. Tap on it to open the Coin Amplifier. This is an ad offer window that multiplies your earnings for two hours. The more videos you watch, the higher the multiplier will be. You can watch up to five videos in order to get a 5x multiplier on your earnings. Keep in mind that there is no way to extend the two-hour buff. The video button will disappear when you have a 5x buff. It will only reappear once the two-hour timer is finished. That means you will need to regularly log back into the game every two hours to ensure your Coin Amplifier buff is always active.

how to boost your earnings in idle wizard school

Aside from the Coin Amplifier, you also receive the option to double your offline earnings every time you log into the game. Unlike most games where you get a ton of coins after being away for several hours, this game encourages you to regularly return throughout the game by capping your offline earnings at two hours. That means you need to log into the game in order to reset the timer and continue earning offline once more.

6. Take Advantage Of Random Bonuses

As you play the game, you will often see two random bonus offers. The first one looks like a sailboat icon. If you tap on it, you will be offered a number of students from overseas in exchange for watching a video advertisement. Just as with the train station, you don’t really need this boost unless you have plenty of space in your dorms. The second random boost is called Instant Teaching and it is indicated by a professor icon that looks a bit like Snape. This boost instantly completes all classes for the next 120 seconds. That means you get to cycle through the students a lot faster, allowing you to earn more money quickly. The Instant Teaching boost is a very useful buff that you should always take advantage of whenever you get the chance.

7. Watch Out For Mysterion

idle wizard school mysterion

Near the entrance of your school is a summoning circle. You will sometimes see a golden dragon sitting there. That dragon is Mysterion, and he will be your best friend throughout your journey in this game. Mysterion brings you awesome ad offers that give you tons of coins or a handful of purple gems. Regardless of the rewards he brings, make sure you always take advantage of it because his offers are always good. There is no limit to the number of Mysterion offers you can accept, and he also appears quite often. If you want him to bring even better rewards or appear more often, you can spend purple gems to purchase permanent upgrades through the Research section.

8. Remember About Other Research Items

While we are on the topic of purchasing Research upgrades, it is a good idea to carefully consider what you want to spend your purple gems on. Research can be quite expensive, so make sure you spend your gems on the right items. Like we mentioned previously, Mysterion already appears often enough, and his offers are always good, so you might not want to upgrade him right away.

It would be better to save your purple gems for purchasing teachers for each class. The price of teachers varies, but they all offer a 50% boost to their respective class’s income. The cheapest teacher is the one for Herbalism. You will notice that the teachers get more expensive as the classes become more advanced, with the Defense teacher costing a whopping 1100 purple gems.

If you want to spend purple gems right away, you can also opt to spend them on upgrading Magical Facility as it increases the overall income of each city. The percentage increases as the upgrade level goes up.

9. Transfer To A New City Right Away

When you reach the required earnings, you will be able to unlock a new island where you can build another school upon. When you build a new school, you will lose all your progress from the previous school and go back to having just the level 1 Herbalism class. Do not feel bad about letting all that go because the next island will exponentially increase your earning potential. Any progress you made in previous schools can easily be regained in a matter of minutes. There is no reason to hold off on transferring to a new location. Make sure you build a new school right away because you will be missing out on more potential earnings.

idle wizard school transfer

Running your own wizarding school is definitely challenging, but it can also be a lot of fun, especially when you follow our Idle Wizard School guide! We hope you liked our collection of tips, cheats and strategies. In case you have something to add to our list of tips, don’t hesitate to let us know via the comment section!