how to train a dragon in game of thrones conquest

Game of Thrones: Conquest Dragon Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Hatching and Training Your Dragon

As an entertainment giant in its own right, Warner Bros. has released a number of high-profile games based on iconic IPs, including Mortal Kombat, the Lego: Star Wars series, and Injustice: Gods Among Us for Apple devices, in particular. With the cooperation of HBO, the company also released an official mobile title for Game of Thrones fans all over the world — Game of Thrones: Conquest — with this game first dropping for iOS and Android users in 2017. For those who don’t remember this title, or probably re-downloaded it to coincide with the eighth and last season of Game of Thrones, this game is described as an “RPG and RTS hybrid” that allows you to manage your own base and strategize with and against other players as you play the role of one of many Lords hoping to conquer the Seven Kingdoms. And if you were reading the description carefully, Game of Thrones: Conquest now allows you to raise your own dragon.

Late last year, this game got an important update that added a new feature that we’re only going to be discussing at this point — Dragons. After all, fans of the series are probably very familiar with these powerful winged creatures, from the original three right down to the last surviving one (Drogon) that made it to the series finale. But going back to the game, the Dragon Pit does indeed allow you to hatch, raise, and ultimately control your own Dragon, and we’re going to get you started out with this Game of Thrones: Conquest strategy guide that focuses on the first few things you need to do in order to hatch that egg and wean your Dragon along in its infancy.

1. A Primer To The Dragon Feature – Feeding Your Egg

If Daenerys can get to raise three dragons on Game of Thrones, so could you in this game. Game of Thrones: Conquest allows you to start raising your own dragon (you only get one, however), and this starts once you reach Keep level 4 and unlock the Dragon Pit, which you can construct as soon as you level up your Keep accordingly, or when constructing the Pit comes up under your main quests.

game of thrones conquest hatchling

Once you’ve constructed your Dragon Pit, you can then access your Dragon Egg by tapping on the dragon above the Pit, or by tapping on the Dragon button after you tap on the pit. Once under the Dragon menu, you will have four options on the bottom of the screen — Training, Talents, Stats, and Research. But before you worry about all these things, you’ve first got to make sure your Egg hatches sooner rather than later, and that can be done by “feeding” the fire (which is responsible for incubating the egg) with wood. More wood means more experience points and could help you prime the Dragon Egg faster for hatching, but as you’ll find out a little later on, you don’t really have to rush the process of hatching. Also be careful that you aren’t using too much wood, because you’ll still need that resource to create new buildings, upgrade the ones you already have, and complete more quests so you can move forward!

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After your Dragon Egg gets warmed up enough by your “feeding” the fire with wood, it will be ready for hatching, but in order to move on from the Nurture to the Hatchling phase and actually see that egg hatch, you’ll need some Dragon Lore, which the game describes as a “rare and precious scraps of information about the proper care and keeping of dragons.” So how do you get more of this?

2. How To Get Dragon Lore

This is probably what you’re here for — Dragon Lore is the most important thing you need in order to upgrade your dragon, and it also happens to be one of the hardest resources to collect in all of GoT: Conquest. Just to give you an idea of how much is needed — leveling up your dragon from level 1 to 2 would require a whopping 25,000 Dragon Lore! That’s right — a lot of patience will be needed in order to as much as hatch your dragon, and that’s with these two methods in mind if you want to acquire more Dragon Lore for free.

First off, you can earn free Dragon Lore by completing the daily quests. These aren’t to be confused with the main quests which you can access by tapping on Tyrion’s avatar — the daily quests can be accessed by tapping on the paper-and-dagger button that’s third from left in the bottom menu. Completing more daily quests allows you to earn more points, and as you earn more points, you’ll be able to unlock more chests. Each chest, as we’ve observed, only contains about 60 Dragon Lore in it, so if you’re able to open five chests in a day, that amounts to 300 Dragon Lore in total through this method.

game of thrones conquest dragon lore

The second method, unfortunately, will cost you some real-life money, though “some” probably is not the right word to use. The special offers section can be accessed by tapping on the upper-right button (as of this writing, the one with Daenerys’ face on it), and it allows you to purchase special packs that could add to your Dragon Lore stash — the first Rhaegal’s Fury Pack is the most affordable, and it comes with 50,000 Epic livestock, five Dragon Bonus Feeds, and 5,500 Dragon Lore, all for $10 or its equivalent in local currency. Interesting, there’s another Rhaegal’s Fury Pack available if you scroll down a bit, and it comes with 800,000 Epic livestock, 80 Bonus Feeds, and 75,000 Dragon Lore, albeit at the rather prohibitive cost of $100 USD. Another one with the same name costs $50 and comes with 35,000 Dragon Lore, among other resources — these offers may vary from time to time, and if you see a good one that won’t break the bank, we won’t blame you if you choose to part with your real-life money in the process.

It’s also possible to earn some Dragon Lore by taking part in the special events, which you can access by tapping on the top left button below your avatar — currently, the topmost event in this section is Fire and Blood, which could reward you with Dragon Lore (unfortunately not too much of it) depending on the number of points you have (or your guild has) at the end of the event. This appears to be solely based on what level your Dragon is in, so don’t expect to achieve much if you’ve got an egg or a Hatchling! Still, it’s worth checking out, if it means utilizing one of the few methods you have at your disposal to earn Dragon Lore for free.

3. Feed Your Dragon With Better Livestock Once It Hatches

game of thrones conquest livestock

After your Dragon has hatched, it will be classified as a Hatchling — essentially a baby dragon that wouldn’t be worth much as far as defending yourself from enemy attacks is concerned. Of course, you would want your Dragon to grow sooner rather than later, and the best way to go about this is to make sure you’re feeding your Dragon enough Livestock, especially if it’s of the higher-quality variety. Typically, you will receive Livestock as part of the chests that you open for completing quests, the shipments you receive from the port, as well as the gifts you receive from other members of your Allegiance. And just to set your expectations, a lot of the Livestock you will receive may be of the Poor variety. This won’t be too much of an issue at first, but as your Dragon grows bigger and becomes more skillful through your training, the effect of this common form of livestock will become less visible as you go along. That makes it imperative to use your Fine Livestock if you don’t want to stunt your Dragon’s growth, preferably once you’ve gone through all the lower-quality livestock you have in your inventory.

Again, it’s better to use as much Livestock as you can afford to use when it comes to optimizing the number of feedings you have per day, though in this case, you’re only guarding against the chance of running out of Livestock, rather than also not having enough wood to use for new buildings and upgrades of existing ones.

4. How Can You Get More Feedings?

For each day, Game of Thrones: Conquest will only allow you to feed your Dragon seven times a day, with a bonus eighth feeding that doesn’t count against your resources. That might not sound like much in the grand scheme of things, but as we said earlier, you may want to take it nice and slow due to the 25,000 Dragon Lore requirement needed to upgrade your Dragon from level 1 to level 2. But what if you’re particularly rich in resources and want to get more Feedings for a certain day?

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Fortunately, the game does offer Bonus Feedings as a prize during special events, or as part of the aforementioned packages you can purchase in order to expedite your Dragon’s growth process. Simply use the blue plus sign to utilize your Bonus Feeding, though if you choose not to use it, the good thing is that these feedings carry over to the next day — in other words, you can theoretically stock up on them until you’re at a time where you’re especially close to your Dragon’s next growth stage. Per HBO Games, GoT: Conquest does not come with a limit to the number of Bonus Feedings you can save up. (On the other hand, you cannot stock up on normal feedings, as these expire within 24 hours if you do not use them!)

5. The Training Section – Allocate Those Talents Properly

Under the Talents tab, you will see that there are four sections that correspond to the maturity level of your Dragon at any given time — Hatchling, Whelp, Adolescent, and Adult. The Hatchling tree generally includes skills that will help your Dragon fight the many creatures (i.e. wild animals) that you may see on the map, then allow the creature to help in other aspects, such as healing troops, providing support to troops in combat, or defending the Keep. As this is a beginner’s guide, we shall stick to the Hatchling section for the meantime and take a look at the tree included in this section.

game of thrones conquest dragon training

The first Talent you can train under Hatchling is Infantry Attack, which adds 5,000 Power and 5 percent to Infantry Attack once it is fully learned — this is pretty much self-explanatory, though we should add that this still pertains to those basic attacks against wild creatures for the most part. After completing Infantry Attack, you can then move on to either Ranged Attack (+5,000 Power, +5 percent Ranged Attack) or Cavalry Attack (+5,000 Power, +5 percent Cavalry Attack) — again, these numbers would apply if you chose to allocate all five possible Talent Points. Completing Cavalry and/or Ranged Attack would then unlock March Speed: Creature, which would next unlock Siege Attack. This is just a preview of the first few Talents your Hatchling could learn as you earn your first few sets of Talent Points.

As HBO Games says, you won’t be able to learn all the Talents in any section, so it’s important to choose wisely as you go along. But for an idea of what your Hatchling could learn toward the lower part of the tree, some of the Talents include higher-end versions of Troop Defense, Troop Attack, and March Speed, as well as a Troop Health talent that works, as we mentioned above, by helping your injured units heal up.

6. You Can Improve Your Dragon’s Stats And Unlock New Capabilities Through Research

Aside from using Talent Points to make your Dragon more useful, you could also improve its stats by tapping on the Research button, which is the right-most button in the bottom menu in Dragon Pit, or by going straight to the Maester’s Tower and visiting the Dragon section. Either way, this allows you to have your Maester research certain skills for your Dragon that would consequently improve its stats, while also unlocking certain capabilities, such as the ability to gather food and wood, attack creatures, attack Seats of Power, and a whole lot more. The statistical increases/new abilities are divided into five categories — Nurturing, plus the four life stages of your Dragon (Hatchling, Whelp, Adolescent, Adult) that we mentioned above.

If you’re still waiting for your Dragon Egg to hatch, the only thing you can research on is Nurture: Hatchling, which is a prerequisite anyway in order for the egg to hatch. Other than that, you’ll need to level up your Dragon to level 6 and beyond in order to research on everything else! Again, the key here when it comes to your Dragon is to be as patient as possible.

7. Don’t Forget To Upgrade Your Dragon Pit?

This may be something that the game will frequently remind you of, thanks to its ubiquitous inclusion in the main quests. And it may also seem like a bit of a no-brainer. But it’s also easy to forget that you need to upgrade your Dragon Pit when you’re able to, just like you need to feed your Dragon and level it up once you’re able to meet the requirements. Upgrading the Dragon Pit doesn’t just increase its basic Power stat, but also increases the Dragon Feeding Bonus, which means that you can truly make the most out of the times you feed your Dragon if the Pit is properly upgraded in line with your Keep and other related buildings.

That’s all you need to know to successfully hatch and train a dragon in Game of Thrones: Conquest. If you know more tips and tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area below!

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