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Slimeatory Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Run Your Own Slime Shop

Slimeatory is the official mobile game of Just Ameerah, a YouTube celebrity who likes making slime challenge videos. Available on Android and iOS, the game lets you experience what it would be like to run your own slime shop. As fun as it is to watch on YouTube, it actually takes quite a bit of work. In the game, you will have to manufacture your materials before you can create the actual slime.

You also have to worry about entertaining customers, picking up payments, stocking the shelves, purchasing equipment, and a whole lot more. If that’s not enough, you also have online orders as well as some drone deliveries that need to be completed. As your shop grows, you will need to manage the use of your time and materials in order to gain maximum profit. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry. We are here to help, as our Slimeatory guide features a number of useful tips, cheats and tricks!

1. Raise Your Level

how to level up in slimeatory

There are a lot of things to do in Slimeatory, but when you start out, you will only have access to a few basic things. To unlock the rest of the content, you must first raise your level. Certain types of slime can only be created once you meet the required level. Purchasing additional equipment will also have level requirements. Other parts of your shop will also be locked until you reach the right level.

The good news is that you can earn experience in nearly everything that you do. Manufacturing materials, creating slime, unlocking new equipment, and selling slime give you varying amounts of experience. Of course, the higher the rarity of the items you are dealing with, the more experience you will gain. For example, creating Pink Slime will give you more experience than creating Purple Slime.

2. Choose Low Timers When Online

If you have plenty of time to play actively, choose to manufacture slime that have shorter timers. This will allow you to produce more slime quickly since you will be able to queue in additional orders as soon as a batch is done. You can then save those that take longer to make for when you are about to log off from the game for a while. Don’t worry if fast items are not as expensive. You will be able to make more money if you are quick in claiming the manufactured slime and posting them for sale.

3. Manually Assist Your Customers

As you play the game, you will notice that some customers have a coin icon above their heads. This means they need assistance. Tapping on them will instantly sell one of the slimes you have for sale. Aside from allowing you to sell slimes quickly, manually assisting customers will also reward you with a few extra coins as tip. It may not seem like much, but you will realize just how quickly you can burn through your earnings in this game. You will need every little extra coin you can get.

4. Use Quick Sell To Stock Shelves

slimeatory sale table

When you are stocking your shelves, the game will teach you to tap on a shelf then drag the item you want to sell on top of it. This is a tedious way to go about restocking because each shelf can only contain one slime at a time. The better option is to tap on the Quick Sell button at the bottom right corner of the Sale Table window. Plus and minus signs will appear underneath each type of slime. You can then just tap on the plus and minus icons to adjust the number of slimes you want to sell. All the items will automatically be placed on the shelves.

5. Save Rare Slime For Special Orders

slimeatory rare slime

Even though you want to sell as many slimes as possible, make sure you leave at least two of each type of rarest slimes in your inventory. Special orders for the Drone and the truck will often specify the kind of slime needed. If you get a rare slime order, you can either delay fulfilling the order until you successfully manufacture what is needed, or you can delete the order and hope for an easier one. Of course, you would be able to complete the orders faster if you have what is needed readily available.

6. Manage Your Energy

Everything you create in Slimeatory, whether it is in your factory or in your shop, will require energy. You have a separate area for placing down your energy structures. Make sure you pay attention to the maximum capacity of each energy structure because you will need to claim them before they are full, or you will end up wasting energy points.

You might think you have an abundant supply of energy in the beginning. That will change once you get more machines. As the number of types of products increases, so will the demand for energy. Soon, you will find yourself unable to keep up with that demand. When that happens, make sure you budget your energy wisely. Even though we said you should queue up a lot of short-timer items, you should also leave some energy for manufacturing the long-term ones.

7. Upgrade Your Equipment

slimeatory equipment upgrade

Most of your manufacturing equipment can be upgraded. Doing so will decrease the manufacturing speed as well as the energy costs. Upgrading equipment usually costs a lot of coins, so make sure you carefully consider which ones to invest in. Choose to upgrade those that you will use often. For example, glue is a common ingredient for slime. You will need glue for every kind of slime machine, which means you have to make a lot of it. You can upgrade your glue machines to help you keep up with the demand for more materials.

8. Expand Your Shop First

There are three locations that you need to expand in the game. These are your shop, the factory, and the power grid. You can start expanding locations when you reach level 10. Since area expansions require a lot of coins, you should only upgrade the different locations when the need arises. You will most likely need to expand the shop first because you will be filling it with more materials. You need space for the machines as well as the shelves. Upgrade the shop first to make room for customers to move around. Upgrade the other locations only if you have already stuffed all the equipment in them, and you still need to add more.

9. Act Quickly When Shopping

When browsing through the different shop ads, make sure you act as soon as you see the item you need. Shop ads do not reflect the stocks in real time. That means you could end up arriving at the shop’s location and find that everything is sold out. If you have friends who are willing to sell specific items to you, you will still need to head over to their store and quickly buy the items as there will always be a chance that someone else will beat you to it.

10. Sell Your Surplus Items Online

If you have too many of a particular item, and you are running low on storage space, you can sell the extra items online. Even if the item isn’t sold right away, it will still be removed from your inventory, allowing you to stock up on other things. Just tap on the giant smartphone on the table near your shop avatar. From there, you will be able to choose the item you want to sell and the number of items that will be sold.

If you are selling online and are looking for profit, it may take a while to succeed. You will need to pay for advertising in order for other players to see your shop. Otherwise, your friends will have to drop by and buy your things.

11. Claim Your Achievement Rewards

slimeatory achievements

Whenever your manufacturing of certain items reaches the specific milestones, you will earn rewards. These rewards include experience as well as some Slime gems, the game’s premium currency. Completing achievements is one of the easiest ways to earn more gems without spending real money. To claim your Achievement rewards, just tap on the trophy behind your character. Look for anything that lights up green then tap on it to claim your reward.

12. Get More Freebies

slimeatory freebies

Aside from the Achievement rewards, the game also gives out a couple of additional freebies. The first one is the Wheel of Fortune. You get one free spin every 24 hours. You can get experience or manufacturing materials depending on your luck. Make sure you spin the wheel as soon as you are able to. The free spin counts 24 hours since your last spin, it isn’t dependent on the clock. That means the 24-hour countdown won’t begin until you have claimed your spin.

If you are short on Slime gems, you can head into the in-game Cinema. Tap on it in order to receive an ad offer. Every ad you watch will grant you one free gem. You can watch multiple ads in order to get more gems. If you get a message that says there are no videos available, you just need to wait a few minutes and the offer will return.

Running your own slime shop isn’t easy, but with the help of our Slimeatory tips, cheats and tricks, you will be raking in the profits in no time! If you have anything to add to our list of tips, feel free to let us know!


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