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Banana Kong Blast Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete All Levels

Banana Kong Blast is the second edition in the series that revolves around the banana-eating Silverback gorilla. Needless to say, the sequel to Banana Kong will take you on a thrilling ride through the jungle. The game is available for your iOS or Android-powered devices, and it was created by FDG Entertainment. In case you don’t know, FDG Entertainment also provided us addictive mobile games before such as Lonewolf and Red Ball 4.

Since the gameplay of Banana Kong Blast is super-fast, you will need all the help you can get. Our Banana Kong Blast guide comes with plenty of useful tips, cheats and tricks that can help you climb the ranks and collect a truckload of bananas. So, let’s join the action and see what you can do to help Kong collect as many bananas as possible, as we get started with our Banana Kong Blast guide!

1. Hit The Barrel Above Kong To Start A Level

banana kong blast tips

So, Banana Kong is back, and this time – with a blast! Even if you didn’t play the first game in the series, this guide will provide you with everything there is to know. In short, we will cover the basics of the gameplay together with some complex strategies. Either way, you will be more than prepared to fly through the canopy and look down on the rest of us.

But, do you know how to start a ride in Banana Kong Blast? Well, there are two options for starting a level in this game, and we will explain both of them. The first one is simple and straightforward, and it will take you to the next chapter in the campaign. So, back in Kong’s hut, you will see a barrel above his head. Since this barrel also acts as a cannon, the gorilla will be launched through the air. And, the next stage will start right away. To sum up, you only need to hit the barrel-cannon above his head to set in motion the roller coaster.

2. Choose A Level On The Map

A small but cozy hut will be your resting stop in Banana Kong Blast . Clearly, Kong will need to rest after all the flying through the treetops. On top of that, you’ll be able to decorate his home with all sorts of items. But, more on that in the upcoming chapters. For now, we need to show you the second method for starting a level in Banana Kong Blast.

banana kong blast guide

Well, the second option is also easy to use. In a way, the main difference between the two methods is in the fact that one of them lets you choose the stage you want to play. So, when you go back to the hut, you will notice a small map on Kong’s left-hand side. By clicking on the map, you will be able to pick the desired level. Of course, you must unlock the level first. Yet, the map can be a great place for those players who want to re-play a certain stage. In total, Banana Kong Blast offers 48 colorful levels. In other words, you could spend days wandering around and admiring the spectacular beauty of waterfalls and mountains.

3. Time Your Moves To Absolute Perfection

When it comes to playing Banana Kong Blast, timing is everything! Thus, you will need to pay special attention to the timing of your moves if you want to progress through the stages. Without proper coordination, Kong will not be able to fly from one barrel to the other. And, such mistakes will result in a loss of precious lives. Later on, we will tell you how you can get more of those little red hearts.

For now, let’s focus on the importance of careful timing. Since the barrels and the obstacles in Banana Kong Blast are dynamic and proactive, you will have to respond in a proper manner. By tapping the screen, you will send Kong flying from one cannon to the other. Yet, the effects of gravity will also play a part in this process. So, you will have to count that in as well. Also, you should observe the pace and the movement pattern of certain roadblocks. If you manage to recognize a pattern, time the Kong’s actions in accordance with his surroundings.

4. Avoid Birds And Other Obstacles

banana kong blast birds

As it turns out, Kong has a lot of enemies in the jungle. In other words, all sorts of barriers and obstructions will stand in his way. But, with your help, the smiling gorilla will manage to complete all the missions. Even so, this will be easier said than done. You will have to be on top of your game at all times to make it through the wilderness.

For instance, colorful parrots will often fly right in front of the path in Banana Kong Blast. Needless to say, if you smash into a bird, you will lose a life. And, since you have only five hearts at your disposal, mistakes need to go down to a minimum. Besides the parrots, a wide array of other inhabitants of the jungle will cross the Kong’s path. For example, jellyfish can be a challenging obstacle to evade. Of course, all sorts of branches, logs, or boulders will force you to slow down and think. In a way, Banana Kong Blast is a puzzle, and once you find a solution to a certain task – you will be ‘allowed’ to progress further.

5. Wait For The Cannons To Rotate

On his adventures through the jungle, Kong will use barrel-cannons to move forward. Of course, all sorts of other items will be of use, such as lianas or thick branches. But, the barrels are the dominant form of transport. For that reason, it is crucial that you learn how to use them as soon as possible. Since Banana Kong Blast features several types of barrels, players need to be aware of how a certain cannon will behave in any given moment.

For example, the barrels with a straight red arrow on top of them are the most common. The direction in which they point is the way in which Kong will go once you tap the screen. However, the barrels with a bent red arrow are a bit tricky. These cannons are dynamic, i.e. they rotate all the time. If the arrow on the barrel is blue, the cannon will rotate as long as you are holding the finger down. Thus, you will need to wait until the barrel aligns with the next one. Once again, timing is the key element when playing Banana Kong Blast.

6. Collect As Many Bananas As You Can

banana kong blast tricks

Guess what? The main ‘currency’ in Banana Kong Blast is – bananas. In fact, Kong is so crazy about the yellow fruit that he is willing to travel long distances to collect a bunch of bananas. So, it seems fair that you help him on this quest. For that reason, we urge the players to try and grab as many bananas as possible. By doing so, they will have more funds to invest in the restoration of the hut.

In most cases, bananas will stand in your way and Kong will collect them in an automated way. So, you only need to be fast enough to avoid the incoming tornado. Yes, the storm will swallow you if you hesitate and stay in one spot for too long. Yet, some bananas will not stand directly in your way. For example, the spinning barrels often provide players with different paths. Well, we suggest that you explore all possible directions and grab as many bananas. Once you perform a sweep of a certain area, move forward to get away from the whirlwind.

7. Use The Blue Barrels To Automate The Ride

While playing Banana Kong Blast, you will have to tap the screen every time you want a barrel to launch Kong. Of course, we already explained how you need to be careful with the timing of those taps. In other words, coordination and synchronicity are of the utmost importance when playing the game. If you do not time your moves right, Kong will fly into the abyss.

To avoid such a scenario, you can use the blue barrels. The main characteristic of those barrels is the fact that they do not require your oversight. To clarify, these cannons will launch Kong as soon as he lands on one of the barrels. So, the process is automatic, which means you do not have to worry about anything. For a couple of seconds, you can relax your mind and take a break. In a way, blue barrels will take Kong on a quick journey through the jungle. With all that said, it is clear that blue barrels are one of the best items you can meet while doing missions in Banana Kong Blast.

8. Earn More Lives For The Game

banana kong blast lives

As we said, you will start your journey through Banana Kong Blast with five lives. The number of available lives is visible in the upper left corner. In other words, every red heart represents one life. But, the stages in Banna Kong Blast can be quite demanding. After all, the wilderness is well-known for showing no mercy. So, every little slip up will deduct one red heart from the total. And, before you know it, you will be out of lives.

To continue playing, you will have a couple of options at your disposal. The first one entails a payment of $4.96 to unlock the Premium account. As a result, you will have an unlimited number of lives. Also, no ads will bother you. The second option is for the patient ones. To clarify, you will need to wait for five minutes before you get one life back. And, the third option is the one we recommend. All you need to do is watch a promotional video to receive five lives. So, invest a few seconds of your day, watch an ad, and have the life bar filled back up to the maximum.

9. Collect Daily Free Gifts

The generosity of Banana Kong Blast is visible in a number of details. First and foremost, the number of bananas that are scattered around is massive. As a result, Kong is able to grab volumes of his favorite yellow fruit. But, the game offers other incentives as well. Bonus coins and bonus levels are a part of Banana Kong Blast. By making the most out of these offers, you will boost the number of bananas at your disposal. Also, you will unlock many hidden secrets of the game.

Even so, one of the easiest methods for collecting a bunch of bananas comes from opening the Daily Gifts. As the name implies, these packages are available once per day. When you go back to the hut, you will notice an oversized gift box on the right-hand side. So, tap on the box to open it and claim the reward. With each passing day, the number of bananas in the gift will grow. Thus, make sure to visit the game on a regular basis!

10. Visit The Shop And Splash The Cash

So, once you collect all those bananas, what should you do with them? After all, Kong can eat only so much. Well, the remaining part will find its use, don’t worry. For example, you can always visit the Shop and unlock some amazing items. As a matter of fact, Banana Kong Blast offers as many as 38 different items for you to unlock.

banana kong blast shop

So, once you go into the Shop section, you will notice three different categories. The Premium one requires real-money payments. So, for a couple of dollars, you can receive a bundle of cool items. On the other hand, you can buy the items with the help of those bananas we talked about. For example, the Home category contains items that will make the hut more comfortable and colorful. The available items include lamps, curtains, carpets, and so on. Last but not least, the third category contains all sorts of hats for Kong. By investing a few bananas, you can change his looks and make him even more amazing.

There you have it! This ends our detailed guide for Banana Kong Blast. If you happen to know other tips, cheats or tricks, that we haven’t mentioned in the guide, then feel free to drop us a line!

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