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Red Ball 4 Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide to Save the World

If a game is good and successful, it will get a sequel. What does that say about a game with multiple sequels, then? Red Ball 4 is the latest installment in one of the most addictive games on Android and iOS devices today. While it is a casual platformer, you will never find yourself bored. The game’s simple yet polished graphics makes it a perfect game for players of all ages. If you are new to the franchise, the goal is to roll, jump, and bounce your way through the different levels. You will need to avoid obstacles, square minions, and big bosses. The game takes pride in its use of physics elements that create exciting gameplay. There are over 75 levels for you to conquer, each one more difficult than the last. If you find yourself stuck in any of them, don’t worry. You can always rely on our compilation of Red Ball 4 cheats, tips and tricks for some much-needed help!

1. Keep In Mind, That Momentum Is Key

Red Ball 4 is not just about moving left or right then pressing a button to jump. Remember when we said it utilizes physics elements? If you want to be able to jump far, you need momentum. You have to give yourself enough space to roll, and once you have enough momentum, that is the time for you to jump. This concept is even more important when dealing with puzzles in the game. You will sometimes encounter puzzles where you need to move a rolling object to a switch, but you also have to make it to a gate at the same time. To do this, you will need to push the object just enough to let it roll on its own towards the switch, then use the remaining time to build your momentum and jump towards the gate just as it opens. It is tricky at first, but with enough practice, you will be able to master this.

2. Collect Gold Medals

The game rewards you with gold medals for completing levels a certain way. First, you must collect all the stars that appear in the level. Second, you also need to defeat all enemies. That means you can’t just jump over an enemy and leave him behind. In cases where an enemy respawns, you only have to defeat him once and move on. Killing him over and over won’t make up for missing any other enemy. If you missed an enemy and you have passed a checkpoint, you will have to start over. There is no way to backtrack after a checkpoint, so be careful.

3. Don’t Make The Red Ball Sad

While you are playing, you will sometimes notice the red ball frown. That frown means you have missed an important part of the level and you no longer have any chances of beating it. This often happens when you drop an important item or miss it and pass a checkpoint. When you see the red ball frown, you might as well restart the level. There are some levels that are still beatable even with asad red ball, but it will be a lot more difficult to do so.

4. How To Kill Your Enemies

Bouncing on an enemy’s head will kill him. If you run into him directly, you will take damage instead. For stationary enemies, it is easy to kill them without getting hurt. Things get a little trickier for bouncing enemies. Since they move around a lot, you will often accidentally hit their side and take damage. To avoid this, you need to master the timing of bouncing on top of them just as they are going up, instead of when they are on the ground.

Another tricky enemy you will encounter is the one that explodes. They deal a lot of damage and are good at going after the red ball. You will need to be very careful when trying to bounce on their head. You can try to lure them first then prepare your jump. Just make sure you run away immediately after hitting them. If they catch you, you are as good as dead.

5. Beat The Bosses, Here’s How

When you reach the end of each world, you will come face to face with a boss. Bosses look different but they all work the same way. You just need to hit them six times in order to kill them. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as just jumping at them six times. After you hit them three times, they will send their minions after you. You will have to deal with the minions first before you can take a shot at the boss again. Remember to hit the minions only when they are yellow. Once you get rid of the minions, you just need to hit the boss for another three times and he is done.

For the final boss, you might need to tweak your tactic a little. After you are done with the first three hits, you need to wait for the incoming enemies to get triggered. Once they are ready to explode, you need to roll towards them, then jump over when you are halfway. Doing so will make them continue rolling towards the boss, hitting him instead of you.

Conquering all the levels of Red Ball 4 is easy if your remember everything you learned from the cheats, tips and tricks listed above!