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Game of Thrones: Conquest Beginner’s Guide: 12 Tips & Tricks Ever Player Should Know

Game of Thrones, the series may have just wrapped up its seventh season, so how about giving Warner Bros.’ new game, Game of Thrones: Conquest, a try as the excruciating wait for the eighth season has been going on for a few weeks now? The game is now available for iOS devices in certain countries, with an Android version coming soon, and if you’re wondering what you can expect in this title, it is an MMORTS (massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game) where you lead your own house and gather enough resources and units, forging alliances with other human players, and managing threats from your many rivals in the game.

As is the case in most any other city builder/base management/MMORTS game, it’s not easy to learn things in this new title. There’s far more you need to learn about how the game works, and about how to proceed further once you’ve reached a certain point. But you need not fear if you’re a first-time player — our Game of Thrones: Conquest strategy guide is specifically written for beginners, so keep on reading if you’ve just downloaded this game, and aren’t sure what to do next, or how to deal with certain situations.

1. Complete The Quests

This is one of the very first few things you will be learning in GoT: Conquest, and more or less one of the first things you should keep in mind in most games of this kind. The quests in this game are basic tasks which you can complete by naturally playing the game, and you can access them, as well as view the recommended quest to complete next, near the bottom of the screen. Click on Tyrion’s avatar to view the list of quests — from there, you can manually choose quests you wish to complete, and click on “Go To” so you can be directly taken to the site of the quest.

game of thrones conquest tyrion

Completing quests, quite obviously, helps you get up to speed, as these tasks make sure that your city is always up to date. But aside from that, you can earn a ton of rewards, mainly food and wood, but including some other items (as well as the aforementioned resources) after a given number of quests. The latter special reward initially comes after every four quests, then after every six, then after every eight, and so on; make sure you’re always working on quests while playing the game, as you wouldn’t want to get lost in the shuffle!

2. Keep Your Farms And Sawmills Upgraded

Although Tyrion’s quests are the best way to get resources in many instances, your city could also produce its own food and wood through farms and sawmills respectively. We would recommend upgrading both buildings whenever doing so is among the options in the quests list, though you can also do the upgrades on your own. The former, however, is still the more recommended course of action, as you won’t just be improving the production rates of your farms and/or sawmills, but also earning the usual quest completion rewards.

3. Have Your Troops Gather Food And Other Resources

If you venture outside of your city, you will see the different houses represented by other players, but we won’t go yet into the part where we talk about attacking these houses/cities. As we’re still on the topic of resources, you can also mobilize your troops to gather resources — just look for the points on the map that have the “Gather” option, and select the troops you wish to send off on the gathering march. Normally, this would mean gathering more food, but regardless of what the resource in question is, you can expect to bring back quite a good haul by keeping your soldiers busy with such a march. We would normally advise that you ask your troops to gather resources while you’re sleeping; the other good thing here is that you won’t lose these troops in the event of an enemy attack!

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4. How Do The Peace Shields Work?

Many base-building or RTS games have a 24- to 48-hour period of immunity to start new players off. During this period, they cannot be attacked by opposing players, and with that ceasefire in mind, newbies are advised to work on building their base and getting it up to speed, as well as learn game mechanics so that they can be as ready as possible for the real “meat” of the game.

game of thrones conquest daenerys

In GoT: Conquest, the bad news is that you’ll only be started off with an 8-hour “Peace Shield” where you can’t be attacked by enemy houses. But the good news is that you can get more Peace Shields as you progress through the game. These would usually be more in the two- to four-hour range, and we would recommend that you save them for emergency situations, such as instances when you may be low on resources, or at a substantially lower level than the house you want to attack, but need to catch up without having to worry about other players attacking you.

5. Make Sure You Scout Before Attacking

As we mentioned above, once you’re outside of your city, you will be able to view a larger map that includes all your neighboring houses and their respective cities. Your first instinct may be to attack any of these cities willy-nilly, especially if you see that you’re at a much higher level than they are. (As this is a new game, it’s not uncommon to see cities controlled by players who are only at level 1.) But before you attack, it is imperative that you send someone out to scout the city. This will allow you to get information on the resources they store, and the number of troops they have. Obviously, you want to attack if you’ve got the manpower advantage against a weak house — that’s pretty much cut-and-dry, though we will move on to something similar in just a bit. But when it comes to the resources, that’s when you need to give pause and check some numbers out for yourself.

game of thrones conquest sansa

What you’ll want to do here is to go to your Storehouse, which is located next to your Keep. Click on the Info button, then on the small “i” icon, and you’ll be directed to a chart that shows you how much resources can be protected by a Storehouse of each level. This would generally be in line with, if not identical to opposing players’ levels, so if you’re planning to attack a level 4 player that has 320,000 in food, you can go ahead and do so, as you will likely be getting 35,000 food if you end up victorious. (Level 4 Storehouses can protect up to 285,000 food.) On the other hand, if said player’s food is at 250,000, you won’t get anything, even if you win.

6. Use The Teleport Function To Head To Safer Ground

The Teleport function is available outside your city, and it allows you to head to a safer part of the map. Now if you’ve knocked off some impressive competition, chances are you’ll have a bulls-eye of sorts on you, with everyone in the immediate vicinity. You don’t want to be a target, and you don’t want people attacking you while your back is turned. Also, you only have so many Piece Shields to use. Don’t make yourself too much a target — we recommend teleporting to the edges of the main map, Not too many players would go there at this point in the game’s existence, which means you’ve got a better chance of surviving longer, or more peacefully in the tough world that is the GoT: Conquests battlefield.

7. Focus On Training Rarer Troops

game of thrones conquest the night king

You normally won’t have to worry about this too much if you’re new to the game. But as you keep leveling up, you will unlock more types of troops, and these troop types would be of a progressively higher rarity than the common ones you started with. Since you will likely be facing tougher competition at that point, you should begin focusing on training the stronger and the rarer, regardless if you’re training at the Barracks, the Stable, or the Range. Rarity is very important here, because if an opponent has less manpower, but more higher-tier troops than you do, that opponent will likely beat you due to the aforementioned advantage. The moment you get access to a higher tier of troop type, focus on training more people of that type so you can have a similar advantage in battle.

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8. Be Mindful Of Power Ratings

A House’s power is measured by the stat you see on the top center of your screen, and you’ll notice it goes up each time you’re victorious in battle, or after completing certain quests. You may overlook this at first, but it’s going to be more important once you start attacking and raiding opponents. Always take your power rating into account, and if you want to see an opponent’s power, just click on a house, then on Lord’s Details.

In GoT: Conquest, you want to attack those houses that have a significantly lower power than you do, and not just slightly lower. This might sound like a cop-out of a strategy, but due to the game’s mechanics as they currently stand, it’s what you need to do to ensure yourself a better chance of victory. Some have said this is because players whose houses you attack would be able to heal their wounded troops in the background; your troops, on the other hand, could get killed in battle, with no chance for you to heal their wounds at the Medic Tent.

9. Get Social While Still Early

GoT: Conquest wouldn’t be a city-builder worth its salt unless it didn’t have some social features. What we’re mainly talking about here is the option to join an Allegiance, which you can do by tapping on the red banner button on the rightmost part of the bottom menu. Now the deeper mechanics of the Allegiance feature are a bit out of the scope of this beginner’s guide, but we can definitely cite some Allegiance basics for first-time players, such as the importance of choosing an active Allegiance where most of the members regularly play the game, as well as the main benefit, which is to give you a set of allies that could help you out in the tougher battles. Being part of an Allegiance also allows you to take part in Allegiance Rallies, where you can team up with your fellow members, not only to attack enemy keeps, but also the vaunted Seats of Power.

10. Go Easy On The Coins, And Don’t Spend Them On Instant Completion

game of thrones conquest jaime

Coins are not easy to come by in GoT: Conquest. You’ll get a comparative ton of them early on in the game, but as you progress, it’s going to become harder to earn a substantial amount of coins. That means the last thing you want to spend them is automatic completion of any given task. It’s best to just grin and bear it, or to simply wait it out, but if you really can’t wait, the game is very liberal in giving out speed-ups. Typically, you can win them as part of the quest completion rewards, and if you use them, they could take out a few minutes of the wait time for any number of tasks. Use those speed-ups instead, and always remember that there are far better things to spend your gold on!

11. Log In To The Game Every Day

You might not have all the time in the world to play GoT: Conquest, but as long as you’re playing at least a couple minutes or so, you can end up earning some nice rewards, which are conveniently displayed each time you log into the game. At the moment, the best rewards are for those who have played the game for seven consecutive days, though who knows? Maybe a subsequent update will allow players to win more goodies for even more consecutive days logging in.

12. Kill The AI Creatures

Last, but not least for this beginner’s guide, the game allows you to kill AI-controlled Creatures — these are mythical beasts (as well as some not-so-mythical ones) that you could kill for additional resources and items. Click on a Creature on the world map, and you’ll get some information on the beast, as well as the stuff you could win, either Rewards and/or Experience. If your current quest requires you to kill a Creature of a certain level, you could also use the Creature Finder on the left side of your screen, as the game will automatically point you to creatures who are at the level you specified.


Saturday 28th of September 2019

What I get is my coordinates at top left, can not find there’s anywhere??


Sunday 23rd of June 2019

it gives coordinates of the person who attacked or scouted you on top left


Thursday 9th of May 2019

hello does anyone know how to teleport? and how to find someone on the map who previously scouted or attacked you?


Wednesday 8th of May 2019

Make sure your range, stable, and barracks are upgraded. The higher level troops do more damage.


Tuesday 30th of April 2019

I'm like level 12, got thousands of troops but I still can't attack AI opponents that are level 3 and above. It says "too high level, attack weaker creatures first". Can anyone please explain why?


Saturday 4th of May 2019

i think you need to go in order to 'unlock' the creature level, so maybe try fighting a 2 and then a 3 and a 4... u get it. if not, law no 1 of technology: uninstal and instal again.