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Cool Goal! Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Earn More Coins and Complete All Levels

Cool Goal! is a brand new hyper-casual, soccer game from Gismart that requires both timing and precision as well as creativity. Just a month after its global release, Cool Goal! has already been downloaded over a million times from the Google Play Store and currently sits as the #2 game under the action genre of the App Store. While its light and cartoony visuals may give you the impression that the game is designed for kids, you will come to discover just how much challenging it can become as you progress further into new levels. If you are currently looking for a good time-passer you can learn to play within a minute and enjoy for hours, then be sure to give Cool Goal! A try.

Cool Goal! Is essentially about scoring goals. As simple as it may sound, the game packs a plethora of unique and wacky ways to liven up each level as the obstacles between you and the goal post comes in unexpected packages. Players from the opposing team running in circles, tress, rocks, and all sorts of crazy things block your way and finding a good clean shot followed by a perfectly-timed kick is basically what you need to do on each level. Each accomplishment earns you coins which you can then use to purchase new skins for your player as well as your ball.

The controls are fairly simple as tapping and swiping at the screen is all you need to do as you play and there are virtual aim assists that make it all the easier. Cool Goal’s design as far as difficulty progression is fairly gradual an for the most part, each level you play helps prepare you for the new challenges you will encounter later on. If you find yourself stuck on a particular level or if you simply want to find more efficient ways to clear challenges and earn coins, then read our Cool Goal! guide for tips, cheats and tricks that you can easily learn and apply to earn coins faster and clear all levels in the game.

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

Typically, puzzle games come with a time limit within which you must be able to accomplish your goal and for the most part, its existence alone pour additional pressure on players and the sense of urgency to be active or initiate actions lead to more errors. Fortunately enough, there are no time limits in Cool Goal and as you play through each level, you can take as much time you need to determine the best shot.

cool goal! tips

Surely enough, there are plenty of ways to score a goal on each level. Every angle you choose will set it up in such a way that your kick would not miss the goal in the absence of obstacles. Despite that, there will always be the presence of hurrying up in casual games much like Cool Goals! and, potentially, a lot of players will often choose to play as quickly as possible without much consideration for options and maybe even timing. As such, the chances of making mistakes and repeating levels becomes more probable.

A lot of the levels in Cool Goal contain obstacles that are moving. Even if everything on the screen remains on the same spot, you should still consider taking your time to swipe left and right to check for the best possible shot. Whenever there are moving obstacles, patience and timing becomes a necessity as you would want to watch the full cycle of movements to get the timing right. In such instances, be sure to take your time as much as you can as clearing a level on your first go, despite taking a little more time to do so, is still the faster way to go in the long run.

2. Pay To Attention To Timing Kicks

Relative to taking time and exercising a little patience before kicking the ball, another important consideration you need to pay attention to is the short delay between releasing your hold on the screen and the actual kick. This is especially important in levels where there are obstacles or opposing players moving about constantly to try and block your kick.

cool goal! timing kicks

As early as possible, be sure to pay attention to how long it takes for the kick to actually initiate and likewise take note of where the obstacles currently are and where they will be at the time the ball passes through them. It may take a little while for you to master the timing so being at it as early as possible will be beneficial for you especially on the more challenging and obstacle-riddled levels.

3. Use Obstacles As Means To Score Goals

In general, what you would want to do in similarly-themed games is to avoid hitting or even touching obstacles. For starters, doing so will definitely redirect the ball and risk failing to score a goal and complete a level. More so, hitting moving obstacles leave a lot to uncertain effects and makes it a little more challenging to predict where the ball will bounce off to.

cool goal! tricks

Despite the perils of banking on ricochets and trajectories, utilizing obstacles to redirect the direction of your ball has its uses. While it may initially seem like a feat that is exclusive to advanced and expert gamers, having a fair logical sense of angles should be enough to get you started on adding this skill to your arsenal. To start off, practice hitting static obstacles intentionally on first stages of each level. If you fail you can simply restart quickly and have another go at it. Once you are confident enough about using inanimate obstacles to score goals more gracefully, then test your skills out on those opposing players.

4. Follow The Rotation

There are several levels in Cool Goal! That sports players walking in circles to try and block your shot. While it may be easy for some people to navigate the ball through it especially on earlier levels, it can be a frustratingly difficult scenario for others. As a trick, pay attention to how the opposing players are circling. If they are walking in a clockwise pattern, then the direction of your kick must be swerved towards the left side of the level. Otherwise, consider kicking through the right side.

cool goal! rotation

For the most part, there are many levels and types of obstacles present in Cool Goal! that makes choosing one side of the level to go through is as challenging as the other. For levels that are not balanced by design, as far as obstacles go, there are definite choices between going left or right. In any case, do not let it constrain your sense of creativity as even a path totally banked on one side of a level still leaves you plenty of angles and curves to choose from. Likewise, the idea of how much curve you put on your kick can be applied to opposing players that follow a rotating pattern to obstruct you from hitting the goal so be sure to always take time on checking options as you choose which side to launch your kick on.

5. Watch Ads For Various Extra Rewards

Video Ads have long since been a part of most free-to-play games and yet some people may still find it difficult to understand their value. In truth, some ads that pop up too often can be very annoying. Just the same, though, having a clear understanding that these ads exist because the game is totally free makes their existence a necessity.

cool goal! rewards

While Cool Goal! does have its own share of random video ads popping ad while you transition from one level to the next, a lot of these ads are voluntary to play or watch and offers plenty of rewards to boost your earnings and progress in the game. For starters, the 5x multiplier for gold rewards is a great deal especially if you want to unlock new skins fast. Being able to continue on a stage where you failed to hit the goal instead of going back to start at the first one again is also convenient and can only be activated after watching a short video ad. Last, but not the least, earning more keys to open treasure chests for extra rewards is definitely an opportunity that is hard to pass on.

6. No Wi-Fi Means No Ads

While Ads are important in keeping the game alive and available for everyone to play for free, you have the option to be free of them and play continuously without any interruption whatsoever. You can simply turn of your Wi-Fi or mobile data and play the game without seeing any ads. Keep in mind, though, that this leaves you without any access to the numerous perks and bonuses you can receive by watching ads in the game. In any case, if you are up for honing your skills through practice or want to try and complete levels all throughout without any help, then feel free to use this method.

That’s all for now as far as our Cool Goal! tips, cheats and tricks are concerned. We hope that you found the tips and tricks we shared helpful and enjoyable to read. If you know additional tips or tricks that you would like to share with us, feel free to do so through the comment section!