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Hamster Inn Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Manage Your Inn

Hamster Inn is dubbed as a “kawaii or cute” inn management sim and we couldn’t agree more with this title. Developed by the folks behind titles such as My Dear Farm, Kuma Sushi Bar, and Pocket Love, Hyperbeard created this title with the same charm and relaxing vibes while being engaging enough to keep coming back.

The game plays like Tiny Tower if it was focused on a single theme, and like Mega Mall Story if it had simpler mechanics. Because of its uncomplicated gameplay, we can tell that this game can easily be an enjoyable game to play when you’re going on a trip or in between waiting periods on your busy days.

Your next favorite idle game.

The game starts with a guest visiting the currently empty Hamster Inn owned by a neophyte business owner named Hamsterin. But despite seeming desperate to get paying customers, this inn manager doesn’t even have a single piece of furniture in his inn! It’s up to you, the player, to guide this poor fellow and help him flourish his business!

Hamsterin, why are you promoting your inn when it is still empty?!

The inn consists of three parts: the bedrooms, which can be found right next to the reception desk, the café, which is unlocked at level 3 and is found to the right of the bedrooms, and the fishing pond, which is unlocked at level 4 and is found just below the café.

Beds, check. Alarm clocks, check. Hamster wheels, check.

The inn is where most of the action takes place and Hamsterinn is in charge of promoting the business by shaking his maracas. At the start, you’ll have to manually interact with your guests to bring them to their rooms, but as your business grows, so does the number of managers and staff you have and the lesser work you have to do.

The Broken Cup Cafe – the newest place to get some delicious coffee and treats!

The café is a great place to earn passive income, requiring no action from you to get piles of seeds coming in. The fishing pond on the other hand does the same but still requires you to tap your fishing guests to catch that fish.     


Fishing is relaxing for just about any guest who decides to drop by at your Fishing Pond!

However, even a simple game such as this can be played in a more efficient way to earn you more seeds, gain more reputation, and level up your inn to a successful business. In this beginner’s guide, we aim to help you achieve that and inform you of some secret tips and tricks that we discovered when we ourselves played the game!

Stick with our Hamster Inn beginner’s guide and you’ll be seeing this happy Hamsterin face often!

Deleting The Game Deletes Your Progress

Think before you delete!

First and foremost, we would like to warn players of the game to not delete their game on their device if they plan to play it again later. This is because the game saves locally to your device. This means that you cannot connect your progress to your account or continue it on another device.

Upgrades And Expenses To Prioritize

Hamster Inn is all about constantly upgrading and buying new things that keeps your inn running to earn more seeds. As a general rule, we recommend buying the cheaper upgrades first before going for the more expensive ones since all the furniture and upgrades you buy will accumulate its effects.

This means that if one furniture gives you +10 tips per minute and you buy a more expensive furniture that gives you +15 tips per minute, you’ll have a total of 25 tips per minute, even if you don’t use the furniture that gave you the higher bonus. What’s great about this game feature is you can freely decorate your inn any way you like!

However, because there are so many things to buy in the game, it can get tricky to figure out which to spend on first. To make the most out of your investments, it’s good to know which upgrades are best prioritized to increase your revenue and reputation quickly. We’ve listed them below in order of importance:

Buy and Upgrade Tip Jars

Tip jars, the most important item in the game!

Tip jars are the most important item that needs to be upgraded as soon as possible. Buying upgrades for them for the inn and the café can increase the amount of tips you can accumulate at a time. With tip jars, you can earn a certain amount of tips per minute, regardless of how many guests you actually serve.

As a passive income generator, this makes them very valuable once you turn off the game. After a significant amount of time passes, these tip jars will be filled to the brim, ready for collection. If you want even more than you have collected, you can choose the option to watch an ad to triple your earnings.

Buy Your First 3 Inn Beds

You can’t have an inn without beds for guests to sleep on!

At the start, you’ll want to have at least 3 rooms actively accepting guests. You can choose to unlock the other 3 rooms and upgrade the beds much later as they tend to be too pricey at the start.

Buy and Upgrade Inn Decorations

We can’t open an inn without decorations and furniture!

The next upgrade you want to focus on are the inn furniture. You’ll want to prioritize room decorations, wheels, docks, counters, lobby walls, doors, themes and boats since they directly affect the amount of tips you can obtain per minute for both the inn and café. It also greatly increases your reputation, leveling you up much faster.

Unlock The Café

Our guests need a place to dine other than their rooms!

While the game is called Hamster Inn, the biggest money maker in this game is actually the café. This is because it will earn money even without your direct input. All you need to do is to stop by to check for seeds to collect every once in a while. The café can be unlocked at level 3 for 40,000 seeds.

Recruit Managers

Managers makes your work a lot easier!

Managers will allow you to spend less time clicking away at your inn as their skills will shave off some of the work. However, they do cost a pretty penny at the start since you don’t earn that much money yet and all of them will only use their ability once every few minutes except for the Bell Boy. Unlike staff members, you can use all of them at the same time. Below are the managers you can unlock and what their roles are:

ManagerRoleSpecial AbilityRequirementCost
HamsterinIn charge of promoting the inn to get more guests. Every time the promotion button is filled, a guest will show up.Fills up the promotion button twice as fast when his skill is activated.Available at the startNone
ReceptionistIn charge of sending guests to their rooms automatically.Takes care of room service orders when his skill is activated.Available at the start10,000 Seeds
GuardIn charge of protecting the inn from unwanted guests.Repels unwanted guests when his skill is activated.60 Reputation20,000 Seeds
CaptainIn charge of getting more guests into the inn.Fills up the inn and its waiting list with guests (up to 30 guests in queue) when his skill is activated.100 Reputation20 Gems
MaidIn charge of cleaning up rooms and collecting seeds left in them.Collects garbage and seeds in rooms when her skill is activated.130 Reputation20,000 Seeds
Bell BoyIn charge of room service.Adds a permanent bonus to all collected tips. Activate whenever you collect tips from the tip jars.Claim Daily Reward for Day 3None

Unlock Inn And Café Food

Can’t compete with other inns if we don’t have food!

Unlocking food for the inn and the café will unlock a new random type of guest, making it one of the upgrades with high priority. Below are the food items you can unlock for the inn and the café along with the amount of reputation it brings to your inn.

Between the two, you’ll want to prioritize café food since it can run without your input and can also increase your reputation a lot more than inn food. However, one important thing to also note is that inn food tends to have a higher sale price than café food.

Inn Food

FoodRequirement (Reputation)Unlock Cost (Seeds)Reputation Gained
Potato Wedges49521.8313
Tako Sausages59527.2814
Club Sandwich81042.6315
Seed Salad104566.2115
Shrimp Skewer117083.2716

Café Food

FoodRequirement (Reputation)Unlock Cost (Seeds)Reputation Gained
TeaUnlock the café
Matcha Boba Tea17017.2812
Cream Cold Brew25020.7413
Super Ice Cream44029.8615
Ice Cream Sandwich94061.9218
Carrot Cake109074.319
Crème brûlée1420106.9920
Chocolate Supreme1600128.3920
Marmalade Roll1790150.721

Each guest unlocked may or may not have their own quirks like ordering food to go before they leave or sleeping at a faster rate. Aside from this, once you’ve served 50 of a certain type, they will become regulars and you will unlock their special effect which can greatly increase your revenue.

Once that happens, you’ll need to manually go to your list of guests and tap “unlock special ability” for it to come into effect. Make sure to keep a lookout for that red notification on the guests icon!

Below are the quirks and unlockable effects from each guest except for the starred guests:

GuestGeneral EffectRegular Effect
BeanNoneTips x2
AshNone30% Extra Income
Kero30% Increased Moving Speed20% Extra Income
CheepNone50% Extra Income
Nutty30% Increased Moving Speed2 Consecutive Orders
PinkNone25% Extra Income
DaisyNoneTips x2
WoolTips x22 Consecutive Orders
KiwiOrders Food to Go25% Extra Income
Doki10% Increased Moving Speed2 Consecutive Orders
PingoNone25% Extra Income
DiggyOrders Food to Go30% Extra Income
CrocOrders Food to Go30% Extra Income
Gecko30% Increased Moving Speed20% Extra Income
Mushy30% Increased Eating Speed2 Consecutive Orders
SpikeNone30% Extra Income
Platy2 Consecutive Orders35% Extra Income
GullNoneTips x2
TobyOrders Food to Go35% Increased Sleeping Speed
Perrito30% Increased Moving SpeedTips x2
NicoTips x250% Increased Sleeping Speed
MooNone75% Extra Income
Shamey20% Increased Eating SpeedTips x3
CocoNoneOrders Food to Go
Chato2 Consecutive OrdersOrders Food to Go
Mingo (Dog)None20% Increased Sleeping Speed
Tuca2 Consecutive Orders20% Increased Moving Speed
Mingo (Bird)None30% Extra Income
LycheeOrders Food to Go35% Increased Sleeping Speed
Bloomy30% Increased Moving Speed50% Increased Sleeping Speed
TouchéNone25% Increased Eating Speed
Lulu10% Extra IncomeTips x2
Jolly2 Consecutive OrdersTips x2
OreoNoneOrders Food to Go
Churro30% Extra Income40% Increased Sleeping Speed
TaroNoneTips x3
PrettyOrders Food to Go15% Extra Income
Paw30% Increased Eating Speed2 Consecutive Orders
HazelnutTips x240% Increased Sleeping Speed
TeddyOrders Food to Go3 Consecutive Orders

Tip effects from the guests refers to the tip given to the room service staff and does not seem to affect the tips at the tip jar.

Upgrade Café Food

You should constantly upgrade the food and make it as yummy as possible for café-goers!

Upgrades to the café food is next in line since it will be making a lot of money while the game takes care of the café’s customers by itself while you do other things. Increasing its prices will earn you a much higher revenue for passive income at the café. Seeds earned from the café’s food will be dropped by your customers at the tables they ate at. Keep in mind that upgrading food will only increase the sale price but not the amount of reputation.

Buy and Upgrade Café Decorations

We can’t have our sweet café look so lifeless!

The more café decorations you buy, the more visitors you gain for the café. And when guests are pouring into your café, the flow of revenue will speed up. Café decorations also tend to bring you a lot more reputation than furniture from the inn or the fishing pond.

Unlock The Fishing Pond

There are more guests who love to fish than you think!

The fishing pond functions like a hybrid of the inn and the café. It can earn passive income from guests that visit it and can earn income from guests that manage to catch a fish but you’ll have to tap them before you can claim the reward.

Another great reason for getting the fishing pond before other upgrades below it is the fact that if a guest manages to catch a new type of fish, it will earn you reputation and increase the amount of extra income you can obtain. This extra income affects both the room service at the inn and the visits at the fishing pond. The fishing pond can be unlocked at level 4 for 60,000 seeds.

Buy and Upgrade Fishing Pond Decorations

Like all the other sections of the inn, we can’t have an empty-looking fishing spot!

Aside from reputation, the decorations for the fishing pond can increase either the guests’ fishing skills, the amount of visitors the pond gets, and the amount of extra income for both the inn and the fishing pond.

If you value earning reputation first and foremost, prioritize upgrading the fishing pole to help your guests catch new fish more successfully. This, along with the bench upgrades, can also increase extra income.

Take note that buying the first 6 bench upgrades will unlock extra benches, allowing 3 guests to fish at a time. That third bench also has a faster turnover rate, allowing guests to fish for a shorter time period and letting them catch fish quicker. If you value gaining more visitors to your fish pond more, prioritize investing in the other decorations available.

Buy and Upgrade Inn Beds

The best must be high quality!

Inn beds tend to be the most expensive upgrade to the inn which is why we like to save it for later once we’ve invested a lot of seeds to other upgrades. The biggest benefit you can get from inn beds is being able to serve more guests at a time. There are 6 rooms all in all but once you’ve bought a certain number of bed upgrades, you’ll be able to have 2 guests in one room at a time.

One thing you’ll need to keep in mind is the fact that the cost of buying beds is different per room. Room 1 has significantly cheaper bed upgrades than Room 6. The amount of upgrades you’ll need to buy to have two guests in a room also varies per room, with rooms 1 and 2 requiring you to buy the first three, with rooms 3 and 4 requiring the first 6, and with rooms 5 and 6 requiring the first 9.

Upgrading beds will also increase extra income, which is added to the seeds dropped by the guests before they leave the inn and before they leave the pond. Keep in mind that extra income can only be obtained when you’re collecting the seeds that are left on the ground. You’ll need to actively play or let your Maid (once unlocked) take care of it when her skill is active.

Upgrade Managers

Gotta upgrade our managers and keep them in tip top shape for the increasing number of guests!

Once you’ve unlocked all 6 managers, you’ll want to upgrade them right after the other upgrades above. They do a good job of running your in by themselves but only for a short period of time. While upgrading them will not suddenly make them work permanently without breaks, lowering their cooldown times will make a huge difference.

Among all of the managers, the Bell Boy would have to be the easiest to upgrade, but you’ll have to be active for it. His special ability will only be activated every time you claim your tips. So once you’ve unlocked him, claim your tips often even if they haven’t been filled up to the max yet so that you can quickly level him up and get a higher bonus from his special ability.

Upgrade Inn Food

Our guests deserve the best room service food!

Upgrades to the inn food will make your taps to get room service orders a lot more worth it. The main reason why this comes much later than upgrading café food is because it is already a lot pricier than café food at the start without fully upgrading it.

Recruiting & Upgrading Staff Members

Managers can’t do all the work!

When it comes to spending your gems, aside from getting the Captain, you’ll want to invest them into recruiting more staff members. Unlike managers, you can only have 6 staff members working at the same time. The role of staff members is solely for increasing the amount of tips you can get from Room Service.

This means that their effect is only applied every time you tap on the orders of your guests at the inn. If you want a specific staff member to level up quickly, deactivate some of the other staff members to let them handle more room service orders temporarily. Be warned that they can only handle one guest at a time and you’ll have to wait for them to disappear from the guest’s room before they can reappear elsewhere.

However, not all staff members are created equally and some will bring in a higher percentage than others despite their rarity and level. Below are the staff members that you can unlock by recruiting and the percentage increase of Room Service Tips they can bring once they’ve been maxed out at level 1:

Tier I

Staff MemberRoom Service Tips at Level 1Room Service Tips at Level 5


Tier II

Staff MemberRoom Service Tips at Level 1Room Service Tips at Level 5


Tier III

Staff MemberRoom Service Tips at Level 1Room Service Tips at Level 5

Best Ways To Spend Gems

Unless you’re forking up some real-life cash, getting gems requires a lot of time and patience. Because of this, it’s important to be mindful of where and how you spend them. Below are a few strategies we’ve learned as we played:

Recruit Staff Members In Batches

Recruit more to save more!

Unlike managers, staff members are recruited randomly by spending gems. The very first staff that joins your team can be recruited for 5 gems, but every other staff member you recruit after that will cost you 15 gems. However, if you recruit another staff member right after your first recruitment (using 5 gems or 15 gems), it will only cost 12 gems.

All other recruitments after that will be 12 gems until you close the recruitment window, after which the price will go back to 15 gems. Because of this, we highly recommend saving your gems to do recruitments in batches, saving you a lot of gems in the process. Below are some sample calculations on just how many gems you can save:

Staff Members RecruitedCost Without DiscountCost With DiscountGems SavedCost With DiscountGems Saved
(1st Purchase: 5 Gems)(1st Purchase: 15 Gems)

Buy The Special Sets

The Special Sets are special for a reason!

Special furniture sets can be found in the shop’s bundle section. One is the Sweet Set, which is available indefinitely, and the other is a set that can be purchased for a limited time. While these sets come with a real-life currency price tag, you can also buy the items one at a time by pressing the “Go” button.

Pressing the “?” icon at the upper right corner of the item’s box will show you the effect your inn can obtain from purchasing it. While not required, investing your gems in a few of these items can greatly increase your inn’s revenue and help you upgrade your facilities, furniture and staff a lot faster.

The benefits you get from each item seems to be the same for every set but different from the usual furniture and theme upgrades. We’ve listed them in the table below for your reference, in order of appearance:

Inn Upgrades

ItemBenefitCost (Gems)
BedExtra Income: +600 Seeds60
Tip JarTips Capacity: +135,000 Seeds30
Room DecorationTips per minute: +187 Seeds15
WheelTips per minute: +215 Seeds15
DockTips per minute: +285 Seeds15
CounterTips per minute: +385 Seeds15
Lobby WallTips per minute: +180 Seeds15
DoorsTips per minute: +250 Seeds15
ThemeTips per minute: +285 Seeds20
BoatTips per minute: +202 Seeds15


Café Upgrades

ItemBenefitCost (Gems)
TableMore visits: +3%15
CounterMore visits: +3%15
Tip JarTips Capacity: +60,000 Seeds30
FrontMore visits: +3%15
Balcony WallMore visits: +3%15
CeilingMore visits: +3%15
WallMore visits: +3%15
ThemeMore visits: +3%20


Fishing Pond Upgrades

ItemBenefitCost (Gems)
BenchesExtra Income: +202 Seeds20
Fishing RodFishing Skills: +4.5%20
FramesMore visits: +3%15
SignMore visits: +3%15
ThemeMore visits: +3%20

No matter how many furniture items of the same type you buy from these special sets, they will all accumulate their effects on your inn. To get the most out of your purchase, we highly recommend prioritizing buying the tip jar upgrades from the inn and café followed by inn furniture for tips per minute.

Get upgrades that give more visits, extra income and fishing skills after that. If you manage to complete a whole set, you can get a reward of 10 gems plus a starred guest that can only be unlocked from them!

Don’t Buy Seeds And Fish With Gems

It’s not worth it!

Seeds are the easiest currency to collect, especially once you’ve upgraded your inn’s furniture and unlocked the café and pond. Using your gems to buy them is a big waste of premium currency, and potentially real-life money. If you really need more seeds, refer to the section “Best Ways To Earn Seeds.”

Fishing on the other hand requires you to wait for time to pass until you get a catch. The option to get them immediately with gems is always available but we highly recommend watching an ad or coming to check on the fishing guests at a later time instead.

Unlocking Uncommon Guests

Not all guests can be unlocked by buying food and not all guests are there as a paying customer.

Getting Starred Guests

Very expensive guests.

If you go through the guest list, you’ll notice that 3 slots are starred and will remain empty even after unlocking all of the food for the inn and the café. This is because these guests can only be unlocked by buying their bundles.

The frog in a sailor uniform, who is named Aaron, can be unlocked by buying the starter pack. Be warned that this is a limited-time only pack and will only be available within the next 12 hours after you’ve started playing the game. If you do not buy it within this period, you will not be able to obtain him.

The hamster in a bumblebee costume can be unlocked by buying the Spring Set which is an event bundle that is also only available in the shop for a limited time.

The blue gummy bear can be unlocked by buying the Sweet Set which is permanently available in the shop.

Look Out For Special Guests

Our VIPs!

Special Guests such as B-Coin and Hashtag will sometimes visit your hotel and earn you some extra cash.

B-Coin earned a lot of money with cryptos and will give you some every time you tap him. Once you’ve tapped him enough times, he will advise you to invest the seeds you collected to earn more money by watching an ad. The amount of seeds you can earn from the ad will be displayed before you play the ad. This guest is unlocked at level 4.

Hashtag is an influencer with a lot of experience with hotels. If you tap him, he’ll offer to promote your inn by watching an ad. Just like with B-Coin, the amount of seeds you can earn will be displayed. This guest is unlocked at level 6.

Beware Of Unwanted Guests

Get’em outta here!

There are 3 unwanted guests that will sometimes drop by in your shop: the stalker, the thief, and the snail. To get rid of them, you’ll need to tap them multiple times until their health bar is completely empty. If you have the Guard manager unlocked, he will only deter these unwanted guests if his skill is activated. His skill is activated automatically every few minutes so you’ll have to get rid of them yourself when he is inactive.

The stalker enters the inn and goes into each of your guests’ rooms to scare them. Your guests will run out of your hotel, cutting their stay short. This unwanted guest is the easiest one to get rid of as it requires the lowest number of taps from our experience. This guest is unlocked at level 5.

The thief enters the inn and goes into each of your guests’ room. If you have uncollected seeds in the room, they will pick them up and leave soon after. If he successfully collected a few seeds before he has been dealt with, you can watch an ad to get insurance, earning you more money than what he stole. This guest is unlocked at level 7.

The snail enters the inn like a normal guest but will not get in line. He will occupy one of the rooms and sleep for a long time before leaving without paying. This unwanted guest is the most tedious and difficult one to get rid of as it requires the highest number of taps from our experience. This guest is unlocked at level 8.

Claim Freebies and Rewards

Like most mobile games, Hamster Inn also has a system that rewards players with freebies and rewards, you just have to know where to look.

Collect Daily Rewards

Login daily and be rewarded!

Even if you don’t have much time in the day to play, just opening up the game to collect your daily rewards makes a big difference. They range from seeds, ad tickets, gems, and even a manager! An important reward, which is the Bell Boy Manager, can only be obtained as a daily reward on day 3 and nowhere else. You can also watch an ad to double the amount of rewards you get.

Check Your To-Do List

Lots to do, so little time.

The to-do list contains tasks under two tabs: dailies and achievements. Dailies can only be done within the day and your progress on it will be wiped the very next day. Finishing all the dailies will give you a bonus reward. Achievements on the other hand will always be present throughout your time playing the game. Once you’ve accomplished an achievement, it’ll give you a reward then reappear with a higher requirement to get another reward.

Follow The Guide

Simple tasks for good rewards!

The guide acts like a mini to-do list for things you need to unlock as at the start of your playthrough. Just like the tasks in your to-do list, accomplishing them will earn you rewards. However, unlike the to-do list, tasks are displayed one at a time and will completely disappear once the last task has been completed.

Claim Ad Tickets

Get rewards without watching an ad!

You can claim a free ad ticket from the shop once every 24 hours. These ad tickets can be used to obtain ad rewards without watching an ad. Aside from this, you can sometimes receive ad tickets as a reward for leveling up.

Ad Rewards

Aside from the Special Guests and doubling daily rewards as mentioned in the previous sections, there are other benefits you can get from watching ads. Don’t forget to use your ad tickets to skip ads!

Triple Your Tips

Don’t ignore the tip jar ads!

When collecting your tips from the tip jar, more often than not, we recommend watching an ad to triple the amount of tips you get. This is why upgrading your tip jar is our utmost priority among all upgrades. We do recommend waiting for the jar to fill up to at least 10,000 seeds to get the most out of it. If you have the Bell Boy at max level, you’ll get 20% more tips!

Instantly Fill Up Queue

That’s a lotta guests!

If you want an instant queue of 30 guests at your inn, you can tap the icon above the promotion button to watch an ad and fill it up. Be warned that the ad for this is much longer than other ads.

Earn Gems And Seeds From Dandelions

Where are these dandelions coming from?

Dandelions will sometimes float down the screen holding a piece of seed or gem at the bottom of it. Tapping it will play an ad and then reward you with the currency it holds. The amount of seeds will usually depend on how much you are currently earning while the amount of gems will usually be 1-3.

Earn Gems From The To-Do List

More gems!

Watching ads can also have an added benefit of filling up the progress bar for the “Watch ads” daily tasks or achievement. Every time you fill up that bar, you will earn 2 gems.

Instantly Catch A Fish

Gotta catch’em all!

Most of the time, when you find your guests fishing at the fishing pond, you’ll notice a timer above their heads signifying how long you’ll have to wait. If you want an instant catch, you can tap the timer above their head to watch an ad and speed it up.

Be warned that this does not guarantee a new fish caught. You can also spend gems instead of watching an ad but gems are too hard to obtain and we do not recommend it.

Earn Shop Freebies

More freebies!

Even if you don’t plan to spend real-life currency on the game, the shop is still worth checking for some gems and seeds you can claim every 8 hours by watching an ad.

Earn Gems From Surveys And Playing Other Games

More gems!

The game also gives you the option to participate in anonymous surveys and play other games in order to obtain free gems.

Thanks for reading~!

And this marks the end of our beginner’s guide to Hamster Inn! We hope that this article becomes helpful in managing your inn and creating a wonderful place for guests to hang out and stay in! What is your favorite thing about the game? Is there any other game like it that you’ve played? Are there other games you’d like us to cover? Let us know in the comment section!