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Invizimals: Battle of the Hunters Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Crush Your Enemies

Invizimals: Battle of the Hunters is a roleplaying game from Playstation Mobile Inc that’s available on both iOS and Android. Catch creatures, raise them, train them, then send them into one on one battles against other creatures! You can travel to different lands to catch more Invizimals to help you defeat evil Xtractors. You will also need to set up defenses to protect your village. With all that going on, you will need the help of our Invizimals: Battle of the Hunters tips and tricks in order to become the best Invizimals Hunter!

1. Unlock All Content

You can download and play the game for free to get a feel for it. If you really want to enjoy the game to its full potential, it’s best if you shell out a couple of bucks to buy the game. The free version only gives you access to 25 cards and you will only be able to use six Invizimals. Once you have access to all content, you will be able to build a better lineup of Invizimals for your adventures.

2. Take Care of Your Invizimal

The game starts you off with one Invizimal. You can capture more creatures later on but it’s best to focus on your first Invizimal for now. Raise your starter and evolve it as soon as you can. This will make battles a little easier as you explore the rest of the land. Once you’re ready to travel, you can start catching more creatures by using the correct types of traps. You don’t need to capture all of them but if you are a completist, feel free to do so.

3. Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

All battles are fought one on one so you can focus on giving instructions to your chosen Invizimal. You can choose between a light attack and a strong attack. Be careful with the timing of your strong attack as it takes a while to charge and you may end up wasting opportunities if you keep using it. Keep an eye out for a red indicator which will tell you where your opponent’s attack will land. Dodge the attack by moving away from where the red indicator is. You need to make quick decisions in battle or else your poor Invizimal will be down for the count.

4. Protect Your Village

Other players are lurking about and they are up to no good. They can raid your village while you’re not looking so make sure you set up your defenses properly before you head out on your adventures. Of course, you are also free to attack their villages if you feel like serving up some revenge. This raiding element adds a bit of variety to the game to keep you on your toes at all times.

5. Go Out and See the World

There are over a hundred kinds of Invizimals and they are hiding all over the world. It’s time to pack your bags and go exploring. Traveling will give you access to different areas of the map and allow you to catch stronger Invizimals.

Get started on the right path to becoming the best Hunter in the world when you use our Invizimals: Battle of the Hunters tips and tricks.