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Hero Rescue Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Complete All Levels and Save the Princess

Hero Rescue is the newest puzzle adventure game from Super Game Studios and, chances are, that you will be intrigued by some loosely similar ads on Facebook as well as other mobile games enough to give it a try. Hero Rescue has only been out for a couple of days at the time of this writing but has already amassed over 500 thousand downloads from the Google Play Store along with maintaining a largely positive user rating review from both Android and iOS platform users. If you are currently in search for a moderately challenging, yet thrilling puzzle adventure you can play even with the littlest free time in your hands, then be sure to give Hero Rescue a try!

Hero Rescue is a simple dungeon puzzle game where each level is physically divided into portions with pins that you can pull with a swipe off its tips. The goal typically involves killing enemies, obtaining treasure, and saving the princess. As simple as that may sound, the puzzles employ a variety of objects and obstacles you need to be familiar with to understand how to go about solving each level. As you make progress in the main game, more game modes become available for you to test your wits on.

Considering everything, Hero Rescue is a game that anyone can easily play and enjoy. Although a lot of the puzzles can be solved even by kids, there are some, that can boggle even experienced puzzle players. With the game’s equally simplistic controls, the only actual concern in the game is the puzzle itself. If you want to progress through the levels as fast as possible, then stay with us and read our Hero Rescue beginner’s guide for some useful tips, cheats and strategies!

1. There Are No Time Constraints

Puzzle games, regardless of type and platform, often project a false sense of urgency that somehow lulls players into rushing into any level’s completion. While some puzzle games do exhibit countdown timers to add some pressure, there are fortunately no such mechanics in Hero Rescue.

hero rescue time constraints

Beyond the absence of an actual timer on any game mode in Hero Rescue, the only other thing you need to control is that itch to pull pins off of the level without taking a good look at the entire puzzle. As there is no need to hurry solving each puzzle, be sure to take time picturing out the effect of each pin or object you interact with. It should likewise go without saying as well, that you need to imagine the overall impact of every object you adjust with the level’s goal in mind.

As easy as that sounds, one of the tricky challenges that Hero Rescue offers can come from giving you a series of relatively easy puzzles to solve, and once you grow complacent, will surprise you with a more complex puzzle that can lead to some errors and a loss of life. Just to ensure that you will hardly need to succumb to ad assists when it comes to needing an extra life immediately, always be ready for very tricky puzzles to come your way. Make it a habit to have a good, long look at the puzzle in its entirety, and imagine each move and their impact before you actually interact with anything.

2. It’s All About Sequence And Timing

As a general rule, the puzzles in Hero Rescue all revolve around knowing the proper sequence of which objects to interact with first, packed with the usual swipes that require a bit of timing and precision. While some puzzles can be a dead giveaway as far as complexity is concerned, some are laced with an abundant supply of interactive objects, including pins you can pull. As confusing as it can be in select cases, what you should always set in mind are basically two things: which objects must be interacted with, and in what sequence should you interact with them.

hero rescue sequence and timing

In relation to our first tip, having an end in mind naturally requires spending a little time to check every possible outcome out. In contrast with pulling a pin here and slicing a rope there to see what happens next, having a sequential turn of events play out in your mind before you do anything should be the habit to make.

This would mean that as far as preparations go, you should be able to imagine every step to take in sequence and recreate it perfectly when you begin interacting with each object. In essence, this is actually planning several steps ahead before actually executing any action. It will somewhat sound a little too overly done when you take on easy puzzles but making a habit out of it will help you breeze through all puzzles, both easy and hard, without ever repeating any challenge.

3. You Don’t Need To Interact With Everything

Yet another tricky mechanic lumped into several levels within Hero Rescue comes with the overabundance of objects you can interact with while there are numerous instances where you will have to leave some of them alone. Having more pins and objects are actually part of what makes some puzzle confusing and when triggered, may either have no effect at all or will cause more trouble.

hero rescue tricks

Again, this should go with the idea that you should focus on what the goal is per level and work backwards to how you can get there. With some more time to analyze each puzzle and carefully mapping out the sequence of actions to make, you will come to discover just how much simpler most puzzles are given that some objects do not even have to be bothered.

4. Resetting Quickly Can Save Time And Life

Sometimes, mistakes are bound to happen even if you have been very careful and very patient when it comes to planning ahead before making your move. It may be due to a misconception about how certain objects will move, how some enemies will react, or a combination of both. In any case, having the hero or princess killed, in any way, leads to a loss of a precious life, which takes a full 30 minutes to regenerate.

how to reset quickly in hero rescue

As a counter-measure, and just to be on the safe side, always be ready to tap on the reset button at the upper right corner of the screen. Although at times, this will result in playing a 5-second video ad, it beats losing a heart or worse, running out of lives and having to wait for 30 minutes for another attempt, or watching a 30-second ad. You will come to discover that even as you pay attention to how things roll on screen, you will often come in late to call for a reset.

In time, though, you are bound to get used to it. In the event that you reset on an otherwise successful run, you can always just redo the same level with the same amount of ease and more confidence.

5. Puzzles Are Easy When New Objects Are Introduced

It is hard to ignore that Hero Rescue seems very forgiving when it comes to raising difficulty as you progress from one level to the next one. At times, you may find a continuously rising level of challenge as you move higher in the stages, but then suddenly be on a level where all it takes is a 5-second glance and a swipe to finish it.

hero rescue new objects

This is largely because things ease down a lot when new objects or mechanics are introduced to you in the game. Whenever you see something new as you play on each level, expect that level to be an introductory level that only aims to showcase that object. As such, the challenge in that level is not the puzzle itself but rather, the concept around the new object that you need to know and remember moving forward.

With 200 levels currently being available in the main game mode and a promise of an update every week, you can expect upcoming challenges to add more difficulty as some, or all, of the objects you have encountered become lumped together in higher levels. As such, be sure to take good note of every object you discover and not be distracted by the lack of challenge the introductory levels for them present.

6. Speed Can Make Up For Strategy In Tower Mode And Block Mode

The Tower Mode in Hero Rescue is a unique game mode in the sense that it typically offers more ways than one to solve each puzzle. In this mode, blocks that are stacked together can be removed by clicking on each one of them and in doing so, will lead to various effects that can help you take home the treasure you so highly covet.

In general. Tower Mode has a deeper application of physics compared to the main game and Treasure Mode especially in times where higher stacks of blocks have various ways to react based on which one you choose to remove first. While going about it strategically and applying every tip in the book can go a long way, frantically tapping on one block after another works as well, sometimes even better.

hero rescue fast tap trick

As you are most likely used to triggering effects by swiping or touching an object in the game one at a time, you may not be immediately exposed to this trick when you play this game mode. Surprisingly enough, the speed at which the blocks vanish based on how fast you tap can make every puzzle easily accomplishable in Block Mode. It’s a bit of a cheap trick, so you may want to try the conventional means of solving the puzzle first for a challenge.

In essence, the same trick can loosely be applied to some levels in Block Mode, although it can be trickier to pull given that some levels in this mode employs more enemies that have to be eliminated. Compared to Tower Mode where the constant goal is getting the treasure chest through to the hero, Block Mode has more ways to juggle up the hero and the enemies around the room.

Going back to our first tip, which advises against rushing into solving the puzzle at hand, still do take time to look at the puzzle’s layout in its entirety. In some instances, a good understanding and application of physics can help but still, having fast hands when it comes to tapping some blocks away can help you rid of some enemies. This is due to the speed at which objects and enemies fall in the game where speed can make a difference as to whether a fall or hit will be enough to knock enemies down.

7. Take Advantage Of Ads To Continue Playing

Most especially with free-to-play casual games, the existence of ads will naturally be expected. Though this has been a trend for quite some time, there are still players who find the existence of ads in such games to be annoying, and sometimes be even a turn-off for them. While there are, of course, numerous free games in the market who do not need to rely on ads to stay operational, casual games like Hero Rescue do not have microtransactions built into their game format, and as such would need for ads to be played to continue being available for everyone to enjoy them for free.

how to get extra heart in hero rescue

Initially, you will be able to play video ads in Hero Rescue after completing a level to double your coin earnings. Without much use for coins, though, the option will most likely be ignored. As we mentioned earlier, being ready to reset quicker than things go south can save you some time as well as some life in some cases. Doing so, however, will occasionally play a 5-second ad, which in every sense is worth it.

If you do run out of hearts and cannot wait for 30 minutes to make another go on the puzzle that beat you, then you can earn an extra heart to continue playing. You have an unlimited number of attempts to do so which means that the rate of your progress as far as completing all of the game’s puzzles rest on how much time you can dedicate on the game, playing ads included.

Last, but not the least, and we do not recommend it at all, you can give up on a current level and skip ahead by playing a 15 to 30-second ad. While this option is always available, we advise you to instead shift to the game’s other game modes if you cannot beat a specific level despite best effort and the tips we have provided.

8. How To Get Rid Of Distractions

While there are tons of perks you can receive off of playing video ads in Hero Rescue, you can actually play the game without any interruption or help by playing completely offline. To do so, simply turn off your Wi-Fi or mobile data while playing the game. You will continue to be able to play the game regularly and make progress as usual. Offers to play ads will still pop up but will never activate until after you connect to the internet again.

For some, this may offer convenience especially for those who lose their concentration easily when interrupted. For others, though, this could be like playing the game on a harder difficulty level, devoid of any extra hearts and level skips to push forward faster. Whatever the case maybe, you can freely shift from offline and online play as long as you have quick access to your Wi-Fi or mobile data settings so just do what best suits your taste and play style.

And this ends our detailed guide for Hero Rescue. We hope that you will have a much better performance in jumping from one puzzle to the next one after reading the tips and strategies we shared here. Likewise we hope that you enjoyed reading our article. If you came across a unique tip, trick, or strategy about Hero Rescue on top of what we already mentioned here, don’t hesitate to share them with us!