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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Tips & Guide: How to Earn More Coins

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is now available, and you can get it for your Android or iOS device if you’ve got one. This EA Sports title may take up a lot of space on your device, but it’s all worth it. With high-end graphics, highly improved artificial intelligence, and more improvements over previous iterations of the game, you can enjoy an in-depth soccer experience on your mobile device. But the main thing here is the ability to create the “ultimate team” of soccer superstars from around the world – all the big names of the sport are here, as well as thousands of others. The game boasts of more than 10,000 players from over 500 licensed teams, and you can pit your team against those of other players from around the globe.

Like many free titles, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team contains microtransactions, and many of them involve the game’s premium currency, FCC. While last time we provided you some general tips and tricks, in this FIFA 16 Ultimate Team strategy guide, we shall show you how to earn more FCC, but also how to avoid having to pay real money for them.

1. The Basics Of FCC

For starters, FCC is earned by playing all of the game’s available modes on Ultimate Team boosts. These boosts may include Coin Reward Boosts, a 99-game player contract, an extra squad slot, or others, but mainly the Coin Reward Boosts. This improves as you keep leveling up in the game, as you can only buy rewards that match up to your current player level. For a basic example, consider that a Level 8 Coin Boost will give you 200 bonus coins per game for ten matches, while a Level 25 Coin Boost gives you 1,000 for the same amount of matches. You’ll spend more, but it will be worth the expenditure if you’re a regular player.

2. Play At Higher Difficulty

By default, you’ll start Ultimate Team on Amateur difficulty, and that’s where everyone starts – the tournaments and seasons on Amateur are extremely easy to master. You can, however, switch to a higher degree of difficulty if you’ve mastered Amateur, as that’s going to give you a higher reward multiplier after finishing a match.

3. Goals Mean More Coins

All actions in a match are rewarded with coins, but goals will earn you the most – that’s 200 coins whenever someone in your team scores a goal. We’d suggest that you focus on scoring more goals, regardless of how good (or how bad) your opponent is. You should also go for accurate passing, as a high percentage of completed passes could translate to more coins. Additionally, possession also counts toward your coin total.

4. Sell Unneeded Cards, Especially The Rarer Ones

Now, if you open a pack and see a valuable card you already have, or one you cannot use with your current setup, you’ll want to sell that card for some easy money. Simple as that.

5. Play The Ultimate Team Draft

The Ultimate Team Draft (FUT Draft) allows you to get packs and players without having to worry about contracts. Joining the draft costs 15,000 coins, and if you go far enough in the Dream Team tournament, you can win some exciting, substantial rewards.

UPDATE: We’ve come up with some additional tips on how to earn more coins in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, that you can check right here.