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Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Jumpstart Your Journey

Behaviour Interactive Inc. has a long history in the world of video games as the company has been developing games since 2000 and has been around much longer. The company has developed nearly a hundred games across numerous gaming platforms over the decades. Within the mobile gaming industry, Behaviour Interactive is best known as the developer behind Fallout Shelter, Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion, the short-lived Westworld game, and the upcoming port of the popular 4-vs-1 survival game, Dead by Daylight.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is Behaviour Interactive’s new strategy game for iOS and Android platforms and stands as one of the few self-published titles released by the company. With the TV series long over and both the prequel spinoff series and the last book still in production, fans of the franchise who long to see more of their favorite characters in the series can indulge themselves in Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall despite its non-canon storyline.

Turn-based strategy RPG enthusiasts will enjoy the gameplay as well as the game’s combat mechanics provide for a simple yet wide variety of customizations in terms of team composition and unit builds. Whether if it’s for the story, for the gameplay, or for both, Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is worth peeking into especially if you are up for a unique kind of strategy RPG.

game of thrones beyond the wall strategies

Set nearly 5 decades before the events in the hit TV series, Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall takes off from when Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Brynden Rivers, disappeared while ranging beyond the Wall. In his absence, commanding the Night’s Watch in his stead, has become your responsibility. As you venture beyond the wall in search of your missing commander and continue to guard the Wall as well, you need to gather troops from across and beyond the known Seven Kingdoms as you aim to perfect the Night Watch’s roster to stand against all kinds of challenges. Using ancient magic, even revered heroes and characters from different eras can join you in your adventure, as you continuously discover the world beyond the Walls.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall holds a lot of familiar mechanics and features that avid turn-based strategy RPG players love and enjoy. While the game is also packed with new and unique features as well, each one can be easily followed and practiced thanks to the detailed tutorials. One of the biggest challenges the game holds for both beginners and experienced players alike is the rate of growth units have in contrast with the difficulty changes as you move on from one challenge to the next one.

If you find yourself struggling to win battles, especially to secure 3-star ratings, or if you simply want to progress more efficiently in the game, then read our Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall beginner’s guide. Our compilation of tips and strategies will certainly help to jumpstart your adventure!

1. Prioritize Progressing The Story Quest

Just like any RPG with a storyline, Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall leads you towards progressing through the game’s main story one level after another. As you win battles and reach new levels, additional features and game modes become available. Beyond gaining experience points for each unit deployed in combat and earning various resources at the end of each stage, first time completions provide extra rewards that help strengthen your hero and units.

The Story Mode in Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall can be accessed by going beyond the wall and while progression often takes through newly unlocked features and game modes as part of the quick tutorial, going back to it and taking on the next challenges should be your top priority. The story mode is divided into chapters with each chapter further divided into stages. Clearing the current stage is enough to make the succeeding one available for you but completing it with a full 3-star rating has its added amenities.

game of thrones beyond the wall story quest

Even with moderate enhancement and upgrade of your hero and units, the enemies within the main story campaign can still be a challenge. While auto mode makes it convenient as it allows your units to move and attack on their own, chances are that you will not secure a 3-star victory if you subscribe to it. As such, exercise patience to initially proceed with manual play until after your units are too strong for the stage later on for them to be left all on their own.

If you have not played many games that employ the auto mode feature before, then you should know that the A.I. logic that your units follow under this mode typically involves using skills whenever available, devoid of any strategic sense whatsoever. As such, even as a complete beginner, you will still perform a lot better playing manually than having the A.I. take over for you in combat.

Fleeing is likewise an option not available for units under auto mode, which is why their all-out aggression can lead to an early demise. If you notice, a 3-star completion for each stage requires that no unit perishes in combat. As such, expect to lose a unit or two in combat with auto mode on or worse, lose the battle altogether.

On top of the additional rewards you earn for securing a 3-star victory on each stage, doing so unlocks the patrol ability that lets you spend only the required food to instantly finish a previously conquered stage. This will be very useful when you need to farm for specific items that your preferred units need to be upgraded. Additionally, extra rewards via treasure chests at the upper right side of the adventure map can be earned based on the number of stars you have accumulated. Securing the top chest requires 21 stars, which can only be done if you secure a 3-star victory across all 7 stages within each chapter.

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The story mode in Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall will serve as your main source of experience as well to level up your account or commander level. This is the basis of how much you can level your heroes up and also be a means of extending the limits of your in-game stamina or food. Relative to prioritizing the story mode, therefore, make it a habit to expend all your in-game stamina before you leave the game.

2. Choose Your Hero Wisely

One of the unique elements in Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall comes from the consideration of characters you use in combat. For starters, there is a separate roster of heroes and units you can deploy in combat. Each team basically comes with one hero, which serves as the leader, backed by nameless generic units like troops in most other games.

Naturally, the heroes are based on popular characters in the franchise and can be a bit harder to collect and upgrade. Units, on the other hand, signify the different types of soldiers and warriors found in the franchise as well but have no character-specific names attached to them.

game of thrones beyond the wall hero roster

There are basically two typical ways of choosing your hero in Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall. The first choice leads you to pick a favorite character from the series once you obtain them like Daenarys or Jon Snow and the other swerves towards banking on someone you can strengthen faster early on like Alvar Spyre or Dramon Blackwood. In any case, you should make it a habit to read through each character’s strengths and abilities by visiting the Hearth where all your heroes stay.

Each hero has unique skills, some of which can be unlocked after reaching a star level. All heroes start at star grade 1 and can be upgraded after securing enough hero shards of the character. As far as levels go, you can use XP scrolls to level up each hero. Note that while this may seem abundant early on, it will be sufficient only for one hero for the most part so deciding early on which hero to invest in is very important.

Each of the heroes’ abilities, once unlocked, can also be upgraded using ability scrolls and beyond each hero’s intrinsic abilities, an additional one in the form of traits can be added. Do note as well that some traits can be used on all heroes while others are exclusive for each character. Despite not having a lot of options early on, you may want to try using whichever trait cards you have before you upgrade and amplify them. There is a third kind of tactic cards that only serves as feeds to upgrade the others. Amplification takes a lot longer to initiate as it requires similar tactic cards that have the same grade and level.

The best exercise of customization and strategy formulation, as far as heroes are concerned, comes from the hero traits. As your hero reaches a new level, he or she earns hero trait points that you can allocate across a wide selection of stat boosts and enhancements. At the hero traits page, choices are basically divided into 2 paths and for the most part, one focuses more on offense while the other invests more in the hero’s defense attributes.

Some may stray from this and present options that may both lean towards different offensive or defensive builds. You can freely mix investing in both paths but since you need to max out one node before moving on to the next one, it is best to focus on one path to reach the end node faster. In any case, you can reset invested points once every 48 hours but the copper pennies you have spent will not be refunded.

3. Focus On A Select Number Of Units

As luck via the gacha rolls may influence your choice of hero to invest in, so too will the same luck influence your choice of units, at least to some extent. Like heroes, each unit in the game requires a lot of resources to become stronger and, again, while you will have a plethora of these resources at the early part of your adventure, uncontrolled usage will make it difficult for you later on.

Each battle you engage in has a limit when it comes to the number of units you can deploy, typically 3 for starters. As such, it will be advantageous for you to bank on at least 3 units so deciding early on which ones to use alongside your hero should be done. Note that you can secure units a little faster than you can round up more heroes and choosing from among them which ones to invest in may additionally rely on regions, on top of class, and availability of unit-specific seals of valor. While a lot of the seals of valor initially come from story rewards and the Night’s Watch Oath (gacha), there will be additional means to focus on specific types later on.

game of thrones beyond the wall units

Be sure to to check on each available unit at hand before deciding on which ones to primarily focus on. For best results, consider on a variety of classes that can support your main hero well in combat. To some extent, heroes are effectively similar to the unit classes by type and as there are 4 basic classes to begin with, choose 3 unit types that will synergize well together with your selected hero.

Just to give you a gist of each class, each one has its own unique strengths and limitations. The two-handed sword types are the strongest melee combat units you can have. A basic swing of their great swords can hit multiple adjacent enemies but considering its weight, these units are rather very limited in terms of movement distance. The shield-bearers are the tanks in the game and can absorb a lot of damage compared to all other units. These units excel at protecting allies as well as crowd control.

Ranged weapon wielders naturally have the ability to strike from a distance, avoiding counter attacks from enemies they hit and also sport high offensive strength. These units are the frailest and will most likely suffer a lot of damage when cornered by enemies. Last, but not the least, are cavalry units whose mount leaves them with a lot of mobility. These units also have limited defense values so using them effectively requires moving in and out of combat.

Beyond classes or types, another point of consideration when selecting units to use and invest in relies on the region where the units originate from. While at the barracks and highlighting each unit, you can see each one’s region at the upper right side of the character screen beside the unit’s name and the lower right corner of their portrait. Although regions do not have a unique advantage over others, having more units belonging to the same region provides helpful buffs that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. There are four unit types available for each region and having 3 in your team maxes out the region buffs you can obtain.

As we mentioned earlier, you need to gather Seals of Valor specific to each unit type to rank them up. Each rank up provides a tremendous boost to a unit’s stats so it is best to farm for specific region units as much as possible. Each unit can earn combat experience when you deploy them in combat. Beyond that, you can consume unit XP tomes to hasten the upgrade up to a certain limit.
Once a unit’s level has been maxed out, Insignias are required to promote the hero and increase his level cap. Each unit’s gear can also be upgraded using materials you can obtain from story stages. As these materials are commonly shared across various unit types, be sure to look into each unit’s needs before you start frming for each one’s needed resources.

4. Upgrade The Barracks And Lodge As Soon As You Can

Some structures within your camp can be upgraded to boost the resources you get out of them. For starters, this will involve the barracks, where your units are stationed, and the lodge, which is the place to go to recruit for additional units. Again, this adds to the reasons why you would want to level up your account or commander level fast. Both these structures levels are capped based on your current commander level. In any case, be sure to check on both occasionally and level them up as soon as you can.

game of thrones beyond the wall lodge upgrade

For the barracks, each level upgrade increases the amount of experience points units earned when they are deployed in combat. In the case of the lodge, more units can be earned with each recruitment so levelling it up at the soonest will greatly benefit you moving forward. On top of the permanent boosts that each level up brings, there are added one-time rewards to earn as well with each new level reached.

5. Expend Daily Attempts On Other Game Modes

The Lodge serves as your daily constant source of seals of valor that you need to obtain and upgrade units in your barracks. Once you unlock it, you will have 2 attempts per day to send off ravens or recruiters to any of the seven different regions. You can select a region of choice, preferably based on the region where your selected units are from, by clicking on the castle icon at the upper right side of the lodge page.

Sending off recruiters cost a small amount of cooper pennies and takes 15 minutes to complete. You can speed it up using other currencies but should avoid doing so as the 15-minute period counts down whether you are online playing the game or offline and away from it. Each send off for recruitment can earn you different types of unit seals of valor and some copper pennies as well.
More importantly, sending a recruitment call to any region increases your affinity with them and a higher affinity leads to earning more rewards. Considering this game mechanic, it is best to stick with one region, preferably the dominant or exclusive region where your preferred units hail from.

game of thrones beyond the wall weirwood forays

Venturing beyond the wall initially means progressing the game’s story early on. As you reach new levels and unlock more features, however, new options become available when you visit North of the Wall. One of these modes is the Weirwood Forays where your selected hero and units can venture into it with the hopes of discovering a Weirwood Tree.

Of course, earning other valuables and resources are expected in the venture as well as facing enemies along the way, copper pennies, hero XP scrolls, unit XP scrolls, renown points, and valuable insignias are up for grabs with each adventure. You have 3 attempts to venture into the Weirwood Forays daily and each one costs 20 food and a greensight energy.

There are also expeditions to carry out beyond the Wall and all it takes to do so is just a couple of minutes. In this feature, you can send out units to investigate some random concerns outside the wall. Each one will require a certain number of unit as well a specific region. Just the same, sending the required units guarantee completion and easy rewards so be sure to accomplish this each day.

Random encounters may also appear North of the Wall and engaging these scenarios cost food and greensight energy. These flash events only allow certain heroes to be used or those that belong the game’s actual timeline. Accomplishing these battles will earn you more food to continue adventuring further or farm for more needed resources. Take note that these events come and go within a limited period of time so be sure to engage them whenever they pop up on the map.

No turn-based strategy RPG is complete without some PvP action and though it takes a little bit longer to be unlocked, the Hero Arena is where you can test your mettle against other players with a squad full of heroes you have collected. We stand with our initial tip that you should focus on one main hero for most of the game’s PvE content. If you want to earn ranks fromn the Hero Arena, feel free to invest a bit in at least 3 other heroes you like.

Arena battles require a 4-person team so having one super beefed up hero and 3 ones on starting level can still earn you some victories. Each win earns you honor points that can be exchanged for a variety of items at the shop. Extra rewards will be granted based on the rank you earn per season. Do not let the shifting roster of heroes that grant extra points dissuade you from heroes you ought to be focusing on. Wins are still more important than raw points. Likewise, take manual controls to your advantage as A.I.-controlled enemy teams, even stronger ones, can fall prey to a strategic manual approach to combat.

6. Accomplish Daily Quests And Achievements For Extra Rewards

There are plenty of materials and resources you earn with every battle you engage in as you move forward with your adventure in Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall. Beyond the immediate rewards you earn after each skirmish, however, more can be earned by accomplishing quests and achievements. Both these extra incentives can easily be earned as they form part of the usual activities you will partake in on a regular basis. You can visit lists of objectives on either feature via their respective icons at the bottom of the screen.

how to earn more rewards in game of thrones beyond the wall

As the name implies, Daily Quests are missions you need to accomplish within the day. Each objective you satisfy earns you instant rewards as well as activity points that lead to unlocking extra treasures. To ensure that you will progress in the game as fast as you can, always strive to go for the maximum of 300 points to unlock all treasure chests and reap the best rewards. Take note as well that points earned each day accumulate per week and more treasure chests with even better rewards can be earned at the bottom of the quest page.

Achievements, on the other hand, pertain to milestones you reach as you progress in various aspects of the game. These may not exclusively relate to battles you engage in but can extend as well on food consumed, copper pennies spent, unit upgrades, and so on. Most objectives met here reward you with silver stags, which is a higher currency you can use to purchase carved glyphs, above other things, needed to recruit more heroes and units via the Night’s Watch Oath.

On top of visiting both features to claim rewards, make it a habit to consider each set of objectives or goals as a guide to inform you of some game aspects you may have missed participating in. Some may be easily and quickly accomplished and securing as many rewards the sooner will be advantageous to your overall progress in the game.

7. Partake In Time-Limited Events

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall comes packed as well with a lot of events to further boost your progress in the game. One of the most important time-limited events you should pay close attention to is the New Player Event which activates on the first day you play the game up to nine days later. The objectives set here are typically in line with the usual activities you engage in as you progress in your adventure, which is often similar to some portions of the daily quests and achievements.

Although you can only see each new set objectives on the day itself, you can still accomplish all targets from day 1 to day 7 on the tenth day of playing, leaving you a lot of flexibility as far as dedicating more time to doing so is concerned. Carved Glyph, along with tons of valuable rewards can be earned with each objective and completing at least 70 objective can earn you the hero, Brynden Rivers.

game of thrones beyond the wall events

Legendary events are also constantly available in the game, giving you a chance to earn Carved Glyphs and some new heroes to add to your collection. These events vary in difficulty but costs nothing to attempt. With that, you can freely spend as many tries as you can to try and grab some sweet rewards.

Be sure to look into the Merchant’s Errands banner at the upper left side of the main screen as there are various events available that you should take advantage of. While some have no specific duration within which you must accomplish certain feats, some are only available for roughly a week’s time. As such, be sure to browse through each available event and focus on securing as many rewards as you can each day.

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall is a type of game where progression can be partly based on how much time you can spend on the game. Despite the delimiting factor that the food or in-game stamina brings, there are several ways to earn some of it and the same replenishes quickly enough. With sound strategy, some dedication, and some learnings from the tips and strategies we shared, we are certain that you can progress fast in the game.

While more features may still come to the game in future updates, this is all we have for you regarding our Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that we have enlightened you on the basic features and mechanics of the game and that you have learned much from each tip and strategy that we shared. If you have immersed yourself in the game much and discovered some tips, tricks, or strategies of your own, we welcome any additional info from you as it may help other readers as well, so do not hesitate to share them with us via the comment section!