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A Look at How Talking Tom Hero Dash Brings Together Superheroes and the Endless Runner

It’s hard to remember a time before Animojis and snapchat filters let everyone with a phone express themselves through the face of another character. But Outfit7’s My Talking Tom game, released in 2013 as the original virtual pet on mobile, went even further, having Talking Tom repeat everything you say and holding your attention with a swathe of playful activities. This year, the popular character – part of the smash-hit Talking Tom and Friends franchise – returns with yet another genre-defining game, Talking Tom Hero Dash, which blends the endless runner mechanic with the action-packed adventure of a superhero narrative.

talking tom hero dash

Pre-registration for this cape-tastic new game is already open via the official Talking Tom Hero Dash site for those who want to join the team on their quest to save the world. And as an added bonus, if 3 million pre-registrations are achieved, it will unlock Tom’s limited edition Titanium Force outfit for free. Here we take a closer look at what Talking Tom Hero Dash has in store for players when the game launches on June 6, 2019.

Vibrant and colourful worlds to run through

Everyone knows that an endless runner is only as good as the worlds you get to zoom through. Luckily, Tom and his superhero friends have plenty to look forward to in this regard, with Talking Tom Hero Dash featuring such diverse locations as frozen plains, a tropical paradise, and Chinese-inspired villages – and each one of which is stacked with hundreds of coins to collect.

Hordes of rampant raccoons to defeat

The reason superheroes are needed in Talking Tom Hero Dash in the first place is due to the raccoon gangs that are running rampant. They’re causing all sorts of trouble, from laying down traps to creating awkward obstacles for Tom to contend with. Collecting huge amounts of coins acts as the best way of dealing with these rambunctious critters, footing the bill to repair the buildings the raccoons destroyed in each location.

Exciting stunts to combine with superpowers

talking tom hero dash pre-registration

One of the perks of being a superhero is making use of those exceptional superpowers. Tom and his superhero friends have their own unique abilities – each of which with exciting stunts, such as leaping over rooftops and swinging on cranes, to make Talking Tom Hero Dash one of the most unique endless runners out there. You might be able to last in a new world for a long while, but can you do so stylishly?

Numerous unlockable outfits to seek out

Awaiting those capable of defeating the pesky raccoons found in each level are a wide range of unlockable superhero outfits. All of the playable superhero characters can be fully customized, letting players add their own splash of personality every time they fight and run their way to the next raccoon boss. This doesn’t include Talking Tom Hero Dash’s planned special events that will bring with them their own rewards.

Excited to see what happens when a superhero game blends with an endless runner? Pre-register for Talking Tom Hero Dash today over on the game’s official site.