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Injustice 2 Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Progress Faster

Warner Bros has released a new mobile game for iOS devices featuring your favorite DC Comics superheroes and supervillains, and it’s called Injustice 2. The game expands on the blockbuster title Injustice: Gods Among Us, and it comes with new characters, new game modes (a few which have yet to be rolled out), and a fighting mechanic which the description claims is consistent with the style NetherRealm Studios is known for. Speaking of fighting, that’s what is at the center of the game – collect as many characters as possible, and assemble a team of three heroes to fight in 3-on-3 battles – you can do this in the main campaign mode, in special missions, or in the Arena, as you pit your best team of three against teams belonging to players from all over the world.

This is quite a new, yet in-depth title that boasts of great graphics, exciting fight sequences, and a rather intricate gear system. And as we mentioned above, there are many characters for you to collect, including special versions of characters you may already have. But before you get ready to fight it out against AI- or human-controlled enemies, we recommend you check out our exclusive Injustice 2 strategy guide, where we shall deal with some of the most basic, fundamental tips to learn about this game, as well as some tips that intermediate players could find useful.

1. Log In As Often As Possible

Like many other games, Injustice 2 will encourage you to play the game as often as possible. For each day you log in, you’re going to get some daily rewards that you can use to improve your characters, or unlock new ones. Even if you have no intention to actually play the game, you can simply open the game, collect your rewards, and return to whatever you need to do. It’s as simple as that – be committed and the game’s makers will recognize that with a whole slew of freebies – but we’ll tell you below why it’s better that you actually spend some time playing.

In addition, you’ve got free Bronze Chests which are available to open every three hours, and come with some simple, yet helpful rewards. You may want to turn on your game notifications so that you’ve always got the heads-up when there’s something new to claim.

2. Check Your Objectives And Claim Your Rewards

Injustice 2 has two types of objectives, or quests, for you to complete. You’ve got your daily achievements, which reset once a day and reward you with energy, gems, XP, and coins, but mostly the latter two. Make sure you check these dailies and try to complete as many of them as possible before they reset. Next, you’ve got the second tab, which is Achievements – these are tallied over the course of the game, and this time, the rewards are more centered on gems, coins, and hero shards, the latter of which are necessary in order for you to add more heroes to your collection.

In both cases, these are often simple tasks that you can accomplish throughout the course of the game, such as beating an opposing hero so many times, leveling up your account to a certain level, winning a certain number of campaign battles, etc. Again, make sure you’re working on these quests, and once you’ve completed them, claim your rewards so you can quickly upgrade your heroes!

3. Button-Mashing Is Fine, Until You’re Up Against A Team With Similar Threat

The battles in this game are 3 vs. 3 battles – you’ve got your three heroes on your side, while the opposing team typically has one hero more powerful than anyone you’ve got, and two scrubs that are relatively easy to take out. At first, you won’t have any trouble “button-mashing” and wildly tapping and swiping on your screen, and you’ll be dispatching of enemies with little to no effort. But you’ll reach a point where you’ll typically be against a team with similar, or greater combined talent/Threat level. In those campaign levels, fast-and-furious, all-out offensive attacks may leave you on the losing end of things, even if you’ve got the slight edge in talent. Use evasive maneuvers and hit the block button from time to time, and learn how to counter-attack, using the block button to deflect an attack, then launching one of your own as the enemy tries to recover.

4. Jumping Attacks And Rushes Deal Out More Damage

In order to do a jumping attack, simply swipe upwards, and you’ll get out of harm’s way and land a higher-damage attack on the enemy, just as long as you aren’t flailing around too wildly and swiping/tapping with reckless abandon. (As we warned you against doing on the first tip.) Rushing attacks can be performed by swiping right, as that’ll allow you to charge your opponent and, once again, do more damage. The downside of the latter is that you may be leaving yourself more vulnerable to attacks, but for both of these attack types, the positives still outweigh the negatives, and are good ways to deal out more damage on the enemy.

5. Use Your Special Skills

It’s easy to miss this unless you’ve been playing close attention to the tutorials. But each hero’s special skills can be activated by hitting any one of the buttons on the bottom right hand corner of the battle screen. Activate these skills whenever they’ve charged up (you’ll know if they’re ready to use if you see them lit up), and bear in mind that each special skill has a cool down time; you can’t expect to spam these skills and launch them one after the other for a quick win! Also be sure that you check the profiles of each hero on the Roster tab, and go to the Abilities tab once in there so you know what’s in it for you when using those special skills.

6. Always Upgrade Your Heroes

Your heroes will automatically level up as you keep completing more campaign levels, but it’s also important that you regularly upgrade their abilities on the same tab we mentioned above – you’ll need coins to perform these upgrades, so do them whenever you’ve got enough in-game currency on you. You’ll also unlock new abilities as heroes improve in star rarity. And in addition to Abilities, you’ve also got the Talents tab, where you can unlock new talents for your heroes once you can afford them, and if they’re at the right star rating/rarity level – these talents are essentially passive skills, e.g. a defensive boost of a given percentage, that play a very underrated, yet important role on the battlefield.

7. Complete The Training Missions

Separate from your campaign missions are the training missions, which are weekly battles that refresh once a day. These essentially play out the same way as your campaign missions – 3-on-3 battles – but the main difference here, aside from their limited-time availability, is the type of rewards you can receive. Each training mission rewards you with XP Capsules, which boost your heroes’ XP and help them level up faster. But take note that you can only use XP Capsules of one type with heroes of the corresponding type – for example, Harley Quinn is an Agility hero, the only capsules that can contribute to her XP and to her leveling-up are Agility XP Capsules.

8. Boost Your Team By Completing Equipment Sets

Equipment in here basically means pieces of armor that correspond to a given hero, and this is mostly available via item drops in the campaign missions, including the boss battles, which appear to be the only ones you can replay in this game for item/coin farming. It’s highly-recommended that you complete these equipment sets (each set includes five separate pieces of equipment), because if you do, that’s going to give your team some nice passive boosts in battle.

This wraps up Level Winner’s exclusive strategy guide for Injustice 2. If you happen to know additional tips or tricks for the game, be sure to let us know in the comment area!