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BitLife Yandere Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Yandere Challenge

In a few more months, BitLife will be celebrating its sixth year on the Apple App Store, and regardless whether you play the life simulator game on iOS or on Android, it should be no surprise why the title is unusually popular toward the end of the week and early the next. BitLife has remained relevant thanks to its weekly challenges, and while major updates don’t come around as often as they used to, players can still take part in these limited-time themed events…or complete them anytime they wish if the Challenge Vault (which costs a one-time fee) is activated.

This week’s challenge is the Yandere Challenge, and while it doesn’t base itself on anything or anyone from a popular movie or TV show, it certainly qualifies as a pop culture challenge. For those unfamiliar with anime and manga terminology, a Yandere is a typically female character who can get violently jealous and possessive toward their partner or love interest. And with that in mind, it’s no surprise that this is one of those challenges where you’ll need to do your share of NPC-killing.

That said, it is one of this year’s easier challenges, but if you’re finding yourself stuck at any point in it, please keep reading on as this BitLife mini-strategy guide covers everything you need to do to quickly complete the Yandere Challenge.

You Should Absolutely Have Crime as a Special Talent

The basics of the Yandere Challenge are that your character has to be a female born in Tokyo — there’s no need to make her especially smart or good-looking, just as long as she’s able to get into college for another of the challenge’s requirements. But aside from that, you should make absolutely sure to set your Special Skill to Crime.

As you’ll be doing a lot of killing in the Yandere Challenge, it is important that you don’t get caught right in the middle of your killing spree, so to minimize the odds of the police getting involved, it’s best if you have Crime selected as your Special Skill, which has long been an option for non-God Mode players. But you shouldn’t go overboard either by acting out in school, as you’ll still need good enough grades and stay away from trouble in order to get a college scholarship, at which point you can choose Communications as stated in the challenge’s next requirement.

One last thing to watch out for is the possibility that Communications won’t show up often among potential courses to major in — it seems to be what Candywriter does to make challenges a bit more difficult. As always, just keep quitting and restarting BitLife until Communications appears, and you should see it eventually.

Befriend Popular Classmates with Lower Craziness Stats

The next thing you’ll need to do when trying to complete the BitLife Yandere Challenge is to befriend a popular college classmate — it doesn’t matter if they’re male or female. We would suggest befriending more than just one, as you won’t be able to hook up with all of them — some of them will turn you down in the interests of keeping the friendship healthy, and that’s perfectly understandable. However, there is one thing you can do aside from making sure a classmate’s Popularity bar is at least 70 percent full.

That thing would be to look for popular classmates who also have low Craziness stats — it sounds counterintuitive, but unless you have God Mode and can edit Willpower so that the stat is as close to zero as possible, this is the one visible stat you can use to determine whether a hookup attempt will be successful or not. For some reason, we noticed that low Craziness characters were more likely to hook up than those with higher ratings, so keep this in mind when looking for college classmates to befriend.

Choose Drive-By as the Method of Murder Whenever Available

One important detail to note when it comes to this part of the Yandere Challenge is that the “5+” in the requirement’s description now means you need to kill at least six female college classmates instead of at least five, as it was in previous challenges that require this type of grinding.  So with that out of the way, what would be the best and safest strategy to use when killing NPCs as part of the challenge?

Once again, you should opt for Drive-By whenever it appears among the options, and if you have a working vehicle — as this needs to take place while you’re in college, you should still have the car your parents gave you for passing your driver’s license test. Otherwise, it would help to take on a part-time job and purchase a cheap vehicle for the sole purpose of this requirement.

Why Drive-By? Even with Crime as a Special Talent, the quick and easy option to push someone down the stairs or off the cliff still leaves you with a chance (albeit smaller) that your victim will turn things around and push you instead. Likewise, Poison is a very easy method of murder to turn around, while the other options aren’t that effective as the ones we mentioned.

So with Drive-By as your go-to method and Crime as your Special Talent, you should have no problem killing at least six of the women in your class — if the cops get involved and arrest you, you can always quit and restart the game.

If there are fewer than six female students in your class, don’t worry — just kill whoever’s in there that’s female, hit the Age button, and continue this task with your class now repopulated with some new students. Just make sure you do all of this while in college, and to wrap everything up, hook up with the classmate you had befriended earlier to complete the Yandere Challenge. That should allow you to choose a prize chest and unlock the usual new hat or new eyewear as a reward for completion.