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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Tips & Tricks: A Guide to Trading Tactics

Coins are essentially the lifeblood of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. You earn them by playing matches, and earn more if you win those matches and make use of your Coin Boosters. But you can’t expect to have sustained success in the game if you don’t have or earn a ton of coins, and you can achieve this by using some simple trading tactics. But first, a refresher on the game we’re talking about – FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is an Android and iOS game from EA Sports that allows you to manage and play as your own association football team, with over 10,000 available players from more than 500 real-life teams. It’s the latest in EA Sports’ series of the same name, and with that in mind, it’s packed with new and/or improved features that should make it worth the free Play Store or App Store download.

Now, that we’ve touched base on that, let’s take you to our latest FIFA 16 Ultimate Team strategy guide, where we tell you all you need to know about trading.

1. Try This Simple Trading Tip

One way to make trading work for you and earn you some coins is to go to the market and look for a player you can easily afford. Look for other players in a similar price range, then search for the target player and set the highest Buy it Now price to 10 percent less than his sale price. If you see a player worth picking up based on the criteria above, use the Buy it Now option and sell him for more than his purchase price.

2. Sell Some Cards From Your Bronze Pack

If you’ve got the Bronze Pack (400 coins), then open it up and pick about two cards you can sell so you can get some coins back. In some cases, you may get some rare Fitness cards that can be sold for a profit, though this isn’t always guaranteed.

3. Look For Players With Premium Chemistry Selling For Less

That’s the first thing you need to do in this next trading tip – look for those Hunters and Anchors, among other premium chemistry players. If someone else has that same player listed at the lowest Buy it Now price of a regular card without premium chemistry applied, then by all means, buy that card using the Buy it Now option.

4. Classic Buy Low / Sell High On Desired Players

To put it simply, desired players are the most recognizable names in the world of football, and the ones everybody wants to be part of their Ultimate Team. For example, you can search for (Lionel) Messi with his max price at 10 percent less than his sale price. Bid on all cards listed in this search, and if someone snaps up your bid, sell the player at a profit. Simple as that.

5. Buy Bronze And Silver Kits / Badges On The Cheap

It usually isn’t too hard to bid for Bronze and Silver kits and badges and win them for a low price. Once you’re able to do this, sell them with the Buy it Now option so you can earn a tidy amount of coins in the process.

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